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Technology/Gaming: Learn To Make Car Repairs In Virtual Reality (Video)

Perhaps not an age-old question, but a cool one to answer: “Can I learn to fix race cars without risking damage to something expensive (like a car, or myself)?” “Oh wait, follow up, I don’t have a car, garage or tools of my own; does that matter much?. Oh, and wait, do I have to get ‘dirty’ and stuff?” Hahaaa!

Fix your car…in VR!

It’s time to get your car ready for racing without getting your hands dirty. “Wrench” is an indie game for virtual reality that lets players assemble photorealistic components for a custom race car. Players diagnose problems with their speed machines and try to fix them.

The game is still in development, and the developers say it won’t include any driving simulation either.

– Vocativ

Well, there’s your answer!


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He Got Game: Oh No Plays ‘Rhythm Roulette’ With Video Game Sounds (Video)

You know how Rhythm Roulette goes… goes to local record store, searches endless stacks of wax blindfolded, picks three and makes a beat from them. But in this episode, Mass Appeal Media has producer Oh No throwing in a curve ball… rather than find samples out of old vinyls, he samples sounds from three Nintendo 64 video games. Wowwww!

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Mike Tyson’s Fights Get The ‘Street Fighter’ Sound Effects Treatment (Video)

Saw this gem at Bleacher Report and had to share. How far back does your gaming go? Remember Super Nintendo? You remember Street Fighter then? If so… pop quiz: Who’d that dude, Balrog, look like? Damn right, he looked like Iron Mike Tyson! Now, you want to hear something crazy (good)? Press play above, and watch Tyson’s clips video game’d up with Street Fighter sound effects!

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Grand Theft Auto V (Trailer)

San Andreas BACK!!! GTA is back on the westside for the next installment of the series.

Serena Williams Is The World’s Sexiest Tennis Player (Video)

Yeah….She is….Serena needs to bring back the weapons of mass destruction cat suit.
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B.O.B. – ‘New York, New York’

I can hear it now…… (Southern Accent) “Aye Shawtay! Why you doin’ sowngs talmbout New Yawk & you from the Dec Shawtay!?” Gaitdayam Shawtay!

B.O.B. continues to prove that he’s an artist that’s bigger than any one region & even the rap music genre itself. You don’t have to be from New York to appreciate this joint right here. Apparently the song is for a video game called ‘Crysis 2’ . The video is under the hood……..Niiiiiiiice


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