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For The NYC Title, Brooklyn Tech’s Team Will Step In The Arena (Documentary)

If you cannot wrap your head around ‘step team’ as a sports/athletic activity, look at this and reconsider. Just saying. They go in as hard as any team on the court (or anywhere else).

You won’t find the most successful team at Brooklyn Technical High School on the basketball court or on the football field. You’ll find them stepping in the cafeteria – sweating, laughing and striving to keep their crown as NYC’s regional champions. In this VICE Sports exclusive, we met up with the all-female Lady Dragons step team to see their pressure-packed final days of preparation for NYC regionals.

Great story, regardless of what you ‘decide’ about the nature of the competition.

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Eye Candy: The T&A To End All T&A (Video)

Why that preview pic, I dunno. Honey in the dotted is more than enough to get spotted. All them T–s. All that A-s. Deeeeeeem!!! I was speechless. You will see why as soon as you press play above. I don’t know who she is. If I did I would tell you, after I found her… and proposed… to put her name in this Noontime Eye Candy feature post 😉

(Now, if YOU know who she is, please tell ME! Because I gots to know!)


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The Reign Supreme B-Boy Battle @ Bumbershoot 2015 In Seattle

Once again I was back in Seattle Labor Day Weekend to cover the Bumbershoot Festival.  If you are not familiar with Bumbershoot it is a 3 day festival focused on Music, Art, Comedy and celebrating the city of Seattle, WA.  This year the festival brought back the BBoy battle competition.  I was able to get exclusive access to the behind the scenes of this competition thanks to my friend DV One who along with DJ Lean Rock provided the sounds for this event.  This was organized by the Reign Supreme collective out in Seattle.  I have footage of dancers from Seattle to Poland to Taiwan in the video clips above and after the jump.  Enjoy and once again you can catch us in Seattle next year covering this great music festival once again!

-ArtByOdell Twitter/SoundCloud


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Comedy: Words From Big Sean’s Mother On ‘Jimmy Kimmel Live’ (Video)

Hilarious! Big Sean’s mom reads from her son’s popular rhythmic American poem “A$$, A$$, A$$” “Dance” on a segment dubbed “Words from Your Mother” on ABC’s Jimmy Kimmel Live.

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Sexy Kizomba Dance (Video)

I don’t really know what Kizomba really is, but one of my homies sent me this video & there is so much beauty in watching this clip I was compelled to post it. The name of the female dancer in the clip is Sara Lopez & after watching her doing her thang in this video I had to do the quick fast google search on the Brazilian dancer. The song used in this clip is called “Não me toca” by an Angolan singer named Anselmo Ralph from what I understand. None of that matters at this point. Fellas just keep you eyes on the these very fluid culo movements. Cotdayaammm!

R&B/Dance: Cassie – King Of Hearts (Kanye West Remix)


Amazing Dance In The Motherland (Video)

Saw a few of the homies talking about this video & it is truly amazing to see the brothas, could be sistahs too, getting down in this dance which I’m assuming is back somewhere in the motherland of Africa. There could be some debate as to whether or not the video was sped up, but if you pay attention to the precision & symmetry of the dancers’ movements it’s still nothing less than incredible.

Konshens – Gyal A Bubble (Video)

Yes… okay… Jamaicans love to party.. (( SIMPLE )). So, this video from Konshens, shows his humorous side with all the side-eyes to the camera as the ladies are ‘doing their thang’. And yes with all the good Dancehall music coming out of Jamaica, any car-wash can literally turn into a session or ‘party’. Just watch the video and see KONSHENS da realest.

Follow him on twitter: @KonshensSojah
Produced by: Subkonshus Music

Mr. Cool in ‘Quotes, Dance, Strut’ by A Tall Guy Films (Video)

Wow this is dope! Shout out to the ATL Funklordz‘ own Mr. Cool & A Tall Guy Films for their very dope “Quotes” series. “Quotes” is a visual capture of local Atlanta creatives and artists who demonstrate their talents in urban street culture accompanied with inspirational quotes. Plus you can never go wrong with George Clinton as the soundtrack to this funky piece right here. Shout out to the homie Dubelyoo who did the artwork on the mural….

R&B/Soul: Vikter Duplaix – “From Another World”

R&B soul singer, DJ, & Philly native Vikter Duplaix just dropped this joint a few days ago on the web & I’ve had it on repeat in the ipod several times throughout my day especially while working. I’ve been crazy busy the last few days so I didn’t have time to post this particular joint up until now. Some of you may have only associated Vikter Duplaix with being a DJ after his appearance on the Masters Of The Mix reality show & DJ competition, but it’s clear the brotha is reminding cats how talented he is with quality soulful gems like this right here….

Mike Posner – Looks Like Sex (Video)

I was on the fence whether I should post this video or not, but I’m a guy who may like a song strictly for the visuals alone. Detroit’s Mike Posner looks like he maybe trying to jump into the Justin Timberlake R&B lane although most of the music I’ve heard from him sounds more electronic or stadium type techno leaning. Clearly my favorite song that he appears on is “French Inhale” that he collaborated with Snoop Dogg & Wiz Khalifa on for the “Mac + Devin Goe To High School album that’s out now. Even if you don’t like the song, fellas enjoy the visuals of the ladies in the clip. Maybe subconsciously that’s the primary reason I posted this…

Classic Clips: The Lockers (Video)

I never knew that Fred “Rerun” Berry’s nickname was “Mr. Penguin” outside of the television show “What’s Happening?” that he starred on. Most of the video taken from this clip is from “The Suns of James Brown Street Dance DVD” that attempts document this element of dance. Far too often when it comes to hip hop culture we get immersed into knowing the history of the music, but it’s good to know the history of the other aspects of the culture especially in dance. More specifically in this case it would be “Pop Locking” or “Locking”….

Mr Vegas – Bruck It Down (Video)

Another vivid and high quality video showcasing the dancing and fun that Dancehall music brings to the world. Mr Vegas is no stranger to this tempo of music and as the video displays, women love to get that One-Hour-Workout on as they listen. The song was released on iTunes in July but the wait is now over, GET A CHAIR AND CLICK REPLAY!.

Purchase Bruck It Down:

Gil Scott-Heron & Jamie XX – ‘I’ll Take Care Of You’ (Video)

This is the second single from Jamie XX’s Gil Scott-Heron inspired remix album called ‘We Still Here’ that is now available.  I’ve been feeling alot of the remixes Jamie XX has done from his Kanye joints to the most recent remix of Adele’s ‘Rolling In The Deep’. Looks like Jamie XX choose to take it a step further by releasing a video for this Gil Scott-Heron inspired project. I’ve been feeling this joint alot since I first heard it & a well done video will only increase my ipod play counts. The revolution is being televised…..



Chris Brown Is ‘Cold Blooded’ When It Comes To Dancing (Video)

Very few male R&B artists can kill the dancing game like Chris Brown. Despite his recent troubles the kid is still not to be f*ckd with when it comes to performing. I first met Chris Brown when he was young eager 16 year old kid just getting his start in the game & introducing himself to any DJ who would listen to him. To see how far the Virginia native has come & blown up is truly amazing. Check out the video above as Chris Brown does what he does best over a classic Rick James joint….

Brazilian Women Testing Men For Head Injuries (NSFW)

One of my friends sent me this video & I laughed out loud after watching it. Seems like some Brazil men are being admitted into hospitals all over the country for massive ‘bunda to head’ trauma! It’s actually pronounced ‘Surra De Bunda’ which means ‘Butt Slap’ in Portuguese. No need to worry because It’s just like good music…when it hits you there is no pain. Haha! (Sigh) I miss Brasil.

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