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BMW’s Motorrad Looks Like Batman’s Motorcycle (Video)

Sort of like the cycle in the Batman movies. Although that self-balancing function probably cannot ‘guarantee’ no crashes. There are some crazy riders out there that might put that feature to the ultimate test if & when this cycle comes out. Pretty sweet looking toy though.

BMW has released their next concept vehicle in the Vision 100 series, and it’s a motorcycle. The Motorrad is sleek, self-balances and comes with augmented reality goggles.


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BMW i8 Sporty Hybrid Car (Video)

I was speaking with my homie DJ Blakmagic yesterday & he was telling me about the Atlanta International Auto show that was taking place in the city over the weekend. Blak told me that unlike previous years where there were many luxury, sports cars, & concept cars on the showroom floor, this year they were very few if any. It’s apparent that those elements of the trade show are most likely casualties to the current economic conditions the country has been facing including General Motors’s recent rebound from financial collapse in Detroit. One of the concept cars we did discuss was a new BMW hybrid that will most likely be in production & on the road in a year or two. Check out the video above of the BMW i8 Hybrid & a new model Lambo that people have been talking about below…..
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Technology: BMW Introduces Self Driving Car (Video)

BMW recently introduced a 5 Series concept vehicle that has the ability to drive itself completely in all forms of traffic. Currently this car was just part of an experiment and research on the technology, however you can look forward to seeing this car available to the public in the near future.