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Ras Kass – “Street Fighter” feat. Kurupt x Killah Priest

Hahaa! Ras rhyming like spitting while whipping the homie’s azz in video games at the house back in the day. Loser gets the pizza tab and eats at the table… awaaaay from the controller, sucka! Now, get these ‘hundred hands!’

Eye Candy: Extra Thick Booty Chun Li (Video)

Hands off your ‘joystick’ fellas. Hahaaa!

Imagine the worst spousal/parental cuss-out about indulging in classic video game play, like Street Fighter. All day, everyday, Even dressing up like the characters. And they go IN… “You hanging out here ALL DAMN DAY AND NIGHT, with the DAMN Street Fighter, with yo’ FAT AZZ and…”

You have tuned them out, because you will have THIS playing in your head. The only words you hear, on repeat, are “with yo’ FAT AZZ” (and it causes you to chuckle.

Witness the THICKNESS of this ‘Chun Li’ doing the most; spinning and winning. Slow motion for ME!


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Floyd Mayweather, Jr. vs. Ronda Rousey: Who Would Win? Settle It On Street Fighter IV (Video)

Okay, in real life, file this fight in the never-ever-gonna-happen category. But this simulation is AWESOME! Oh… but what might happen… fans squabbling over the results. Watch. And LLLLLET’S GET READY TO… HAHAAAAAA!


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Mike Tyson’s Fights Get The ‘Street Fighter’ Sound Effects Treatment (Video)

Saw this gem at Bleacher Report and had to share. How far back does your gaming go? Remember Super Nintendo? You remember Street Fighter then? If so… pop quiz: Who’d that dude, Balrog, look like? Damn right, he looked like Iron Mike Tyson! Now, you want to hear something crazy (good)? Press play above, and watch Tyson’s clips video game’d up with Street Fighter sound effects!

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