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Rolling With Roc Marciano In ‘The Smokebox’ (Video)

Always think about that Xzibit opening line, “You don’t wanna hotbox with me,” when coming across these. Actually, smoker or not… kinda feel like we all do. Stuff can get crazy, but peering through the smoke, we always learn things about the guest and their direction in these sessions. Next up: Roc Marciano toking and talking.

Roc Marciano talks with B-REAL about his long awaited new album, “Rosebudds Revenge,”. Longevity in the game, his start with Busta Rhymes & his new upcoming project with DJ Muggs on this episode of The Smokebox.

Something right about bringing your producer (Animoss) along for the ‘ride.’ Good session Roc.


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Termanology With Real Talk For B-Real In ‘The Smokebox’ (Video)

We know Termanology has the Hip-Hop chops. Vocab for dope vocals…check! But what about what B-Real has on deck: Can dude handle the convo and endo in the bucket with closed doors & windows? Let’s watch ’em roll ’em up – the panes and the Red October PAIN. Smokebox time!

B-Real steps inside “The Smokebox” with Termanology. The interviews goes into the album, “More Politics.” Also, musical inspirations & favorite strains are discussed.

Term do beats, too? Nice!


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Dame Dash Gets To ‘B-Real’ In The ‘Smokebox’ (Video)

It’s not hard. Setup the GoPro cam, get in the car, and fire up some bionic bubonic chronic. Then launch the conversation. Of course, the convo will go better if you have someone with something to say.

Enter Dame Dash.

How is dude making sense in the midst of all that haze?? Watch Dame speak with appreciation for the accolades B-Real showered him with, then speak on plans to move into making direct-to-consumer movies and out of the music business. Also, servicing the weed smoker culture; buying “bricks”… in the sense of ultimately investing in building venues and spaces in which stoners can smoke good and live the high life while getting high!

Way more covered in this ep. Watch.

(Got him at the end though. Crack a window or something. Hahahaaaaaa!)

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Raekwon Gives Time To ‘B-Real’ In The Smokebox (Video)

Beyond the ‘sticky icky’ is B-Real’s ‘SICKY icky.’ Cypress Hill’s B-Real and Wu-Tang’s Chef Raekwon chillin’ at the smoke-out. Talking about over 20 years in the game, the new album “F.I.L.A.” and more on this edition of The Smokebox.


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Action Bronson x Alchemist Roll With B-Real In ‘The Smokebox’ (Video)

In this episode, B-Real welcomes Action Bronson and The Alchemist into ‘The Smokebox.’ Hip-Hop, pro-wrestling, hockey, TV & videos, & the best smoke in the world! Get green, roll green, smoke green. Just three dudes in a smoked-out car, talking sh!t and getting high. And we’re gonna watch?

Hell yeah, you’re gonna watch… right NOW!

You know, Bronson is always doing regular things in irregular ways. Remember, when he went to the senior citizens’ home… in UK… and rocked a concert there??

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