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Angela Rye ‘Hates’ Charlamagne Tha God Most Of The Time, But Credits Him For Her New Podcast (Video)

Angela Rye (1) is VERY HOT, been sleeping on her cuteness and her voice; (2) is VERY WOKE, activism is in her DNA; and (3) is VERY much wishing Omarosa WOULD swing on her!

Yuuuup. All that in just the first 10 minutes of the interview. So, now, while I go find her podcast (On One With A. Rye) and subscribe, you should watch this interview. Awesome stuff!


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Dr. Umar Johnson Speaks On Racism & Economics Holding Back Black People Worldwide And More (Video)

Wow! China is not treating Brothers and Sisters well. Let’s start there Dr. Johnson. And Angela Yee’s dad is of Chinese descent. Wowwww. Check out Dr. Umar Johnson speaking on folks getting over on Black people across the globe and more above.

But before you go blaming it all on ‘them’… keep watching, because we have and can play a part in our condition. We have to stop looking to ‘outside investment’ or President Trump (or Obama) or anyone other than us to lift us up!

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Hasan Minhaj Speaks On America’s Fear Of Muslims, Freedom Of Speech, Bill Maher And More (Video)

Aw damn. Almost forgot about President Trump’s links to pro wrestling. Hasan Minhaj talks a bit about The Donald (not much left to say after that White House roast he did), his refusal to use the N-word (even though he’s been called a ‘sand N-word’) and more.

Gotta say, Minhaj has got a lot on the ball to be just 31 years of age. Great interview.


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Ludacris And Tyrese Speak On Recent Media Controversies, The Latest ‘Fast & Furious’ Movie And More (Video)

Ha! Pepsi AND Bill O’Reilly are both under fire, and they both dissed the sh!t out of Ludacris back in the day. Now Luda is doing pretty damn good… and they are NOT! Ohhhhh, success is the BEST revenge!

Tyrese & Ludacris keep it all the way 100 in The Breakfast Club studio, talk new music, “Fate of the Furious” & More.

And coming for Tyrese about weave, fake butts and such is not the best move. His rebuttal game is on point. Maybe don’t hate on a dude solely for expressing opinions and living life. He is not your boyfriend, nor is he feeding you or your fam.

(But they are gonna go all the way up to a 10th ‘Fast & Furious’ movie though? Whoa.)

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Mack Wilds Speaks On Adele vs. Beyonce, ‘The Breaks’ And More (Video)

Yup yup. Mack Wilds doing the media rounds, with his show “The Breaks” returning to VH1 for a season. A Power 105 promo stop-through was must for the menu. Something dope about a new school artist doing a Hip-Hop TV series set in the time of his childhood… and showing up on modern radio to talk about it. Watch above.

Mack Wilds talks his role in ‘The Breaks,’ working with Sanna Lathan in ‘Shots Fired,’ new music & more.

Wilds is wary of how WILD Ms. Yee is getting with that riding crop though. Hahaa! And he is very savvy about maneuvering around some of the ‘it’ girls of the world (Sanaa Lathan, Adele, Beyonce). We see ya young playa!

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The Punany Poets Push Spiritual Sex and HIV/Aids Awareness (Video)

Hahaa! You know, a touchless orgasm sounds like a great idea… until you get C Tha God hopping chairs to lay prone on the floor like ol’ gal was about to saddle up right there on The Breakfast Club morning show. Watch the shenanigans as the Power 105 morning crew welcomes The Punany Poets.

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Gary Vaynerchuk Talks Entrepreneurship, His Passion For Start-Ups And More (Video)

The man Gary Vee! On with The Breakfast Club… Kinda threw Bernie under the bus at the beginning, but we don’t have to agree on everything. You know, because America.

Wise words well spoken by Charlemagne’s favorite ‘corporate thug motivator’ on the effect of the recent election on entrepreneurship, the lonely life of entrepreneurs, realistic ideas to make money, his dream to buy the NY Jets, his admiration of rappers’ grind and more.


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T.I. Speaks On The Donald, The Family, ‘The Family Hustle’ And More (Video)

T.I. has always been a good interview; more so more recently. Frank talk with the right touches of swag… plus a word of the week! Learn something from listening to Tip talking about the possibilites for continuing ‘The Family Hustle’ (and NOT about the goings on with him and his wife Tiny), his socio-political activities and album, and more.


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Trevor Noah Talks Tomi Lahren, Donald Trump, Racism In America & More (Video)

I have observed the online musings of many who think Charlamagne Tha God & Trevor Noah made the stupid Donkey (e.g. ‘dumb azz’) move when they gave shine to unapologetic Conservative mouthpiece Tomi Lahren recently. Noah even brought her on ‘The Daily Show’ as a guest. Which is where I think we saw evidence of effort in trying to bridge gaps, perhaps; or at least bold media strategy.

Hear me out.

Everybody who has or might follow Trevor Noah knows who he is, shares most of his views, etc. Same can be assumed of Tomi Lahren’s fanbase. Is it such a bad gamble to think that those followers of Tomi who just ‘know’ they hate that Trevor Noah (say it with a drawl in your head, I can give you permission since I speak drawl y’all)… and his lefty ‘Daily’ comrades… and all the dummies who tune in whenever he spews his nonsense… Okay, you get it… But might those Tomi followers tune in at least long enough to ogle Tomi, amen what she says, and listen to see what there is about Trevor to hate? Maybe a scant few might see that, Liberal as he is, he was at least cordial, actively engaged, and respectful.

Donald Trump is President Elect folks. That’s reality for America The World. We’ve gotta start somewhere. Listening, and REALLY trying to understand, to the other side express WHY… just as good a place as any.

See Trevor’s talk on paths to understanding, his book, and more during his Breakfast Club interview.


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Chelsea Handler Speaks On Men, Masturbation And More (Video)

The word for this episode is CRAZY! For just a second, it looked like (1) Envy was really a Latino in denial and (2) Charlemagne was gonna ‘drop trou’ as Chelsea commanded. I mean, she did say she was into many cultures…and many penes (like that 100 Pene challenge we posted hereChels would smash that)!

Chelsea Handler stopped by the studio to “shoot the sh!t” with the Breakfast Club. After refusing to answer DJ Envy’s questions about her Netflix show, Chelsea talked about some slightly raunchier subjects. The comedian discussed her opinions on masturbation and blow jobs, as well as why she doesn’t mind one night stands. Check out the interview.

Chelsea Handler is hella funny on this, and there is nowhere she won’t go. Wow! Watch.


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Yvonne Orji (Molly On HBO’s “Insecure”) Is Keeping It Locked Until She Gets That Rock! [Video]

That Issa Rae “Insecure” show on HBO is a hit. Hahaha! How many times did they play with that ‘orgy’ vs. ‘Orji‘ pronunciation at the beginning? And WOW do they go right at ‘Molly’ right from the start on the Breakfast Club!

Yvonne Orji, the breakout star of HBO’s new show Insecure, stopped by the studio on Friday to talk with The Breakfast Club. Yvonne talked about playing a sexually free character named Molly on the show while being a 32-year-old virgin in real life. Yvonne also talked about her Nigerian roots, strong faith, and her first big break.

Great interview. Yvonne is hilarious and cool. So much so, this interview made me binge and catch up On Demand this past weekend. Yeah. That good. Watch and enjoy.

(Yvonne, fine guyull, I will stab you… BWAAAHAHAAAA!!)


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Joe Budden & Cyn Santana Sitting In… With Angie Martinez (Video)

Ahhh, love. Sweet love. With just enough crazy to make for good radio. There’s a grownness about Joe & Cyn’s convo (esp. Joe’s) when they get to the meat of it. You know how a dude thinks he can pull a girl that’s into girls… Well, Budden’s done it. Don’t hate.

He’s my man now…
Cyn Santana

Still very light-hearted talk overall. I liked watching it. I think you might, too. Peep.


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Young M.A Speaks On Her Lifestyle, Her Style And Influences As An Artist And More (Video)

The Hip-Hop poster child for “I Did It My Way”Young M.A… stopped by the Breakfast Club for a very interesting sit down. Totally agreed that the groundwork for her meteoric launch & rise for M.A has been laid. I especially liked that she admitted that at one time she considered changing who she was as an artist and person to get on; but she now realizes that the time has passed. Any of the majors coming for M.A now better come correct – the right dollar split and situation. Pay her and let her do what she do! Great interview.

Up-and-coming Brooklyn rapper Young M.A discusses being influenced by 50 Cent, realizing she was gay at a young age, how she’s been able to break through and much more with The Breakfast Club.


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Common Speaks On His New Album, Being Cool With His Exes, The Presidential Election and More (Video)

Common lives at a level of cool to which we should all aspire: Supreme rhyme skills, ladies on his arm and in his past with looks that kill (in or out of heels), showing love & respect to all and getting it back… and now the coolest thing… his new album and promo push timed in such a way to help his people and country. “Black America Again” is conscious music with that good head nod appeal. His promotional interviews with have your head nodding in approval, too.

Watch him above talking about his longevity and being re-energized by what’s going on in the rap game now, being cool with his exes (which include Erykah Badu & Serena Williams…WOW), President Obama and his legacy and so much more.

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Big K.R.I.T. Speaks On Def Jam, His Appearance At BET Hip Hop Awards And More (Video)

K.R.I.T. was with Def Jam? Guess it’s not so weird. Just always considered him Independent. Now, that is definitely the case. Watch him elucidate on that and more in the video above.

Big K.R.I.T. discusses his departure from Def Jam, performing at BET Hip Hop Awards, the election being a reality show, turning the n-word against people that use it and much more with The Breakfast Club.

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The Game Speaks On His Album “1992,” Dissing Sean Kingston & Meek Mill And More (Video)

Wow. The Game has found love or respect for everyone, Kurrupt to KXNG Crooked (aka Crooked I) to Kendrick Lamar, even 50 Cent… but NOT Meek Mill and Sean Kingston. Wow!

The Game talks about his beef with Meek Mill and Sean Kingston, the disrespectful lines in “Pest Control,” his new album “1992, patching things up with 50 Cent, did his cars get shot up in Miami and much more.

Catch his apology for the stray shot he took at Meek’s girl Nicki Minaj in there, too.

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Anderson .Paak Speaks On His Life, His Wife, Working With Dr. Dre And More (Video)

Yes, the dude that set Dr. Dre’s “Compton” project on fire with his contributions (esp. on “Animals”) stops in to chop it up with The Breakfast Club. Anderson .Paak¬†discusses his come up, the struggle with homelessness and couch-surfing with his family, signing to and working with Dr. Dre, his musical influences (Andre 300, Kanye West, Pharrell Williams) and more. It don’t stop. Gotta keep it pushing for the “Malibu” project.


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Dr. Umar Johnson Speaks On Crises Facing Black Americans, Offers Strong Criticism Of President Barack Obama And More (Video)

Straight with no chaser. Count on Dr. Johnson, agree with him or not, to deliver his points plainly and with passion. Lays out the how and why Black people have come to suffer in America the way they do. Also speaks on why our protests, though necessary, have not effected real change.

Dr. Umar Johnson stops by The Breakfast Club to discuss the growing social issues affecting the African American community. Dr. Johnson believes that before we can fix the problem we really have to understand it. He is very critical of President Obama for not doing anything for the Black community and offers a few theories as to why he has not done so.

The talk of ‘the illusion of inclusion’… powerful! All of it in fact. Lean in and listen up.

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Andre Iguodala Gives The Cleveland Cavaliers Props For Winning The Series And Talks About Basketball, Investing And More (Video)

Andre Iguodala dropped in The Breakfast Club. He admitted being angry at the team (Golden State Warriors) for even letting the NBA Finals get to a game 7, but he was gracious in defeat. Great interview. Two things: (1) Stop dissing Kyrie Irving and (2) while Lebron James is great, he is “nowhere near Jordan” (wow). Also: Discussion on Kevin Durant joining the GSW, advising players how to invest in technology and more.

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Lyrical, Emotional, Spiritual And Real: The Best ‘Breakfast Club With DMX’ Ever! (Video)

Dope! DMX on The Breakfast Club mic is always an experience not to be missed! Watch as DMX discusses his recent health scare, his new music, gaining respect and appreciation for Drake, expecting his 15th child (damn!) and much, much more!

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