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Watch This Clip On A “Labor Camp” In Belle Glade, Florida, In 1960 (Mini-Documentary)

My Dad saw a similar story on TV in the mid-1980s and it prompted him to go looking for his older brother. They’d only been in sparse contact with each other, but Dad knew Uncle DeWitt was in Florida working on a farm similar to their sharecropping days. It turns out that Uncle DeWitt was caught up at a place like this.

Check out this footage of these kids and their mother at a “labor camp” in Belle Glade, FL in 1960. Gotta see it to believe it.

We got him out of there. But places like that even existing in the 20th century. Makes me feel a way. Watch and you’ll likely feel it, too.


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Candidate Andrew Gillum Speaks On Race In The Race To Be Florida’s Governor And In Politics As Usual (Video)

Wow. My elders and peers used to always say, “A hit dog’ll holler,” too!

Democratic nominee Andrew Gillum lays out the role of race in the Florida governor’s race, his plan to help all Floridians and how he’d handle Republican opposition if elected.
– The Daily Show With Trevor Noah

Felt compelled to post something political, progressive, and positive with the big mid-terms coming up. President Obama was stumping for Georgia gubernatorial candidate Stacey Abrams AND for this candidate in Florida’s race, Andrew Gillum.



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The Miami Style Gods Speak On The Rush And The Danger Of Doing Street Grafitti In Miami (Documentary)

Wow. Right from the start, the dude calls his graf ‘vandalism’… NOT art. But still seems driven about it. Real out there in the streets about the spray game; folks can get shot for real (or worse). VICE investigates.

All across Miami, you’ll find countless tags done by MSG—the Miami Style Gods, a graffiti crew that’s been around since the early 90s. And two decades later, they’re still bombing as many walls, highway signs, bridges, billboards, and abandoned buildings as they can find.

VICE met up with members of the crew—who believe their trade is vandalism, not art—to find out why they’re so dedicated to a trade that makes no money and is often dangerous, from altercations with the cops to dangling over busy highways.


And this is about more than graf, though that is life to these guys; it’s life in the streets.

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Say Grace For The Pum Pum (Video)

ANOTHER hilarious video from Roger B, ‘A Cunnilingus Prayer’ covers healthy behavior of adults and how men need additional protection from the most high! Eating aka nyam-ing and the stigma facing Caribbean men/women is still a personal choice and this just adds to the jokes DJ, selectors and bloggers will chat-bout for the rest of the summer, however could this become the norm?

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Cham – “Clip” (Video)

This is dancehall… not commercial, not watered down, and NSFW. “Clip” performed by Cham is another release from MadHouse Records. Makes me wanna throw up the 3 like Ray Allen! Shouts to Kiss Creative Films, YOUNGtheHyphenate & our Jamaican homeboy Roger B Stillz.

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Cham – “Back Way” (Video)

Yep, the summer is here and CHAM is still on a roll! Another exciting video directed by Roger B Stillz for the fans and showcases ladies of all sizes dancing in they cribs. #TeamCham is working hard to get the message across, CHAM is still the ladies DJ but the fellas gonna enjoy this video also.

Madhouse Records #TEAMCHAM
Directed by: Roger B Stillz

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Cham – “Tun Up” feat. O (Video)

Gotta give credit where it is due, and THAT BOY CHAM is on a roll! This early quarter of 2012 he has some of the wickedest songs for ladies (no complaints). High quality video but please ladies, ummmm don’t sing this loudly if you’re not TOO SURE (especially at work).

#Salute to Roger Bon the camerawork…

Cham ft. “O” – TUN UP (Official Video)
Madhouse Records #TEAMCHAM
Directed by: Roger B Stillz


Rick Ross NBA All Star Weekend (Video)

Rick Ross NBA All Star Weekend 2012 in Orlando Florida finds the boss and AMBER ROSE hosting a party at the Roxy Friday night. Saturday Morning Ricky Rozay hops on a private jet to perform at the Blizzard Ski Trip & does a brief interview on the plane. That same evening the Bawse arrives at the Orlando Executive Airport & host “HANGER 12”. Sunday night he caps off the weekend with a party at a club called “BEACHUM” – Maybach Music Group

[Exclusive] Vybz Kartel Interview with Walshy Fire on 96mixx

This is the audio from the NEWEST Interview with Vybz Kartel about his ‘Live-Via Satellite’ performance this Sunday. Vybz Kartel has released several songs leading up to this event and will perform with a live band. Walshy Fire’s show on South Florida Radio’s Caribbean Station Mixx 96 is always known for making sure the crowd gets all the details for the big show and special interviews so we salute our ATL Brother Walshy.

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