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James Lewis “Love or Lust” (Video) & ATL Show

A little over a year ago I went to interview Waldo an emcee from Grand Rapids Michigan.  He was performing in Atlanta for the first time. He has worked side by side with the likes of Sango & Soulection music collective.  I posted the video on and the visuals was shot by James Lewis.  He told me that night the show inspired him and that he wants to be more in front of the camera going forward.  Well fast forward and James Lewis is releasing quality material like his new track “Love or Lust”.  Oh and James Lewis is performing here in ATL March 30th at Aisle 5 opening up for you guessed it Waldo.  This didn’t happen by luck this came about from hard work and staying the course.  So check out the new visuals and make your way to Aisle 5 in Little 5 Points on Thursday March 30th for one heck of a show. Waldo, James Lewis, Cheeze Weez w/B.M.G., & Seventh!


-ArtByOdell Twitter/SoundCloud

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Monday/Friday – “Right On” (Video)

Yamin Semali & Illastrate a dope emcee and a dope producer and together they make up the group Monday/Friday.  They have brought us another video from their current self titled album Monday/Friday.  The track is Right On” where Yamin delivers meaningful lyrics over Illastrate’s quality production.  Directed by Dazzell Matthews follow Yamin around WestView Atlanta draped in regal gear representing for East Point, GA. CLICK HERE to Download the Monday/Friday Album


ArtByOdell Twitter/SoundCloud

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Jayforce & ArtByOdell Discuss Propaganda & Give Tips to Artists on Channel Dynamic (Video)

Channel Dynamic a site based here in Atlanta, GA sat down with Jayforce & ArtByOdell of the Beatz & Lyrics Show during A3C 2014.  FBI & Jeff Blactracks of Channel Dynamic asked the two a myriad of questions about the music industry, how they got started in radio, and what advice to give artists.  ArtByOdell & Jayforce gave their opinions on modern day reality TV, propaganda & reminding artists they have to get out here and work to make it.

Check out Channel Dynamic site and YouTube page for more videos with Jayforce & ArtByOdell and a number of music professionals!

ArtByOdell  SoundCloud

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Clear Soul Forces – “BPSWR” (BackPackSubWooferRap) [Video]

Of course you are on so the “Force is with you” and it’s only right that we display the new visuals from Clear Soul Forces “BPSWR” BackPackSubWooferRap.  The video shot by Richard Taylor definitely matches the track with gritty scenery that goes well with the beat produced by Nameless.  BPSWR is featured on the upcoming project Fab 5 (Set to be released April 28th).  Clever name for an album since Ilajide, E-Fav, Noveliss & L.A.Z. all hail from Detroit and of course the college basketball famed team of Michigan was nicknamed “Fab 5”.  The forces in addition to producer Nameless completes the squad to a true starting 5!  So enjoy the visuals and be on the lookout for that new project that will be on Fatbeats Records

ArtByOdell Twitter / SoundCloud

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Comedy: A Few Clear Signs That A Woman Is NOT ‘Dateable’ (Video)

If you are on a date with a lady and she pulls out a selfie stick to capture the moment for social media she probably isn’t dateable.  The good people over at Your Black World Films, a division of the site YourBlackWorld, created this humorous video.  Trust me you will chuckle as they present different types of ladies that are just undateable!  Watch and ask yourself if you have been on a date with one of these ladies?

ArtByOdell   SoundCloud

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Hidden Colors 4: The Religion of White Supremacy (Trailer)

Well when it comes to movies or documentaries about Black History a majority of them deal with the same Civil Rights struggle or blacks in slavery stories.  Both are part of Black history but not the only story and the Hidden Colors documentary series has done a great job covering information/history.  The first three have been critically acclaimed with subtitles like “The Triumph of Melanin” & “The Rules of Racism” with the latest installment titled “The Religion of White Supremacy” that should be released later this year.  Tariq Nasheed the creator & director of the Hidden Colors series has already confirmed speakers like Dr. Umar Johnson, Dr. Francis Cress Welding & Phil Valentine who have all participated in the first three.  He has promise some new speakers with this upcoming edition.  If you watched Hidden Colors three you saw how he surprised us by having the rappers Nas & David Banner discussing Racism.  Who know he might have them back and other surprise rappers.  Here is a link to a kickstarter that he has for the funding of volume 4 Click Here.

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The Legendary Jim Brown Joins Discussion On Manhood & Race with The #ZoWhat Morning Show (Video)

In 2015 there are many images shown of men (Black Men in particular) not a lot of them flattering. What is it to be a MAN?  Has society worked to suppress Alpha males?  These are all great questions and a great discussion about this was lead by Zo Williams.  Zo aka “The Voice of Reason” an author, life coach, & relationship specialist tackles this topic on his Zo What Morning Show. To help with the discussion he has his co hosts Geoff Brown (Comedian) and Dr. Mark Goulston with special guests legendary Jim Brown and author Tim Wise. So check this out and note that M.A.N. =(Manifest Answers Now) so check out some quality reality TV and learn something!

ArtByOdell / SoundCloud

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Reggae: Iba Mahr – “Love You Girl” (Video)

This video was shot in Amsterdam while reggae artist Iba Mahr was on a European promo tour and his flow on the ‘In Transit Riddim’ is a killa! #Salute to the camera man and story line to show the lighter side of reggae and Rasta love. Track produced by Notis Music Group, enjoy.

Contact Iba online here:

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Estelle Gets Wide Open about Sex, Love, & Happiness (Video) (Video)

My homegirl Estelle speaks up about her upcoming album in the fall and the slightly more sexual lyrics from her latest EP, Love and Happiness Vol 3. As a grown woman with a diverse background, we love to see that she knows what levels to accept in the music business and the bedroom.


Estelle ::

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Reggae/Dancehall: Wayne Marshall – “I Know” (Video)

Currently in the Jamaican government there is legislation to limit and/or halt outdoor dances due to ‘noise’. Well for all those who love the atmosphere and vibes OUTSIDE of a club, check this new video from Dancehall artist Wayne Marshall. This is the first single off his upcoming album Tru Colors. Salute Vibe Magazine and our friends at Ghetto Youths International. Directed by Jay Will.

Find Him On Twitter: Wayne Marshall

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Comedy: Guy Pranks Ice Cream Truck Patrons by Only Selling Healthy Snacks (Video)

‘I got broccoli and apples left. That’s it.’

‘That’s false advertisement!’

Wow! America wants its cool treats creamy and sweet… or else they will be upset… enough to cuss! Check out this ice cream truck guy trying to do his part to get his customers to make healthier food choices. It’s a joke, folks! Take it easy.

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Cham – “Clip” (Video)

This is dancehall… not commercial, not watered down, and NSFW. “Clip” performed by Cham is another release from MadHouse Records. Makes me wanna throw up the 3 like Ray Allen! Shouts to Kiss Creative Films, YOUNGtheHyphenate & our Jamaican homeboy Roger B Stillz.

Follow Them On Instagram:
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Ninja Man & Specialist – “Dweet” (Video)

Great intro to tease the true meaning of this video with the new kid Specialist and the veteran Ninja Man. Dweet has good lyrics that try to answer the question about bridging the foundation with new talent in Jamaica. Big Up DownSound Records for always pushing the bar with promotions and marketing in the Caribbean and the US market.
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Chronixx – ‘Beat & A Mic’ (Video)

There is almost nothing more simplistic bout just shooting a video riding bikes through the streets of Jamaica. Well this is a high quality video from Chronixx and members of the Zinc Fence Records crew. Kinda reminds you of the Nas hit, “One Mic”; shot by our friends at All Eyes On It & produced by Special Delivery Music. #Salute Pierre, Daddi Barnz, Teflon and the crew… song spins often on Sunsplash Mix Show.

Follow them on twitter: @iamChronixx @specialDmusic @AllEyesOnIt
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Chris Martin – ‘Mama’ (Video)

As an artist there is no limit to the amount of thanks you can give your parents and we all know ‘Mama’ always gets the first tribute. This song from Jamaican vocalist Chris Martin, had been buzzing in 2012 and we are glad to have the new year start with a nice video showing the high level of respect he gives to ma dukes.

Find him online: twitter @iamChrisMartin
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Cherine – ‘Haffi Come Back’ (Video)

We are proud to bring you another hot video of a track by Cherine, ‘Haffi Come Back’ which will also be featured on the next CY Evolution Dancehall Series. The video, filmed entirely in Spanish Town, Jamaica, showcases a new side of Cherine, sporting a fierce, bold, confident new look and brings a different kind of sexy to dancehall and reggae. And yes Jamaicans are still crazy creative with dancing!

Find her HERE on twitter and her site
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Patra feat. Delus – ‘Come Ova’ (Video)

The woman who rocked the braids with Yo-Yo, and who basically taught every American women how to wine in the 90s, is back with a new track and video. Come Ova features Delus who stands his ground, gives off good charisma and lends his unique voice to the single. Gotta shout out Latonya (aka Lattytude) and her crew First Class as she is one of the dancers in the video.

The track was also placed on the CY Evolution : Dancehall Series MIX CD #5 via Follow them on twitter: @RealQueenPatra @DelusDJ @CYevolution

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50 Things About Jamaica (Video)

Seriously there is Reggae, Coffee, Rum, Fish, Sun, Beaches and more than 50 more things… but THIS VIDEO RIGHT HERE…. eh, I will not spoil it for you. To all my Caribbean, African and American friends online, this is the best description of why Jamaica is the most influential country (period). And yes people, learn the 2nd Verse and sing it loud!! Roger B again… and the B Stands for ‘BOSS’ (LOL). Check out the 50 Ladies T-Shirt & Skirt below courtesy of CY Evolution….

Happy 50th Jamaica!
#TeamJamaica #Jamaica50

Directed by: Roger B Stillz
Read more about his at
Twitter: @rogerbstillz
Instagram @ RogerBstillz

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Estelle – ‘Thank You’ (Video)

Gotta salute Estelle with this video as we see some candid shots of this soulful singer and her life on tour. Cameos in the end included the wicked producer Jazzwad, celebrity dancer John Hype, Beenie Man, Patexx, Iyara, Bawse Dawg and the Grung Gaad himself Bounty Killer as she stopped of in Jamaica. This song is off her album All Of Me and was also featured on the Love Ultra Mix CD – Part Two.

A funny scene is her being led to the stage to perform on the beach and she looking back at security guard like ‘HELP NUHH’ and then her trying to form the ‘A’ with her fingers to rep for ‘The Alliance’. As we celebrate Jamaica’s 50th year of Independence… This reminds me why ‘Jamaica Nice!’
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Comedy: Diaries Of A Bathroom Attendant (Video)

Some might say this is a waste of a job but from the get go of this video we hear the declaration… “Okay let’s make this clear i am a Bathroom Attendant”. This was inspired by a segment on the Rickey Smiley Morning Show and all the jokes are seriously funny especially, “Fellas watch out for the Do-do Daps” and “I don’t tip her because she’s doing God’s work“. -Jah Prince

Directed by: Roger B Stillz.
Twitter = @Rogerbstillz

Instagram = @Rogerbstillz
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