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Black Milk Appears On ‘Last Call With Carson Daly’ (Video)

While I was preparing music for the radio show Friday night I was surprised to see Black Milk appear as a guest on the Carson Daly show for his SXSW segment. It was a definite good look for the Detroit emcee & producer to get some shine on national television.

Tracy Morgan Appears On The ‘Late Night With Conan O’Brien’ (Video)

Tracy Morgan is a damn fool! This nikka is funny as hell!! Check out the video as he promotes the latest animated film he’s involved with called ‘RIO’. He spent less time promoting the movie & more time clowning though! Haahaa!

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Snoop Dogg Appears On The David Letterman Show (Video)

David Letterman’s commentary at the end of the video is hilarious……Haha!

Charlie Sheen Makes Surprise Appearance On Jimmy Kimmel Live (Video)

Charlie Sheen is crazy…….like a fox. SHEEHZ!!!

Tiger Woods Appears On The Jimmy Fallon Show (Video)

HILARIOUS!!! More under the hood…..

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Mike Tyson Appears On Jimmy Fallon Promoting His New Reality Show (Video)

Mike Tyson appeared on Jimmy Fallon to talk about his new 6 part reality series called ‘Taking On Tyson’ that debuts this Sunday at 10pm EST on the Animal Planet. Mike also talked about the Hangover 2 sequel & having something in common with Jimmy Fallon.

Carmelo Anthony Appears On The ‘Conan O’Brien’ Show Hours Before Trade Announced (Video)

Just a few hours before the trade to the New York Knicks was announced Carmelo Anthony appeared on the Conan O’Brien show. The problem for late night talk show hosts like Conan is their shows are usually taped & aired later in the evening. Rumors of Carmelo being traded to the Knicks began immediately after they taped the show only to be confirmed before this show aired.