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Activism: Per Dr. King’s Request, Where Is Our ‘Check,’ America? (Video)

Shout to the homie Mack Friday for resharing this, keeping it going. I would post this ANY DAY OF THE YEAR. It just happens to be Black History Month. So yeah, let’s say that’s the reason. Feel free to share this with anyone who just cannot understand why Black people are still ‘crying foul’ over slavery that happened so long ago.

America was built off the back of slaves. This wealth created did not disappear after the “Great Emancipation” neither was it shared with the new Black citizens of America. It remained with colonizers and their decedents creating a wealth disparity that we still see TODAY.
– The Great Griot

No late pass needed. This clip will be on point forever… because TRUTH! Watch, discuss, and share. Stay woke, and wake up everyone around you. Make sure everyone watches this to the end. Let MLK Jr.’s words on reparations be heard #ComingToGetOurCheck

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Politics/Economics: The ‘Haves’ Have A Lot More Than The ‘Have Nots’… Way More Than You Think (Video)

This is INSANE! A short video with so much to say about how wealth is distributed in the U.S. – you know, the country that tells the world “give us your poor, your tired, your huddled masses” … so we can ‘huddle’ them some more… and not give them sh!t but plenty of company. What we have a lot of in the U.S. – POOR PEOPLE. Surprisingly, we also have optimism (still) and a belief in fairness. What we don’t have is f**king ECONOMIC FAIRNESS man! Watch this clip; and try not to get mad. Instead get informed, get motivated, and get involved (to help yourself and your people)!

“The poorest Americans don’t even register. They’re down to pocket change. And the middle class is barely distinguishable from the poor.”

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