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Michael Jordan’s Former ‘Dream Home’ Still Spruced Up For Sale (Video)

Michael Jordan is considered to be the greatest NBA player of all-time, but he also has the dubious reputation for not having the best sense of style. There are a dozens of news pieces, websites, facebook, instagram, & twitter pages with names like… “What The F*k is Michael Jordan” poking fun at his fashion choices.  Even GQ magazine took shots at his style & taste after he was kicked out of a country club for his allegedly horrible choice of golf gear.  Some of the clothes he’s worn out in public have been so unintentionally ridiculous that I wouldn’t be surprised if his former Chicago dream home wasn’t any different. Michael Jordan has been desperately trying to sell this luxury home for years and had lowered his price in 2012 from $29 Million only to subsequently fail getting it sold at auction for a minimum of $16 million last December. If the interior of the home was anything like his personal fashion sense PRIOR to putting this home on the market & hiring some professional interior decorators, that could have been a huge reason why he hadn’t found a new owner sooner coupled with that still hefty asking price.

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Kanye West aka ‘Yeezus’ aka ‘The Tupac of Fashion’ Speaks on his Art, Fashion, & Finance (Video)

“The only real luxury is time.” – Kanye West

Deep, right? You know, Kanye is always worth a listen… even when we don’t get what he’s trying to say. But watching this, you’ll get it. Running a gamut of topics – heavy with the fashion knowledge, views on what art should be, and more – in a two-hour visit Big Boy’s Neighborhood on Power 106 (Los Angeles, California, USA). This is just 15 minutes of the sit-down. And what was that last name Yeezy dropped at the end? Whatcha’ll know about Elon Musk?

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Alchemist x 9FIVE Collaboration is a ‘Good Look’

9FIVE and acclaimed Hip-Hop producer Alchemist have teamed up to put out an exclusive, limited edition product – the “Yacht Rock” collaboration on sale at 9FIVE.COM – which bundles premium eyewear frame and 7 inch vinyl produced by Alchemist for 9FIVE. There will only be 400 pieces sold worldwide. Hence, the ‘exclusive’ part. Peep the video… and hurry up if you want yours.
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Harlem World: Dapper Dan (Video)

Opening a clothing store bearing his hood name on 125th Street in Harlem (New York), Dapper Dan found a way to become a Harlem legend while avoiding the street life’s perils in the 1980s. By designing streetwear in the early 1980s on par with luxury brands like Louis Vuitton and MCM, Dapper Dan began to secure his legendary status. A product of his environment, Dan’s first customers were people from his hood – Harlem’s hustlers and gangsters. Then, Dapper Dan’s grew – eventually outfitting rappers and other celebs of the time, who wanted to rock what the gangsters were wearing. With success came fame… and problems (particularly in the form of lawsuits from high-end competitors like MCM).

It has been a hell of a ride so far! Now, Dapper Dan, with childhood friend Pee Wee Kirkland, shares his Harlem World history in the video above.
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Yasiin Bey (Mos Def) ‘Dreams’ In Louis Vuitton Commercial (Video)

I’ve never been a person very big on fashion, but one of my favorite artists, actors, & social activists Yasiin Bey, formerly known as Mos Def has me checking for Louis Vuitton a little more after appearing in their new ‘Dream’ ad. Yasiin Bey doesn’t just endorse anything like many of your favorite rap artists & celebrities who promote every type of cheap liquor or product that they rarely if ever use or believe in. Respect to Yasiin Bey because upon me hearing that he was appearing in an ad for Louis Vuitton I had a comforting feeling that not only would the ad be done well, but that he truly believes in the product. Now that’s a solid endorsement for Louis Vuitton among a certain segment of the community more than any other artist or athlete could give to their brand that money couldn’t buy. It’s a good look for both parties that makes sense.
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Andre 3000 Masters Of Style Gillette Commercial (Video)

Andre 3000 doesn’t seem to be too concerned with crafting another Outkast album with Big Boi, but that’s not stopping him finding the time to deliver guest verses for other artists, starring in films, & even his show up in his latest stint as a pitch man. Check out a rapup under the hood with more video of Andre 3000 speaking on style….
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New Balance Excellence Makers: Jay Electronica (Video)

Don’t know what the hell is going on but I’m one of the thousands of people anxiously waiting for Jay Electronica to drop his new album. Trying not to be impatient but I’m sure hoping it’s worth the wait. For now we have to deal with these little mini commercials slash documentaries from companies who like Sprite who have holla’d at Jay Elect. This time around New Balance brings the New Orleans emcee on as a part of their Excellence Makers series as they follow him in London where he’s reportedly working on his new album….


BLITZ – 2/21/12: Be Powerful


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WISH and High Museum of Art Presents KAWS: “Down Time”



Long time no see. So I’ve come across something incredibly interesting that is planning to happen February 18th in the ATL. Artist Brian Donnelly, also known as KAWS, will be joining his “Companion” at the High Museum of Art here in Atlanta, GA. For those that are not hip to former New Jersey/ New York Graffiti writer KAWS, he is a prolific pop artist that has done work for Kid Cudi, Pharrell Williams, Bape, Hennesy, Dos Equis, and most notably Kanye West‘s fourth studio album “808 and Heartbreak”.  Kaws who worked as a background designer for Disney often uses bottom half of Mickey Mouse for his “Orginal Fake” collectibles and of course the four finger gloves on most of his printed and painted work as well. There will be a “Culture Shock” social after the already SOLD OUT lecture The High Museum will be conducting February 16th 2012. You can purchase tickets online for the event HERE. Be sure to visit the exhibit but most importantly support your local artists!

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Girl Transforms Into Drake Using Only Makeup (Video)

This young lady needs to get a job in Hollywood as a makeup artist. In this video above she uses makeup to completely transform herself into a Drake look-alike. I laughed out loud when she did Drake’s hand wave motion at the end. Maybe Drake is really a female artist posing as a male. I kid I kid…Hahaaa!

Sunsplash Mix Show x Jah Prince Konshens Interview & More

Konshens Interview

Londyn Nikole 1210

These are the links to listen the three (3) hour Sunsplash Mix Radio Show the includes a Fashion segment with Londyn Nikole who is the Beauty Editor for L3Magazine. The highlight is a full interview with Dancehall artist Konshens from Jamaica as he talks about being a versatile Girls-Man aka Gallis, a lyrical realist and his performance in Kenya.