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Professional Speak On Athletes Coming Into Money & How Much (Or Little) Their Leagues Look Out For Them [Video]

I went from a dorm room… a dorm room… to a million-dollar house, and did not understand it, but had to act like I knew what I was doing every day…

Real, REAL talk about money & wealth here; the comings and [unfortunately] goings of it. The NFL’s responsibility to make sure retirees aren’t broke? Interesting. Who wouldn’t be in favor of, at least, the idea of the athletes not being broke after years of playing a game that leaves their bodies broken.

Tommie Harris, Clinton Portis and Jack Brewer discuss the money they made in the NFL with financial expert Michael Bapis.
– The Players’ Tribune

And the revelations that come from this discussion… DEEP! Great clip.

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Activism: Per Dr. King’s Request, Where Is Our ‘Check,’ America? (Video)

Shout to the homie Mack Friday for resharing this, keeping it going. I would post this ANY DAY OF THE YEAR. It just happens to be Black History Month. So yeah, let’s say that’s the reason. Feel free to share this with anyone who just cannot understand why Black people are still ‘crying foul’ over slavery that happened so long ago.

America was built off the back of slaves. This wealth created did not disappear after the “Great Emancipation” neither was it shared with the new Black citizens of America. It remained with colonizers and their decedents creating a wealth disparity that we still see TODAY.
– The Great Griot

No late pass needed. This clip will be on point forever… because TRUTH! Watch, discuss, and share. Stay woke, and wake up everyone around you. Make sure everyone watches this to the end. Let MLK Jr.’s words on reparations be heard #ComingToGetOurCheck

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Systemic Racism: Is That Really a Thing? (Video)

Okay. Right quick: The answer to the above question on systemic racism being a ‘thing’ is YES! It is a thing. Films For Action did an investigative mini-doc series about it. Wanna see it? Here it is. Start with the first of eight exhibits on the subject, Part 1: Wealth Gap, above. The rest of the series’ minute-long videos follow after the jump.

Take a bit of time. You need to see them all; even if you knew the answer to the question. And visit for more info when you are done viewing.

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