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RZA (Of Wu-Tang Clan) Directs “Cut Throat City” [Trailer]

Well, go ‘head then. We see you RZA! Looks like RZA sat down in the chair marked ‘Director’ and got out his bullhorn and went to work helming a nice piece of compelling cinema. Here’s the latest trailer for that.

From director RZA and writer P.G. Cuschieri. Starring Ethan Hawke, T.I., Wesley Snipes, Terrence Howard, Eiza González, Kat Graham, Shameik Moore, Demetrius Shipp Jr., Denzel Whitaker, Keean Johnson, Isaiah Washington. “Cut Throat City” – In Theaters April 10, 2020
Wu-Tang Clan

You know… April 10, 2020 is not that far away. Betting that this flick will be worth the wait. Besides, we’ve been waiting for nearly two years (given the other trailer for this film was posted on here back in 2018). We can wait a bit longer.



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Ghostface Killah x RZA – “On That Sht Again”

Lots and lots of buzz and chitter chatter on that Wu-Tang documentary series “Wu-Tang Clan: Of Mics And Men.” Get into that if you have not already. For the culture. Plus, here’s a bit of new Wu music to entice you. Starks and RZA are “On That Sht Again” most definitely!


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Wu-Tang Clan Members Speak On The Upcoming Documentary & Things We Need To ‘Fall Back’ On (Video)

Got almost the whole dang Wu-Tang Clan to bring da m*thaph**kin ruckus… and the wisdom!! Cool sit down with the vets and Ari. Enjoy.

In a very special “takeover edition” of Fallback Friday, members of the legendary Hip-Hop group, Wu-Tang Clan – RZA, Ghostface Killah, U-God, Inspectah Deck, Cappadonna and Masta Killa – join MSNBC’s Ari Melber for a wide-ranging interview, covering topics like gun violence, racism and bigotry, the subliminal “war” in Hip-Hop culture between “young heads” and “old heads” and more.


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NPR’s Tiny Desk Concert Series Presents: Wu-Tang Clan (Video)

You know that thing you didn’t even realize you were waiting for? Well, here it is. Wu-Tang! WU-TAAAANG!! And their Tiny Desk Concert ain’t nothing to f**k wit’! Enjoy.

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Wu-Tang Clan – “Pearl Harbor” feat. Mathematics x Method Man x Ghostface Killah x Sean Price x Pharoahe Monch x Tek (Of Smif-n-Wessun) [Remix]

With a remix of “Pearl Harbor” off the Wu-Tang project, “The Saga Continues,” we get feature bars from Mathematics, Method Man, Ghostface Killah, Sean Price, Pharoahe Monch, and Tek (of Smif-n-Wessun).


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Watch The Teaser For The Latest RZA Film, “Cut Throat City” (Trailer)

It’s cool that RZA can go Hollywood and not go ‘Hollywood’… Like his “The Man With The Iron Fists” this movie he has coming looks like something he would watch. Something we want to watch, too.

CUT THROAT CITY is the story of four boyhood friends in New Orleans’ Lower Ninth Ward who return after Hurricane Katrina to find their homes decimated, no jobs, and no help from FEMA. Reluctantly turning to a local gangster for work, the friends are hired to pull off a daring heist in the heart of the city. But the job goes bad and they find themselves on the run, hunted by two idealistic detectives and a neighborhood warlord who thinks the friends stole the heist money. With their only way out to buy their way back, the friends decide to get what they need by turning the tables on the casinos that have taken from their city for years… by doing a little taking of their own.
– Well Go USA Entertainment

No way to miss the social commentary in this film. Check out the trailer.

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Wu-Tang’s The ‘GZA’s Series “Liquid Science” Is Now On Netflix

The GZA has been all about the knowledge, and science, for the longest. We’ve posted on some of that here. Well, he has a series on that front on Netflix for you to check out – “Liquid Science” (Get it? If you are GZA/Wu-Tang Clan fan… yeah ya do)!


Ghostface Killah x Apollo Brown – “Rise Of The Ghostface Killah” feat. RZA

Apollo Brown got down with the Wu (Tony Starks aka Ironman aka Ghostface Killah in particular) to bring y’all “The Brown Tape” – narrated by RZA. Loaded with heaters like this “Rise of the Ghostface Killah” that he and Ghostfce have, featuring RZA.


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Wu-Tang Clan – “People Say” feat. Redman (Prod. By Mathematics)

BANGER! More proof that Wu-Tang Clan ain’t nothing to f*ck wit’… Unless you got the skills, like Redman, to stand shoulder-to-shoulder and hold your own on a track. Reggie Noble did that, “People Say.” Check it out for yourself though.


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Animation: GZA & RZA Have Been Hip-Hop Since They Were Kids (Video)

Nice! Boom Bap Nation dug and found this toonage of some GZA talk about back in the day with him and RZA growing up Hip-Hop… So true to it it likely cost RZA an azz whuppin as a young’n (at least once, hahaa)!


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Previously Unreleased: Ol’ Dirty Bastard – “Obey Me” (Video)

Well, RZA said he had his reasons for holding back this ODB track, originally called “B!tches Better Obey Me.” Fast forward to now: RZA cleaned it up and partnered with speaker company Boombotix to put “Obey Me” out. Buyers of the REX portable speaker get the original song, as well as remixes by Shash’U and High Klassified. Above is video for the Shash’U version featuring Young Dirty Bastard (Ol’ Dirty’s son).

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The Secret To Ballin (Trailer)

Hip Hop Motivations presents “The Secret To Ballin” movie – to be released October 16, 2015, at This how-to-be-a-boss docudrama is Executive-produced by Kenyatta Griggs, Redman and Damon Dash and features Snoop Dogg, Chris Brown, Kelly Rowland, Travie McCoy, Dr. Michael Bernard Beckwith, RZA, Faith Evans, Professor Kaba Hiawatha Kamene, Method Man and more. Check out the trailer above.


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Raekwon Speaks On His Classic Song ‘Criminology’ & Various Beat Samples (Video)

Historical and real. Starting from part 1 of this multi-part series. Raekwon speaking on how songs came together for Wu-Tang Clan back in the day; especially recounting how he was there to grab the beat for his classic “Criminology” from RZA right ‘off the stove’ at the home studio (because if he wasn’t, someone else would…that’s just how the wolves ate in the studio)!

That’s just the beginning. Check out all this good content; a series of shorts that start above and continue after the jump.

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Wu-Tang Clan – “A Better Tomorrow” (Video)

Black lives matter. Hip-Hop matters, especially when it is bringing truth to light like this. Great flip of the “Wake Up Everybody” music by Teddy Pendergrass for today’s cause. Respect to Wu-Tang for putting this out; especially now.

This visual was created by Wu-Tang Clan in the hopes of inspiring change and promoting unity throughout the world.

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Nardwuar Talks Old School And Kung-Fu With The Wu-Tang Clan (Video)

Ahaaaaha! RZA and GZA may want to bury some of that stuff Nardwuar dug up on them, but hey…that’s what he does. Great interview. Plus Nard brought gifts, as always. Very cool conversation with the Wu crew. Thought you were just gonna come rock Vancouver and chill in the dressing room with crew and [eye] candy? Nah, Nardwuar is coming through. And before you know, he will have impressed you…with his knowledge and genuineness. That’s likely why artists either know him or warm up to him…and clown his fashion sense (ha).

(Tense in some spots. You MUST watch to the end. Will Nard get to wrap with his ‘doot doola doot doo’?)

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RZA – “Only One Place To Get It” (EP)

“Only One Place To Get It” is an EP serving some of the freshest flavors out. RZA captains this Hip-Hop vehicle (with Dr. Pepper sponsoring the trip). FREE download. Nice work by Bobby Digital and his band of emcees and producers.


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RZA Reflects, Responds To Raekwon And More On Hot 97’s Morning Show (Video)

On ya Hot 97 yesterday that’s the word! RZA dropped in on the Hot 97 Morning Show to chat about his new movie (“Brick Mansions,” co-starring with the late Paul Walker), about the Wu-Tang Clan, about Raekwon’s recent comments about him, and more.

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Arsenio Talks With RZA About Wu Tang Then And Now, ODB, & More (Video)

RZA was a recent guest on The Arsenio Hall Show. During their sit-down, RZA spoke with the host on things … including the 20th anniversary of the release of “Enter The Wu-Tang (36 Chambers),” the ninth anniversary of the passing of ODB, Raekwon being the last hold-out for one last reunion album from the Wu.

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RZA On Montreality (Video)

A quick thumb through prior Montreality posts here will let you know that the format for this interview with RZA (of Wu-Tang Clan) is consistent. But in grand Montreality fashion, will glean intriguing insights from watching this clip. Gets better and better as it goes along. Leading into albums on deck, we are hearing about RZA’s favorite cartoon character… ‘past life’… reflections on ODB (wild times, good times)… view of Hip-Hop for the world… and jewels for the youth. Incredible viewing!

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Wu-Tang Clan – “Family Reunion”

WuTang_Clan_1Brand new from the Wu! Masta Killa, Method Man, Ghostface Killah, and RZA on a soulful track. This is “Family Reunion” off the upcoming “A Better Tomorrow” 20th Anniversary album from Wu-Tang! Wu-Tang! Wu-Tang!


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