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These New York Plus-Size Dancers Show Us That Their Size Will NOT Keep Them From Being Great (Video)

Word! I’m here for ‘Pretty Big’… loving the concept, the tee shirt, and these thick-a-licious dancers doing their thing on the dance tip.


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Inside Magic City: Legendary Strip Club Is Home To Upcoming Trap Rappers’ Dreams (Documentary) [NSFW]

WE SWEAR Future’s documentary with GQ Magazine on the legendary ATL home of the thickest, sexiest strippers, Magic City, is NOT SAFE FOR WORK! The thrust of the story being told is the hustle – rappers trying to get on, strippers taking their clothes off. Woooo! The ‘skrippers’ get azzhole naked in Magic City. Watch for for your nasty side for sure; BUT take away the butt naked truth While many rappers haves being shared in here, too. Rappers visit and hound DJs but very few get to have their tracks played to have the strippers shake to (and hopefully convince radio insiders to give a couple a spins). And the strippers ARE NOT TRYING TO GO HOME WITH YOU…but for $10,000 they will make you think they are. They are trying to get their money (read: your money, playa); as much and as quickly as possible…since they know they are not getting any younger.

It’s a game, baby. And everybody is trying to win. Which means some folks lose. However, watching this video (away from young eyes, and your boss’) feels like a win…cheezuussss!!

Watch the 20-minute presentation above featuring commentary from Future, DJ Esco, Lil Magic and some of the club’s popular dancers.

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Kanye West’s Dancers ‘Runaway’ Flash Mob Their Australian Flight (Video)

What?? Where is the Air Marshall? Hahaaa! All of a sudden, dancers who were part of Kanye West’s Australian Tour 2012… did a choreographed dance routine… on an airplane… in flight! Where’s the choreographer, Yemi AD? Filming the @#$! thing, of course. This is crazy! But… there are worse “takeover situations” that could happen on a plane. I’ll bet folks were quickly able to get over an in-flight flash mob of beautiful women.
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Cham – “Back Way” (Video)

Yep, the summer is here and CHAM is still on a roll! Another exciting video directed by Roger B Stillz for the fans and showcases ladies of all sizes dancing in they cribs. #TeamCham is working hard to get the message across, CHAM is still the ladies DJ but the fellas gonna enjoy this video also.

Madhouse Records #TEAMCHAM
Directed by: Roger B Stillz

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Konshens – Do Sumn (Video)

Another hype music video that showcases the energy and dance steps that make Caribbean music spread over the globe. This video even starts off with Konshens actual mother doing a lil cameo (good touch). Remember we had an interview with Konshens and the ‘Do Something’ theme is not to physically clash or war with anybody but just take it to the dancehfloor.

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