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Recently Published Footage Calls Events Preceding Mike Brown’s Death Into Question (Video)

LOOK at this and TRY not to get mad. Remember the Michael Brown case; the Ferguson police murder (er…arrest)? Well, additional footage dropped that shows the strong-arm robbery Brown supposedly perpetrated on the owner – the video footage of which was leaked, somehow ‘justifying’ the arresting officer’s use of lethal force – did not tell the entire story. See, above is another piece of footage that shows an orderly exchange, perhaps even a DEAL struck between Brown and the store owner. Strange how that’s been left out of the conversation until now, huh?

For all unaware (read: NOT ‘woke’), THAT is how you paint a negative narrative using ‘actual footage.’ You don’t put out all the footage, just the part that supports the story you want told, AND negates the one you don’t. Whatever happened, Mike Brown should NOT be dead. TRUTH! The ‘strong arm video’ was meant to sell us on the bad-things-happen-to-bad-people story. Wrong story, okay. ‘They’ (e.g. those who want you to believe that Mike Brown was ‘not so good enough’ that he deserved to live to be tried like a citizen) WANTED that video to be seen to support their story, not the one this new footage tells…

But Jay Kanzler, a lawyer for the convenience store and its employees, strongly disputes that version of events, and said the new footage is unrelated to Mr. Brown’s later visit to the store.

HUH! Their lawyer disputes the new footage and what it might reveal… Ya think?


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The Mike Brown Rebellion: Part 1 (Documentary Mini-Series) [Video]

Above: One of four segments on the Ferguson Rebellion, a response to the killing of Mike Brown at the hands of Police Officer Darren Wilson (against whom no charges will be brought). Carrying on in the vein of Occupy Wallstreet, this part of the story covers the beginnings of the rebellion and current events from Ferguson October. Commentary includes words from young people at the front lines – including activist/MC @TefPoe and activist/organizer Tara Tee.

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Dead Wrong: Fox News Pundits’ Slanted Coverage Of Ferguson Stirs Up Sh!t…And Jon Stewart Rubs Their Faces In It (Video)

BOOM! Jon Stewart cracks Fox News upside the dome again! Hypocrisy, calling Michael Brown the bad buy, poor framing of the true “systemic injustice” that went down in Ferguson and Fox News’ super-slanted reporting on events… as usual.

You know… you’d think they be tired of being on the wrong side (being a right-wing network)… or at least be tired of being beat down by clever comedic comic attacks from The Daily Show With Jon Stewart and The Colbert Report.

You’d think.

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Lawrence O’Donnell Rips St. Louis County ADA For Mistake That Led To Dismissal Mike Brown’s Killer With No Charges (Video)

Incredible. Those in professions like attorney and doctor are taken at their word all the time; so much so, that we listen to their arguments; not wanting to (or knowing when) to question them. Watch Lawrence O’Donnell break down assistant district attorney Kathy Alizadeh’s reasoning before the Grand Jury in Ferguson; and how she misinformed them… and for the most part led the those on the Grand Jury down a path that would end in the full pardon of officer Darren Wilson. Such a big “mistake” Alizadeh made… hmmm… do you think it was lack of competence or lack of care?

MSNBC host Lawrence O’Donnell blasted St. Louis County assistant district attorney Kathy Alizadeh on Wednesday for taking weeks to tell the Grand Jury in the Darren Wilson case she made a major mistake regarding police officers’ right to use legal force. “With prosecutors like this, Darren Wilson never really needed a defense lawyer,” he said. O’Donnell said that early on in the jurors’ deliberations, Alizadeh handed them a copy of a 1979 Missouri statute saying police were “justified in the use of such physical force as he or she reasonably believes is immediately necessary to effect the arrest or prevent the escape from custody.” However, he explained, the Supreme Court found those kinds of statutes to be unconstitutional six years later.

During his “Rewrite” section last night, MSNBC Host Lawrence O’Donnell pointed a very serious error that the St. Louis Assistant DA made when preparing the Jury to hear the testimony of Officer Darren Wilson.

The Grand Jury decided that Wilson has the right to shoot even if his life is not threatened, however, they made the decision based on a 1979 statute that was ruled unconstitutional by the Supreme Court back in 1985.

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Jay Smooth Breaks Down Ferguson, The Riots, & People Being Pushed To Their Absolute Boiling Point (Video)

Jay Smooth always comes correct with the insightful social commentary on a variety of topics & events. The recent riots & protests taking place around the country in relation to what’s happening in Ferguson, Missouri is no different. I couldn’t relay my thoughts as perfectly as Jay Smooth did here in his latest opinion piece. I agree with him 100%

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G-Unit – “Ahhh Sh!t” (Video)

Stirring theme can be uniquely treated with shakiness in the effects, to say the least. G-Unit just dropped an EP and this single, an of-by-and-for the streets joint called “Ahhh Sh!t.” Got the video embedded above (RIP Mike Brown, respect Ferguson protesters, #$%! police brutality). You can also pick up the EP (“The Beauty of Independence”) via the link below.


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Killer Mike Talks About Mike Brown, Ferguson, Police, & More Over Breakfast (Video)

America. Hip-Hop Nation. Humanity. Killer Mike will make you proud again in this interview. After a night of engaging in more “righteous ratchetness” with DJ Envy, Mike accepted the invitation to fall through and chat with the crew the next morning during the Power 105 morning show. This conversation rivals the knowledge and passion kicked in Killer Mike’s CNN interview on all matters relating to Ferguson and Mike Brown (posted earlier here).

If you don’t have good common sense, you shouldn’t be a policeman on foot patrol. If you don’t have great common sense, you shouldn’t be a policeman in command. So, is it harder for a policeman? Absolutely. Are you held at a higher standard? Absolutely. Are you the only civil servant with the power of life and death in your hands? Absolutely, and that requires more responsibility.
Killer Mike

Please watch!

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Activism: Orlando Jones Issues The ‘Bullet Bucket’ Challenge For Himself… And Us All (Video)

…aaand CUT! Print it. Message!

Now, no one is saying stop the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge (well, some folks who have nothing better to do are but…). However, Orlando Jones makes a point in his version – the Bullet Bucket Challenge – that must not be missed! Given the tragic Mike Brown killing in Ferguson (MO, USA), Jones pours out some cold realness and somberly challenges himself (no fingers pointed, but guaranteed most viewers will feel convicted)…

“…listen without prejudice, love without limits, and reverse the hate.”
Orlando Jones

Some similar sentiments expressed in the J. Cole post from the other day here.

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Lauryn Hill – “Black Rage” (Sketch)


An old sketch of Black Rage, done in my living room. Strange, the course of things. Peace for MO.
Ms. Lauryn Hill

Seems as though, like many timeless artists’ works, Lauryn already had material that applies to the troubles we face today. Case in point, this lyrical sketch (“Black Rage”) L Boogie had that codifies the happenings and fallout in Ferguson. Download a FREE copy and sit with it. Let it sink in.


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Activism: Killer Mike Speaks On Mike Brown’s Killing, What It Means To All Americans And More (Video)

See? When your music speaks truth, you get called on to speak truth. See how CNN’s Brooke Baldwin even mentioned the “Reagan” video (got that one here)? She knows. Killer Mike should speak on matters like Mike Brown and Ferguson. Father, husband, SON OF A POLICEMAN, concerned member of the human race… Killer Kill From Adamsville has much to say, and man, he said it! The next eleven minutes of your life should be spent watching this video (above) right here, right NOW!

If this police officer is not arrested… rioting… tears… pain… But what really happens… is all of our rights are thrown out the window. I am afraid for all Americans. I’m not just afraid for Black Americans… We as a people have to be more vigilant about policing the people we pay to protect and serve us…

That about it, people. It ain’t just the cops. Quis custodiet ipsos custodes? It’s US! WE have to step up! We have to vote in LOCAL officials (sheriffs, councilpersons and alderman, and other officials) and participate in (and/or institute) watch-dogging so cops know that ‘policing’ goes both ways. More than that though, we need to develop solid, respect-driven relationships with police authorities; just as Killer Mike (with his barber shop) has. That does NOT excuse cops abusing their authority, but our steps toward revolution should bear in mind that we seek resolution. And building relationships that deescalate abuse of authority, and build respect and care for the community into the citizen-officer relationship is a necessary part of the resolution.

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Cornel West & Michael Eric Dyson Express Opposition To President Obama’s Handling Of The Mike Brown Shooting & Protests in Ferguson, Missouri (Video)

Interesting. Let’s synthesize the views of two known call-it-as-they-see-it Black socio-political commentators: Michael Eric Dyson and Dr. Cornel West. We’ll start with Dr. West’s clip (above) because it seems to have more of a yearning for balance and justice in its honest criticism of The President than fire. To be certain, Dyson makes valid points; but in a way that engenders more of a cannot-believe-he-said-that factor. Even though the continuing tragedy whose latest face is Mike Brown’s definitely calls for words that shock.

In the above clip (Dyson’s is after the jump), Dr. West is talking on BBC. Despite the time delay due to overseas videoconferencing, we quickly get to some really good meat for discussion. In response to a posit from the BBC Newsnight correspondent made of the Black leader West:

I’m not a “Black leader.” I’m a lover of Black people… I tell the truth of suffering of poor people, in general; Black people, in particular. What we need now is quality leadership on every level. We don’t need the same kind of every day folk coming through with the market branding, with the names and photo opportunities. We need local, grassroots leaders who have integrity. And the sad thing is we have such low-quality Black leadership in America; so that you get a certain distance from what is actually happening on the ground… in terms of following through. We need a leadership… that brings us into the great legacies of Martin King and others.

Ooh, ooh… now click over to the posts on Talib Kweli’s and J. Cole’s recent responses on what is needed. An affirmative, love-driven response, that has actually doing something rather provide another occasion for empty rhetoric and photo opps from the same ‘leaders.’ Wow. And it also shows a risk inherent in Black people taking control of the narrative, as Kweli declared was necessary: that we do not all will not agree on approaches. There will likely be a contingent that opposes folks we ‘need to be on our side’ (like President Obama and his Attorney General Eric Holder; Black people in high places). There will likely be folks who would prefer Dr. West and Dyson ‘hush now’ and not speak their minds.


What we need is the struggle. W.E.B. DuBois vs. Booker T. Washington…opposing stances vocalized, and Black people move forward. Malcolm X vs. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr...opposing stances vocalized, and Black people move forward. Today, perhaps, we have yet again opportunity for the friction of those sorts to generate that heat energy we need (e.g. so called ‘Obama apologists’ that Dr. West calls out above versus stern steady opposition in the calling out, above and after the jump, by Dr. West and Dyson).

Man. And wait until you see what Dyson says below. Just what was posted earlier. Taking back the narrative, maintaining focus on the core issue – not an assessment of Mike Brown, but of the events leading to and brought up by the tragedy of his being unjustifiably killed. Sure, an assessment of guilt would be called for …in a court of law …if Brown was still alive to stand trial; even posthumously, if anyone (like the police who stand accused of slaying Brown) were ever arrested and indicted.

Get it now? Discuss amongst yourselves. We’ll be here.

He failed to deal with the particular instances not only of Michael Brown — he doesn’t have to deal with Michael Brown. The President said, I don’t want to put my thumb on it too much to weigh the scales of justice. Don’t even talk about Michael Brown. Talk about what led to Michael Brown. Tell us as a nation what happens when festering rage in a community then begins to ignite and then begins to consume not only that community but the people around the nation who are empathetic. So I think The President has a lot more latitude. Does he have opposition? Yes… He’s opposed every step. Don’t use this as an excuse to not speak about race.

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Activism: Talib Kweli Says The Hip-Hop Community Owes Mike Brown More Than Tweets


Shout to @Carmen_Breezy for bringing this story angle to our attention.

I’m not sure that Talib has fleshed out a plan to do so, but his latest Tweets show that he is compelled to do something more than Tweet. Kweli gave 10 Reasons Why Hip-Hop Artists Should Support Ferguson protests and community actions:

  1. Tweets that aren’t connected to a movement can lead one to falsely believe they’ve done enough. I need to put my money where my tweets are.
  2. People need to see that our leaders are more than Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson. Al and Jesse cannot control the narrative for us.
  3. Mike Brown loved Hip-Hop and wrote lyrics. He was a fan of Hip-Hop. The Hip-Hop community owes him.
  4. We need to direct attention from the very small amount of “looters” to the true community protestors. We need to take back the narrative.
  5. We need to show the community of Ferguson that we are willing to do more. We need to show them they don’t stand alone.
  6. Artists who make money off the community are obligated to be there when the community is being brutalized.
  7. I believe in love, compassion, the right to simply exist and due process for all.
  8. I have a son Mike Brown’s age. It could’ve been him.
  9. I could be next.
  10. What would Malcolm do?

Inherent within these reasons is a call for other artists to do more, too. More points than a plan, Kweli’s Tweets communicate that his ‘doing more’ starts with his actually going to Ferguson, Missouri. And I’m inclined to believe that this trek is about more than a photo op to him.

Kweli was very visible and vocal at ‘Occupy Wall Street’ – another movement that it made sense for him to join. Per one of his points, he looks to take back the narrative – a very powerful notion – and he could really use an expanded band of fellow Nation of Hip-Hop ‘Heads of State’ to help him do so. At the very least, Kweli (and others who join up) can shift media focus back to the protest in response to an injustice; rather than ad hominem ‘facts’ and character attacks that take attention from communication of the core issue message: A kid was killed AGAIN…by police officers abusing the power they have been given and abusing those they swore to protect AGAIN… and the kid that was killed just happened to be Black…AGAIN. Finally fed up, the people are massing in Ferguson to pressure the abusers and those who gave them power to stop killing our kids!

That is the message. Stay on topic, media. And if you need something to make reporting what matters ‘worthwhile’… ooh look, it’s that activist rapper, Talib Kweli! He is in Ferguson now…and look who’s joining him! News at 11.

(UPDATE: J. Cole and Nelly touched down in Ferguson.)


Activism: J. Cole Speaks On How We Must All Value Each Other To Change Our Music, The Level Of Violence & Killing In Our Community and More (Video)

Hip-Hop is a powerful medium; esp. when it has something to say. KRS-ONE often commented that rap is the voice of Hip-Hop. Well, one of rap’s top lyricists was caught on camera speaking some very salient points about the goings on in Ferguson and how we must move forward in the States. Away from the view that any of us are worthless, or among the ‘others’ in society. J. Cole has spoken at length before on the evils of racial profiling and hate. As a man of mixed racial heritage, he has always represented a broad, intellectual perspective that engenders universal care and respect for all sides. Watch. Be proud of Hip-Hop yet again.

We want justice for this young boy. But we would be doing him an injustice if this didn’t lead to everybody coming together and looking at each other like “Yo, you’re my brother. If you die… if you got killed… I gotta start feeling like… ‘This sh!t gotta stop.'” It ain’t about this White man going to jail… It’s bigger than that.
J. Cole

Wow. And trust that Cole wasn’t the only one with something to say in this clip. Several spoke wisdom in this clip. We all have value. We all have something to say. Having someone with the mic and the spotlight who allows us to be heard, and for us (all) to shine as we should. Beautiful. Thanks, Cole.


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Punchlines That Sting: Comedian John Oliver Delivers Biting Commentary on The Mike Brown Shooting & Subsequent Protests (Video)

Comedian John Oliver put on a clinic on how you deliver stinging social commentary as thinly veiled comedy. VERY thinly veiled. On the last episode of his Last Week Tonight show on HBO, he spent a huge chunk of the show talking all things Ferguson. The delivery vehicle – a satirical news-formatted TV broadcast – puts viewers (except for hardened Conservatives dead set against the Liberal-leaning Brit they know from Comedy Central’s The Daily Show With Jon Stewart) in a “hey-you-gotta-be-able-to-laugh-at-things” mode to start. He expertly pulls some chuckles in his segment about the recent events – Mike Brown’s fatal shooting by Ferguson (Missouri) cops, the brutality and militarization of American police departments, etc. But he kept raising the temperature on the presentation until his beef with the entire situation was well cooked. Smoke. Fire. BURN!

Sure, we laugh. But it ain’t funny. John knows…and he let the viewer know he knows this is some bullsh!t.

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I Am Mike Brown [Live Feed From Ferguson, Missouri]