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Marshawn Lynch Is ‘The Most Interesting Man’ On Real Time With Bill Maher (Video)

Did you catch Beast Mode on Bill Maher’s show last weekend? We know he does not speak much, esp. not to the press. But he made some memorable TV that night. Watch his segment. Speaking from the heart about President Trump, marijuana, and more.

Raiders running back and Beast Mode inspiration Marshawn Lynch responds to a Trumpian insult and addresses the NFL’s restrictions on its players.
– Real Time With Bill Maher


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Jim Carrey Kicks Some ‘Real Time’ Wisdom While Proudly Sporting New Nike Kicks (Video)

I keep hearing this… “Canadians are so nice. Canadians are so nice.”
They can be nice, because they have healthcare!
Jim Carrey

Mic dropped!

Tell you what: Jim Carrey just did it big for Nike. Fancy a bit of bold activism with your current fashion? Carrey’s your model then. Plopped right down on the set of “Real Time with Bill Maher” and showed the business world how Nike gets what amounts to a bold shoe commerical on ad-free HBO!

Actor and comedian Jim Carrey joins Bill and his guests – David Axelrod, Michelle Goldberg, and former Rep. Charlie Dent – on the Real Time panel.
– Real Time with Bill Maher

Shoe game dope. And par for the course when you get Jim Carrey on nowadays, you get wisdom mixed in with the whimsical. Great segment!


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Activist/Reverend Jesse Jackson Says Former NFL QB Colin Kaepernick Should Have The Right To Play And Express Himself At The Same Time (Video)

Above: Bill Maher and Reverend Jackson have a real talk about what is at the essence of Kaep’s stand (or kneel) in PEACEFUL protest… not ‘standing’ for the way Black people are expected to honor the flag & anthem of a country that does not honor them as it should. Kaep can’t get a job in the league, and yet he broke no league or team rule that anyone can cite. Owners and major stakeholders, just in their feelings, are keeping him from his bag. Maybe they are ‘teaching him a lesson’ (maybe teaching US a lesson). Whatever they’re doing smells, and Maher and Jackson talk about what it smells like.

He should have the right to express himself. He’s not burning the flag, he’s not hustling drugs to teammates, he’s not shooting people with guns.
Rev. Jesse Jackson

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Ice Cube Confronts Bill Maher About His Use Of The “N” Word (Video)

That’s our word now, and you can’t have it back.
Ice Cube

Certainly not ‘nothing’ and much ado should be made of it. Uber-Progressive, sh!t-talking talk show host who walks the talk Bill Maher opened the can and got himself into a jam loaded with n-word on a prior show. Bitter n-word use that left a BAD taste in everyone’s mouths, esp. Black people’s). Just used that word like he was one of the the n—

(Nope. Not gonna.)

But you know what? This is a teachable moment. And like an adult, Bill went to the cabinet and took his medicine. He had Michael Eric Dyson AND Ice Cube on the very next show. And they addressed that sh!t. Worked it out. No sugarcoating. Very frank, to the point, grown-folk talk about what Bill knows: It is NOT okay for him (as a White person) to invoke the n-word.

Watch and be impressed how the NWA (irony much?) articulated the matter and what was the matter to Maher and by extension to the millions of people who follow his lead (including many who might be getting a bit too comfortable using the n-word). Teachable moment…

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President Obama: The Full Interview on ‘Real Time’ With Bill Maher (Video)

Well, here it is… After about 8 years of cosigning, campaigning, contributing and cajoling… Bill Maher gets a sit-down with the President Of The United States aka POTUS aka President Barack Hussein Obama!

President Barack Obama sits down with Bill Maher on the eve of the election to discuss the issues Real Time viewers care about. Original air date: November 4, 2016.

Great conversation! Cannot say it was worth the wait because a lot of this talk has been said by the President and his administration all along. After watching, you’ll probably agree that (while a studio appearance would have been awesome & appreciated) this choice of format and venue (directed Q&A at the White House with plenty of time to talk) was the best way to go. We get to hear all of what the President had to say in response to all of what Maher wanted to ask on his viewers’ behalf.

You REALLY want to watch the ENTIRE interview, especially if you are an American (regardless of party, belief, etc.).

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Bill Maher Says That Police Culture Has To Change (Video)

Above: Bill Maher tells Stephen Colbert that we need policing as a society. He values the police and denounces shooting of police, like most, BUT he understands why police got shot at this point.

You can only look at so many videos of shooting unarmed Black people. I’m surprised it didn’t happen before.

Wow. Then Colbert follows up with a quote from the late President John F. Kennedy: “Those who make peaceful revolution impossible make violent revolution inevitable.” Then Maher goes in further: Police culture – attracting the wrong types of people, protecting wrongdoers within their ranks, not administering true justice when wrongdoers are caught, even the training – HAS to change!

Yeah. By this point in the evening, the funny part of the show was over, as Maher declared.

(Well, actually, they got in some more joke pokes… some at each other… but, trust, the serious power of what was said was not diminished.)

Incredible conversation The Late Show. Colbert keeps bringing thoughtful TV to CBS; while allowing what needs to be said to be said. Watch.


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Real Time With Bill Maher: New Rule – Crass Warfare (Video)

Okaaaay, apparently Donald Trump has already engaged discourse with leaders beyond the U.S. border. Judging by Mexican President Vicente Fox’s reaction (a.k.a. the F-bomb heard around the world), Trump’s big ideas may not be ‘well-received.’ Truth is, The Donald has pushed political discourse stateside and worldwide too far. And as ‘President Maher‘ might proclaim, that sh!t needs to stop! But there’s no ‘New Rule’ against laughing at a little satire before it does.

In his editorial New Rule, Bill Maher takes viewers to a not-too-distant future where the crass language of the campaign trail makes its way into the Oval Office.

Think about it though. Those included clips are of candidate Trump speaking in public; cussing out loud at crowds. Just saying, maybe think about that on the way to the ballot box.

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Bill Maher Tells The Real Truth About The So-Called ‘Sharing Economy’ On ‘Real Time’ (Video)

Really hope that you watch the dude Bill Maher from time to time. Biting commentary on the world today, mixed in with a lot of laughs – almost always at some dummy’s expense. In the clip above (case in point), the “dummy” is a bunch of “dummies” …US (as in United States)! Our so-called American Dream has historically featured so much greed that things got ugly. It still does – ever-increasing costs of living that stifle even the most modest attempts of most to make a life for themselves. We used to labor under the illusion of work-hard-so-one-day-you-can-play-hard. Not anymore. What’s worse is that we are no longer ‘in the streets’ trying to scare the 1% into some sense of fairness. Nope, we just got really smart about doing without; which in turn supports the rich’s pursuit of happiness… all while giving up our pursuit of anything like it. We now have a ‘sharing economy’ – in which we share rides (Uber) and vacay living space (Airbnb) – built on a vast number of us choosing to fake it since we’ve given up on ever making it to the ‘good life.’ See above, where Bill takes aim at the ‘darling’ Olsen twins; who’ve gone from playing with dolls to playing their workforce. A billion-plus dollar empire; and you can’t pay your interns even a little something?

The one thing we’re not sharing are the profits. Somehow they forgot to create an app for that.
Bill Maher


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Talib Kweli And Bill Maher Discuss #BlackLivesMatter Protesters Interrupting Bernie Sanders’ Presidential Campaign Speech (Video)

Bill Maher: Why Bernie Sanders? …If you’re gonna interrupt somebody… This guy had a hundred percent approval rating from the NAACP.
Talib Kweli: NAACP liked Donald Sterling, too.

And folks, that’s how we dig into a real conversation! Watch the video clip above and gain some perspective.

A while back, #BlackLivesMatter shut down a speech appearance by 2016 Presidential hopeful and leading American Progressive Bernie Sanders. Many disagreed with the women who took the mic. But EVERYONE paid attention, talked about it, talked about #BlackLivesMatter from many angles. Whether you ultimately agree or disagree with the tactic, Kweli does make a couple of solid points. The first, the duty of activist-protesters is to disrupt and gain the platform (which #BlackLivesMatter did LITERALLY). The second, NO candidate should take the Black vote for granted in 2016.

Very interesting. Do you agree with Kweli? Discuss…


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Killer Mike On ‘Real Time With Bill Maher’ (Video)

Bill Maher and panelists John Waters, Heather McGhee, Charles Murray and Michael Render – aka Killer Mike – discuss the criticism of Michelle Obama’s Tuskegee (home to our own @ojones1) speech and the underlying causes of the Baltimore riots (above).

“…Why are you burning down your own community? [We] burned down a community that [we] don’t own!”
Killer Mike

Bam! Folks don’t destroy what they truly own. Makes sense, right? Mike always does. Continue after the jump with more Killer Mike telling it like it T-I-’tis (like the elders say) – especially about Bill O’Reilly – on HBO’s Real Time With Bill Maher. Also have the bonus show, Overtime, embedded after the jump.

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Actor Wendell Pierce On The White Roots Of Violence In America On ‘Real Time With Bill Maher’ (Video)

There’s a good amount of good watching on the tube nowadays. No excuse to waste your brain cells on trash TV (you know what that is, and if you watch it no judgements). Bill Maher’s ‘Real Time’ = Good Watching. You remember actor Wendell Pierce from the HBO original series ‘Treme’ and back in the day on ‘The Wire.’ Well, the proud Louisiana-bred brother was on Bill’s show doing us proud; speaking truth to light on a myriad of issues. Watch the clip above and the other after the jump if you missed when he appeared on the show. Then check out the entire episode. Get an idea about where Blacks’ proclivity to visit violence upon each other in the streets AND in their relationships and families was really born; about White entitlement and how Blacks could historically never afford it, about racial perceptions being reality then and even now and so much more!

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Bill Maher: “Donald Sterling Isn’t Worth Defending, But The 4th Amendment Is.” (Video)

Bill Maher is right, to an extent, about protection of the 4th Amendment in his recent commentary regarding former NBA owner Donald Sterling’s case, but the point is everyone is still accountable for what they say. It doesn’t matter what was said in private because in America you can be convicted of crimes & incarcerated for things that were said in private. Even television news investigations secretly record & release evidence of people saying things that were meant to be in private. I agree with most of what Bill Maher is saying in his commentary but you can’t even get a job for saying outrageous things that some people would disagree with. So it’s best to keep things 100 all the time about how you feel. It’s America & you do have a right to say what you feel even in private, but in Donald Sterling’s case the NBA is a business & once those private feelings were out in the open no black players would be willing to play for a NOW known racist.

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HBO: Real Time With Bill Maher Welcomes Nas (Video)

I knew Bill Maher would ask Nas about his collaboration record with Jay Z called “Black Republican.” When the song first came out I knew it wasn’t titled properly in my opinion, but if you’re an astute listener then you know that Nas has never said he feels like a “Black Republican.” in the song. While Jay Z was proclaiming to feel like a “Black Republican,” Nas made it clear in the songs chorus that he leans on the side of the “Black Militant” taking over the government. Nas didn’t throw Jay Z under the bus in his explanation to Bill Maher, but he played it off well. I think that maybe Bill Maher asked this question on purpose to see if Nas would throw Jay Z under the bus.

Above: Nas on the 20th anniversary of “Illmatic” (the interview and more). ‘Overtime’ segment after the jump.


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Dan Rather Speaks With Bill Maher On How ‘Corporate Media’ Is Killing The Truth To The People (Video)

I watched this last Friday night on Bill Maher’s show & found it to be very interesting to see former CBS news anchor Dan Rather speaking on how corporate media is being controlled by Washington. It’s something that many of us already know, but to hear a veteran journalist like Dan Rather who worked for years in news speak on it is an great exclamation point to the problem due to a lack of transparency.

Bill Maher: CrazyStupidPolitics (Video)

Irittable Bowl Syndrone: Bill Maher (Video)

I remember watching Real Time with Bill Maher on HBO when he delivered this editorial entitled ‘The New New Rules: A Funny Look at How Everybody but Me Has Their Head Up Their Ass’ which I thought was not only funny but on point like a touchdown pass from Tom Brady. In a nutshell, Bill Maher was making the comparison of how the NFL is just like socialism. It’s covered in detail in Bill Maher’s new book of the same name that’s available now on Amazon, itunes, & other outlets. Fraser Davidson, London-based animator, created this video inspired by Bill Maher’s comparison of the economics of pro football and baseball.