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Candidate Andrew Gillum Speaks On Race In The Race To Be Florida’s Governor And In Politics As Usual (Video)

Wow. My elders and peers used to always say, “A hit dog’ll holler,” too!

Democratic nominee Andrew Gillum lays out the role of race in the Florida governor’s race, his plan to help all Floridians and how he’d handle Republican opposition if elected.
– The Daily Show With Trevor Noah

Felt compelled to post something political, progressive, and positive with the big mid-terms coming up. President Obama was stumping for Georgia gubernatorial candidate Stacey Abrams AND for this candidate in Florida’s race, Andrew Gillum.



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Real Time With Bill Maher: New Rule – Crass Warfare (Video)

Okaaaay, apparently Donald Trump has already engaged discourse with leaders beyond the U.S. border. Judging by Mexican President Vicente Fox’s reaction (a.k.a. the F-bomb heard around the world), Trump’s big ideas may not be ‘well-received.’ Truth is, The Donald has pushed political discourse stateside and worldwide too far. And as ‘President Maher‘ might proclaim, that sh!t needs to stop! But there’s no ‘New Rule’ against laughing at a little satire before it does.

In his editorial New Rule, Bill Maher takes viewers to a not-too-distant future where the crass language of the campaign trail makes its way into the Oval Office.

Think about it though. Those included clips are of candidate Trump speaking in public; cussing out loud at crowds. Just saying, maybe think about that on the way to the ballot box.

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