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Sports: Muhammad Ali x David Frost Interview (1974) [Video]

David Frost (yep, that dude they’re talking about in that ‘Frost Nixon’ movie) interviews boxing legend, Muhammad Ali. Frost could give it to U.S. President Nixon, but Ali is the Champion Of The World… and of classic jibber-jabber! Gotta love hearing the Champ talk. You definitely will after watching this.

Lots of funny, but Ali drops some jewels in here, too.


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Deontay Wilder On His ‘Risky’ Fight Against Luis Ortiz And It Being Good For Boxing (Video)

Booooommmmmb SQUAAAAAD! Tuscaloosa, Alabama, stand UP!!! The Champ is here! Charlamagne talks to Deontay Wilder.

Deontay Wilder On His Last Fight Against Luis Ortiz, Battling Online Trolls, Family + More.
– Breakfast Club Power 105.1 FM


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Cam’ron Is Proud Of Moving His Mom Out Of The Ghetto, Negotiating The Business World, And Turning The Tables On This ‘Highly Questionable’ Interview (Video)

If it’s beef, Cam will speak on it (you know, having been in some scrapes of his own). Check him out being clear on ‘Highly Questionable’ right quick.

And they talk about sports. Cam insists on that!

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Oscar De La Hoya Pulls No Punches When Speaking On ‘Mayweather Vs. McGregor’ Versus ‘Alvarez Vs. Golovkin’ (Video)

Oscar De La Hoya speaks on why Mayweather vs. McGregor was disrespectful to the sport of boxing, his relationship with Bernard Hopkins, his prediction on the upcoming Canelo Alvarez vs. Gennady Golovkin fight… Prediction: He (as the promoter) is gonna win [that money, money, MONEY]!


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Stay Melo: Carmelo Anthony Explores Boxing In Brownsville (Video)

I’m a big boxing fan. I just love the fact that it’s mano y mano. May the best man win.

Say that then, Carmelo. On this ep of #StayMelo the baller is off the hardwood and on to the squared circle. Checking out what makes boxers from Brownsville (Brooklyn, NY, USA) different; the “best community for true fighters.”

Brownsville, Brooklyn, has become known for its numerous high rise project buildings, tragic gang violence and world champion boxers with vicious knockouts. Mike Tyson, Zab Judah, Riddick Bowe, Shannon Briggs and countless other world champions all hail from one small section of Brooklyn that encompasses a few square blocks. In this episode of Stay Melo, Carmelo Anthony meets up with WBA Middleweight Champion Danny Jacobs to get a tour of the neighborhood and see what makes this place special. Their journey leads them to a kid named Bruce “Shu Shu” Carrington, who is looking to be the next boxer to put Brownsville on his back.
– VICE Sports

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Unforgivable Blackness (Documentary Trailer)

Sometimes it takes outsiders to tell you about yourself. PBS America – out of the United Kingdom – put out this documentary on the first Black American boxing champion, Jack Johnson. Dude was ahead of his time ways that would still scare a good amount of White people today. Just saying.

This film by Ken Burns tells the story of one of the greatest boxers of all time and his refusal to accept the rules of a society that considered people of his colour to be second-class citizens. This is the story of a man who refused to recognise racial differences and who forced America to reconsider its very definition of freedom.

Check out this trailer. Watching this documentary would be the way to end your Black History Month viewing with a bang…to the rib cage. Damn. Johnson was a baaaad maaan (Muhammad Ali voice).

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Floyd Mayweather, Jr. vs. Ronda Rousey: Who Would Win? Settle It On Street Fighter IV (Video)

Okay, in real life, file this fight in the never-ever-gonna-happen category. But this simulation is AWESOME! Oh… but what might happen… fans squabbling over the results. Watch. And LLLLLET’S GET READY TO… HAHAAAAAA!


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Floyd “Money” Mayweather Talks About His Tough Youth, ‘Toys,’ Manny Pacquiao And More With Stephen A. Smith (More)

“I have to…because he’s not just any other fighter.” – Floyd Mayweather

Stephen A. Smith was able to pull some good insights from Floyd Mayweather in this ESPN ‘All Access’ episode. For one, Mayweather was NOT ducking the upcoming ‘fight of the century’ AND an important two, he is preparing for his bout with Manny Pacquiao harder than he has for anyone in quite some time. Chopping wood, going old school with training techniques and intensity like a ‘Rocky’ movie. Despite the expected bravado, Floyd is SERIOUS about this upcoming fight (this Saturday, May 2nd)!

Now, okay. Fair warning: Co-host Skip Bayless is going to throw shade at Floyd (ex: “Now I KNOW he’s going to lose”). Look past that though, he touches on concerns expressed by insiders and onlookers worldwide: Mayweather’s ‘bluster’ compensating for a real ‘fear’ of Pacquiao, being embarrassed into finally making the fight, otherwise risking a lackluster legacy (were he to retire never fighting an obvious contender for his titles), and advanced age (38 years old) as a boxer, among other things.

WATCH! Great episode. Good point brought up by guest Michael Rappaport later in this culled-together clip, too. Everyone should hope for a good fight with a clear winner; and that there will be no shenanigans (interruptions by parachuters, bad decisions by the judges, etc.).

Of course, we also get a look at the house, the million-dollar car collection… you know the ‘toys’ (fun, but SERIOUS blingage)!

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Sports/History: Iron Mike Tyson On The ‘History Of Boxing’ (Documentary)

Excellent find by ‘Shadow & Act’ (respect)! The young Champ Iron Mike Tyson takes us on a documentary journey through boxing history; starting in the 1800s up through the early 1980s (his ‘up-and-coming’ time). Informative, enhanced by Mike’s commentary and insights, viewers are guaranteed to learn a good amount about the early history of the sweet science, the first televised fights, main events and controversial matches and more.

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Roy Jones Jr. Talks About Beef Outside The Ring: His Dad, Fat Joe, And Where Things Stand (Video)

Did you know that when Fat Joe rapped “Even Roy Jones was forced to lean back,” it would start a beef the boxer was ready cook?? Hmmm, wonder if even Joe knew. That happened, and Roy speaks on the confrontation. And what happened between him and the dude that pretty much started him ‘fighting’… his father.

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Mayweather Challenges Pacquiao for Cinco De Mayo 2015 (Video)

Looks like the Fight everyone has wanted might happen.  Mayweather has challenged Pacquiao to make the fight happen May 2nd 2015. Well since the last time they tried to make this fight happen Pac-Man has lost two fights so some of the luster is gone.  Regardless this would be a blockbuster draw for Pay Per View.  Check out what our friends over at BeatsBoxingMayhem have to say about it!

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Sports: Why Would Shannon Briggs ‘Attack’ Boxing Champ Wladimir Klitschko? (Video)

Watch… Looks staged. But it’s okay. As long as it’s entertaining… “Have some water” (bwaaaahahahaaa).

I know what the video was ‘meant to show’ but I put dots together differently. Truth: We have had no real reason to get hyped about the heavyweight division in quite some time. But… Shannon Briggs? Last fight I saw him in was against Jason Statham in one of the “Transporter” movies. Even Statham has moved on.

But boxing history holds that the ring retires great fighters, especially heavyweights. In other words, a fighter keeps fighting until someone throws him a bonafide can’t-be-denied azz whuppin in the squared circle. Sure, every now and then you get a Lennox Lewis, who retires on high; but most heavyweights who were on top either fight in relative obscurity OR they had that one ‘ewww daaamn someone oughta stop this’ match (ex: Ali v. Holmes, Tyson v. Lewis… and Hollyfield should have been “retired” by the two that Lewis gave him).

To his credit, I don’t think Shannon got his “retirement whuppin” … but this hounding for the champ’s attention is long after what would be considered his career peak. Now, George Foreman had two careers, in essence; winning the title again well after what most would say was his prime. BUT even he had some “retirement” (once from Ali, sorta) and another from Axel Schulz, an German bruiser who was declared the loser that night even after knotting Foreman’s eye so high his shades rose off his face.

Perhaps the Klitschkos (Wladimir and Vitali work as a unit) deserve to work the game as a weakened division and early politics kept them out for a bit. Some (pointing at myself) say Lewis got away with murder …with a VERY controversial win over Vitali (watch the proof here for a few seconds) back in the day and retired without making it right. Maybe the Klitschkos feel justified in leaving like Lennox Lewis, still pretty, pretty healthy, and pretty much in a sound state of mind.

Oooh, @ojones1 are you saying this Briggs rah-rah is a set up to fuel promo for a title fight with he and Wladimir INSTEAD of facing true contenders? Well…I wrote it, huh? Guess I threw the brick. Can’t hide my hand now… It follows that someone would ask/blurt, “Well, who are these so-called contenders, O?” I’m glad you asked, me-acting-like-someone-asking-me-a-question… Allow me to quote Bleacher Report in my response:

Klitschko has not lost a fight since 2004. Since then, the gigantic heavyweight with fast hands and nimble feet has put together one of the more remarkable championship runs in heavyweight history. Klitschko is top dog at heavyweight. So is [Bryant] Jennings the guy to dethrone him? Is he the guy to bring the title back to the United States? Will he be the guy to bring American heavyweight boxing back from the doldrums?

“I think so,” said Jennings. “But I can’t do it alone. Trust me. I can’t do it alone. I’m one of the guys. I think that it’s just going to take more than one guy.” Jennings said he and fellow undefeated prospect Deontay Wilder were probably the two most exciting heavyweights in America right now, to go along with the United Kingdom’s Tyson Fury. He said a group of guys like that, which might include other fighters who have yet to emerge, could make the heavyweight division real exciting.
– Bleacher Report

AND Wilder has whupped MUCH azz (29-0, ALL KNOCKOUTS)… AND Wilder is from Tuscaloosa (where we make champions, Roll Tide)… AND Bleacher isn’t even touting him in the above writeup.

Yeah, there are more worthy fights to be made than Briggs v. Klitschko. So I say good try to this ‘smoke screen.’ But I don’t care wither way. For one, no one cares about the heavyweight division now (maybe that’ll change, but not now). But second, I like Pro Wrestling… and this ‘drama’ outside the ring leading to a pay-per-view showdown in the ring… works for me!

So… Who’s bringing the folding chairs? Gotta hit somebody with a folding chair to make it a pay per view, right?


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Sports Analyst Bomani Jones Speaks on How Boxing Brings Out Beastly Instincts In Every Race (Video)

“These things matter so much that, when it came time to root against the Germans, America jumped behind Joe Louis’ Black ass!”

HAHAHAAAAA! It’s funny. People think I make everything about race, but I’ve had NO ONE tell me I was wrong on this one. Dude speaking TRUTH above. Things can get involved, violent even… race vs. race… culture vs. culture… around boxing events. And like he said, don’t get involved in the ‘fight after the fight’ … Your opponent will likely be fighting for the PRIDE OF A NATION! Funny and true. Admit it.

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Thai Prison Fights (Documentary)

If you want to claim ‘baddest man on the planet’ (e.g. what they called Iron Mike Tyson in his prime)… and you are in the knuckle-up game in Bangkok, Thailand… then Klong Prem high-security prison is as good as Madison Square Garden. Sorta. Well, the inmates there box outsiders; and they fight hard for what’s really on the line – money, shorter sentences, glory, to settle arguments. Watch the VICE mini-documentary on it above. Let’s get it on!

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Showtime’s All Access: Mayweather vs. Guerrero (Video)

Although the fight is over with Mayweather winning people may have missed this… We didn’t though. Take a look. All the Showtime’s All Access series episodes building up to the recent Mayweather vs. Guerrero fight. Sho Sports did a good job helping bill this showdown as a worthy fight. Check it out. Episode 1 above, with the rest after the jump. Narrated by Common.

‘Go behind the scenes as Floyd Mayweather and Robert Guerrero prepare for their May 4th SHOWTIME Pay Per View showdown.’

– Sho Sports

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Iron Mike Tyson Recuperating After Having Neck Surgery

You know… maybe Iron Mike wasn’t lying when he said he had a spinal injury back in the day (see video after the jump). TMZ has reported that the champ recently underwent neck surgery for a degenerative disk. Apparently, things went well, and Mike will just need to wear that brace for a few weeks. Hope that’s all it is… that’s enough. Take care champ.


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50 Cent May Be Getting Into Boxing (Sports)

50 Cent (second from right), a longtime friend of Floyd Mayweather, Jr. (center), may be launching a promotional outfit that is said to include Yuriorkis Gamboa (right). (Credit: AP)

Fiddy may be looking to take The Money Team into a new arena…a boxing arena. Seen often with his likely boxing promotion partner – flamboyant Floyd Mayweather, Jr., – 50 Cent apparently looks to go platinum as a promoter of pugilism (say that five times fast). Word has it that TMT (short for The Money Team) Promotions expects to sign former featherweight title holder Yuriorkis Gamboa and super middleweight contender Andre Dirrell. None of this is official, but Nevada state athletic commissioner Keith Kizer says TMT is applying for a license in the state. – Chris Mannix,
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Floyd Mayweather Vs. Manny Pacquiao Fight May Only Happen ‘By The Numbers’ (Video)

Manny Pacquiao lost a split decision fight last night to undefeated fighter Timothy Bradley who advances to a 29-0 record with 12 Knockouts. Although I won a wager with several friends last night when I picked the 5-1 odds underdog to beat Pacman, I was surprised just like anyone else when it was announced that Bradley won the fight by a split decision.  Although I felt Bradley held his own, it was pretty evident that Pacman was in control of things.  The fight that everyone REALLY wants to see is the Floyd Mayweather vs. Manny Pacquiao fight, but it’s likely to never happen after this point. For those that aren’t aware promoter Bob Arum represents both Pacquiao & Bradley so with last night’s loss it sets the stage for an obvious rematch for sometime in November.  I believe it’s all a ploy to avoid any contest with Mayweather for a possible big-time fight in November.  We have have to face reality that it’s never going to happen.  The video above maybe the closest Boxing fans will ever get to see in terms of a Mayweather vs. Pacquiao fight if we simply did it by the numbers.

50 Cent Speaks On Mayweather’s Win Versus Miguel Cotto (Video)

50 Cent speaks on his best friend Floyd “Money” Mayweather’s win versus Miguel Cotto last Saturday night…. #MoneyTeam

HBO Boxing: Face Off With Mayweather / Cotto (Video)

Max Kellerman gets “Money Mayweather” & Cotto together for a sit down before their upcoming fight on May 5th. Floyd’s antics in this video get to rather hilarious especially around the 6:10 mark…Hahaaaaa!