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Carmelo Anthony Gives Insight On His Future With Oklahoma City Thunder (Video)

Ohhh, wait. Before Melo ‘goes fishing’ (as Charles Barkley would say). Let’s hear from him as he sits down for a season ‘exit interview.’ Some things said by him might be interpreted as ‘turr-bull, just turr-bull’ (as Barkley might also say, but maybe others, too). Watch and judge for self.

Thunder forward Carmelo Anthony says he won’t take a bench role, reflects on the sacrifices of this season.
– The Oklahoman

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Stay Melo: Carmelo Anthony Explores Boxing In Brownsville (Video)

I’m a big boxing fan. I just love the fact that it’s mano y mano. May the best man win.

Say that then, Carmelo. On this ep of #StayMelo the baller is off the hardwood and on to the squared circle. Checking out what makes boxers from Brownsville (Brooklyn, NY, USA) different; the “best community for true fighters.”

Brownsville, Brooklyn, has become known for its numerous high rise project buildings, tragic gang violence and world champion boxers with vicious knockouts. Mike Tyson, Zab Judah, Riddick Bowe, Shannon Briggs and countless other world champions all hail from one small section of Brooklyn that encompasses a few square blocks. In this episode of Stay Melo, Carmelo Anthony meets up with WBA Middleweight Champion Danny Jacobs to get a tour of the neighborhood and see what makes this place special. Their journey leads them to a kid named Bruce “Shu Shu” Carrington, who is looking to be the next boxer to put Brownsville on his back.
– VICE Sports

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Stay Melo: Carmelo Anthony Explores Rio And Its Favelas (Video)

Yeah, Melo could have just stayed on the celeb tourist path laid out by the Olympics host committee when he went there to hoop for the USA. But nah man. He had to take the VICE crew out and about and bring back this; another dope ep of #StayMelo

Carmelo Anthony won some hardware when he visited Rio for the Olympics, but he still wanted more out of the trip. In this episode of Stay Melo, we spend a day exploring some of the best views in Brazil and the favelas of Rio.
– VICE Sports


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Stay Melo: Carmelo Anthony Goes To Rikers Island (Video)

Great stuff! VICE is keeping the heat on the prison industry by taking the cameras back inside. First President Obama does a special at a Federal prison; now Carmelo Anthony visits Rikers Island for this episode of “Stay Melo.” Impactful, especially for Melo, touring the jail facility and meeting a group of young prisoners. Growing up, he knew folks who’d done time and came back home. But being inside like this, even knowing he would eventually leave, was very different.

I’m not sure what I expected. I knew it wasn’t going to be pleasant. And, it wasn’t. At all. It was extremely disturbing.
Carmelo Anthony

Watch above.


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Trying To ‘Stay Melo’ In New York: Speaking On The State Of The Knicks and The NY State Of Mind (Video)

“New York is the greatest city on the planet, I think. But you’re not a New Yorker if you don’t wake up some days and be like ‘man, f#ck this place.’”

Toto Melo, we’re not in Kansas Cuba Puerto Rico anymore. We’re back in the NYC for this ep; and we may as well get used to it…

In the third episode of Stay Melo we stick around New York City and hit Melo’s personal gym at Terminal 23 to see him get ready for the season with former teammate Iman Shumpert. Then we head to Red Hook, Brooklyn to track down Melo’s childhood home and visit the studio of street artist Swoon. Along the way Melo dishes on his relationship with New York and struggles with the media.

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Carmelo Anthony Goes To Puerto Rico, To ‘Stay Melo’ In The Hood To Do Some Good And More (Video)

New Stay Melo ep on VICE Sports for y’all. Last one was about Cuba. This time it’s Puerto Rico.

Carmelo Anthony recognizes, like most looking outside in, that Puerto Rico is currently in economic decline. But to Melo it’s a place of family, opportunity and a growing sports culture. He goes to chill (Melo out, if you will) but also to do some goodwill and good work. Spent a few days training with a group of fellow Knicks, seeing the stadium that will house his Puerto Rico FC NASL team, riding out to La Perla (one of Puerto Rico’s most notorious hoods), hanging out with reggaeton legend Tempo (home after a 12 year prison bid) at one of the b-ball courts Melo has refurbished for the community and more stuff.

Sure, ballers are in the League…balling. But with all that wealth, if you aren’t doing something…you got nothing! Just saying. Now, watch and listen as Melo does something; and shares and wrestles with his vision for what he’d like to accomplish in PR.


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Carmelo Anthony Goes To Cuba To Cover Soccer, Soak In The Culture and Scoop Some Cigars (Video)

Very dope. And the time is right. Soccer (e.g. football, futbol) being the world sport it is, America being a leading sports nation, and Melo being a leading sportsman from America…

Throughout the NBA off-season VICE Sports and Carmelo Anthony are exploring street sport cultures around the world. In our premiere episode, Melo travels to Cuba to explore the rise of soccer in a nation synonymous with baseball, ride a 1950s drop top in the rain, and grab some fresh rolled Cuban cigars along the way.

Carmelo was a good choice for a correspondent, too. This VICE Sports piece felt more like interesting leisure than intense learning; enriching experience captured on video either way.

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Julius Erving aka ‘DR. J’ Says He Would Not Build An NBA Team Around Carmelo Anthony (Video)

NBA Hall Of Famer & former Philadelphia 76er Julius Erving stopped by ESPN2’s program ‘SPORTSNATION’ to talk basketball. When the topic of Carmelo Anthony & the NY Knicks came up, Dr. J didn’t pull any punches as to what’s wrong with the franchise.  I’ve said it many times before that “Dr. J” was Michael Jordan BEFORE ‘Air Jordan’ but ‘Dr. J’ didn’t always have the help he needed to win multiple championships. Michael Jordan is viewed by many people as the greatest to ever play the game, but it took Phil Jackson to convince him to slow down from being an aggressive scorer early in MJ’s career so that the Bulls could properly build around him. When asked if Carmelo Anthony is the right guy to build around in order for the Knicks to win one or more championships, Dr. J kept it honest that he didn’t have faith in Melo being the right guy.  I believe Lebron James is the greatest to ever play the game & he’s not even done yet, but the kid from Akron recognized early that he needed the proper pieces around him to solidify multiple championships in efforts to silence the critics & cement himself in the G.O.A.T. argument.

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2012 All-Star Weekend In Orlando Nike Montage with DJ Khaled, Jadakiss, Dwyane Wade, & Carmelo Anthony (Video)

Carmelo & Amare on Sesame Street (Video)

This just in: STILL NO NBA.

Pac Div – ‘Still Flexin’ (Video)

Pac Div schools Carmelo Anthony, Chris Bosh, Derrick Williams and Eric Gordon on the history of bling. From ancient times to present day, the icons of bling (and some fine ladies) are brought to life to prove that bling is history


Jordan: Love The Game (Video)

Keep Ballin. That is the new slogan for Team Jordan as they still market the brand during the NBA owners lockout of the players.

Charity B-Ball Game Highlights with LeBron, Durant, & Carmelo (Video)

Here are the top ten plays from the US Fleet Basketball Charity Game featuring Kevin Durant, Russell Westbrook, LeBron James, Carmelo Anthony, Michael Beasley, Chris Paul, James Harden, Jeff Greene, And Many More.
Exhibition competitions are foolish but then again, I NEED BASKETBALL. You casual fans wouldn’t understand though.


Carmelo Anthony On Jimmy Fallon (Video)

Swizz Beatz Remakes The Anthem For The New York Knicks (Video)

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Carmelo Anthony Appears On The ‘Conan O’Brien’ Show Hours Before Trade Announced (Video)

Just a few hours before the trade to the New York Knicks was announced Carmelo Anthony appeared on the Conan O’Brien show. The problem for late night talk show hosts like Conan is their shows are usually taped & aired later in the evening. Rumors of Carmelo being traded to the Knicks began immediately after they taped the show only to be confirmed before this show aired.