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Comedian Shuler King On A Meal Fit For Champions, Served To The Clemson Tigers At The White House (Video)

Trip to the White House for the National Champions. Yuuup.
Unforgettable dinner. Yuuup.
They had McDonald’s. Nooooo! Whaaaat in the Ray Kroc is goings on here??? They could have had that ‘dinner’ on the way there. On the way back home to Clemson. At home, in Clemson, while ‘face-timing’ with the President and not even making the f**king trip!

Guess this is all the Prez can afford for now… what with the shutdown and such. Womp waah…

Wow. Just wow… And now it’s time for Shuler King to roast The Donald
#ComedyCentralGovernment #WhiteHouseSpecial #MaybeWhiteCastleWouldBeBetter


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Sports: Clemson University Wins The 2019 College Football National Championship (Video)

It still stings. A whuppin’ will do that. But the better team won last night, and I am ready to say it… capitalized for effect: The Clemson Tigers Pounced Upon, Pounded Down, And Prevailed Over The Alabama Crimson Tide (my Alma Mater) To Win The College Football National Championship.

Clemson is the best football team in the land. They beat us… DOWN! We were out-played, out-coached, out-willed. Period. The Tigers are UNDEFEATED and UNDENIABLE.

Congratulations to Dabo Swinney and his boys. And no, I am not angry, at all, over their win (no hate). When asked about his final message to the team before they came out to start the game, Clemson Coach Swinney said he told the players (1) to join him in reciting The Lord’s Prayer, (2) to play with joy, and (3) that he loved them.

Man. They won right then! They just hit the gridiron and made it official.

It was an honor for The Tide to meet real Champions on the field of battle. And an honor to watch it (on the big screen… munching on ‘super nachos’ and peach cobbler a la mode) with a living room full of Bama fans.

That’s my take. Coach Nick Saban speaks on the Alabama championship loss after the jump.

#WatchHighlightsAbove #UntilNextYear #CongratsChamps


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