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NPR’s Tiny Desk Concert Series Presents: Wu-Tang Clan (Video)

You know that thing you didn’t even realize you were waiting for? Well, here it is. Wu-Tang! WU-TAAAANG!! And their Tiny Desk Concert ain’t nothing to f**k wit’! Enjoy.

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Wu-Tang Clan – “Protect Ya Neck” (Live Performance) [Video]

They did Kimmel. They have that documentary coming out. Celebrating 25 Years of “36 Chambers”… Enter The Wu-Tang… to the Good Morning America stage #ProtectYaNeck

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Wu-Tang Clan – “Protect Ya Neck” / “C.R.E.A.M.” (Live Performance) [Video]

Yooo! I’m mad because NOBODY told me that Kimmel had on the Wu-Tang, WU-TANG, WU-TAAAAANG! And they did the classics LIVE? And who is that doing the ODB (RIP) part of “Protect Ya Neck” though?

(Nope. I’m not going to spoil it. Let me give y’all a hint though…YDB!)

Hit the jump for the “C.R.E.A.M.” performance.


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Previously Unreleased: Ol’ Dirty Bastard – “Obey Me” (Video)

Well, RZA said he had his reasons for holding back this ODB track, originally called “B!tches Better Obey Me.” Fast forward to now: RZA cleaned it up and partnered with speaker company Boombotix to put “Obey Me” out. Buyers of the REX portable speaker get the original song, as well as remixes by Shash’U and High Klassified. Above is video for the Shash’U version featuring Young Dirty Bastard (Ol’ Dirty’s son).

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