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Performance: Busta Rhymes Doing A Live On-Air Medley Of His Hit Songs For Power 106 FM (Video)

E-Man was right in there with Bussa Buss, wasn’t he? So DOPE! This is why I love radio and small room performances (like NPR’s Tiny Desk Concert Series and the ALL CAPS, no cap RESPECT! event). See how all the big show energy is concentrated in the clip? Hip-Hop Fission… and the folks’ reaction as the experience this… NUCLEAR!

It makes it all the more awesome that Busta and Big Boy were obviously having big fun all the while!

(Shout to my baby brother Lyle for tagging me in on Facebook for this HEAT!)


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Mike Tyson Speaks On His Comedy Show, Mental Health, And Tupac (Video)

Crazy to think that if history would have worked out differently, Tupac would likely telling stories about how he was there at the Tyson fights. Instead, we get Iron Mike talking about ‘Pac and the night he was shot. Understandably, this saddens The Champ; as it does us all.

Good interview. You can even fire one up and smoke out while you watch… That way you can truly be like Mike. Haha!

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The Black Eyed Peas Speak On Going Back To ‘Yesterday’ (Video)

Almost an hour strong of good talk with the group Black Eyed Peas. Big Boy chats ’em up about the single and video for “Yesterday,” their 20 year history in the game (including hiatuses, Will-I-Am’s and Fergie’s solo work, etc.) and more.


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Kanye West aka ‘Yeezus’ aka ‘The Tupac of Fashion’ Speaks on his Art, Fashion, & Finance (Video)

“The only real luxury is time.” – Kanye West

Deep, right? You know, Kanye is always worth a listen… even when we don’t get what he’s trying to say. But watching this, you’ll get it. Running a gamut of topics – heavy with the fashion knowledge, views on what art should be, and more – in a two-hour visit Big Boy’s Neighborhood on Power 106 (Los Angeles, California, USA). This is just 15 minutes of the sit-down. And what was that last name Yeezy dropped at the end? Whatcha’ll know about Elon Musk?

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