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Hate Traffic? Then You’re Going To Love Pop.Up, A New Flying Car Concept (Video)

They went in on the music. Cool!

Check out this new vehicle concept in the direction of flying cars; and no, not like the flying DeLorean model drone we posted earlier. This flying car is real!

Italdesign and the aerospace industry leader Airbus unveiled Pop.Up, a trailblazing modular ground and air passenger concept vehicle system to relieve the traffic congestion in megacities of the future.

And really cool, huh?

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Technology: Faraday Future’s Unveils Its Supercar Concept (Video)

Faraday Future’s FFZero1 concept car is already a star for what it is trying to do! to be sure. Plus it got leaked hours before the big concept’s debut…man, you know something’s big when there is hate out the gate.

Unlike most other car startups, Faraday was founded in the living room (not the garage) of Nick Sampson, the company’s senior vice president. The company is run by an executive team; not some stuffy CEO. And the team is extreme four former Tesla staffers and head of design Richard Kim, who was a founding member of BMW’s electric car unit.

Now… the car. One thousand horsepower ELECTRIC car. Able to do zero to 60 MPH in under three seconds. Will be connected to all kinds of tech, like the most awesome living room on the road (so damn a traffic jam, you can just jam…or chill). And it will be easy as pie to design and manufacture more – line designs that take months (not years), with multiple models available.

Sounds more like iPhones than automobiles. Hope they can do it without ‘doing it’ to our pockets too hard though. We’ll see in a couple of years, when the first Supercars should be ready for market. But for now, just watch and be amazed!

And after the jump… the big reveal of the Faraday Future FFZero1 concept!

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Porsche’s Mission E Concept Car (Video)

Hey, sometimes you gotta let your eyes snack on a different kind of candy. The Porsche right here… This Porsche right here maaaan… Sweet.

Four individual seats, four doors, two luggage compartments. Electric drive. E-Performance, Porsche style. Integrated in a harmonious overall concept. Concept Study Mission E sets the stage for tomorrow. With its design and its technology, it provides answers to the question of the sports car of the future.


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Technology: BMW Introduces Self Driving Car (Video)

BMW recently introduced a 5 Series concept vehicle that has the ability to drive itself completely in all forms of traffic. Currently this car was just part of an experiment and research on the technology, however you can look forward to seeing this car available to the public in the near future.