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Killer Mike Talks About Mike Brown, Ferguson, Police, & More Over Breakfast (Video)

America. Hip-Hop Nation. Humanity. Killer Mike will make you proud again in this interview. After a night of engaging in more “righteous ratchetness” with DJ Envy, Mike accepted the invitation to fall through and chat with the crew the next morning during the Power 105 morning show. This conversation rivals the knowledge and passion kicked in Killer Mike’s CNN interview on all matters relating to Ferguson and Mike Brown (posted earlier here).

If you don’t have good common sense, you shouldn’t be a policeman on foot patrol. If you don’t have great common sense, you shouldn’t be a policeman in command. So, is it harder for a policeman? Absolutely. Are you held at a higher standard? Absolutely. Are you the only civil servant with the power of life and death in your hands? Absolutely, and that requires more responsibility.
Killer Mike

Please watch!

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Chiddy Bang – “By Your Side” (Video)

Philly alternative rap group Chiddy Bang drops a new video for an unreleased song that won’t appear on their upcoming album entitled “Breakfast” due February 21st. I’m especially digging the video because I recognize many of the views in & around my hometown of Philadelphia. Even the shots from the trains are very familiar too me which all the more bring some warm nostalgic feelings to my heart….