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Comedian Shuler King On A Meal Fit For Champions, Served To The Clemson Tigers At The White House (Video)

Trip to the White House for the National Champions. Yuuup.
Unforgettable dinner. Yuuup.
They had McDonald’s. Nooooo! Whaaaat in the Ray Kroc is goings on here??? They could have had that ‘dinner’ on the way there. On the way back home to Clemson. At home, in Clemson, while ‘face-timing’ with the President and not even making the f**king trip!

Guess this is all the Prez can afford for now… what with the shutdown and such. Womp waah…

Wow. Just wow… And now it’s time for Shuler King to roast The Donald
#ComedyCentralGovernment #WhiteHouseSpecial #MaybeWhiteCastleWouldBeBetter


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Super Bowl Champion New England Patriots Are Going To Meet President Trump At The White House… Well, Most Of Them Are (Video)

Nelly joins Skip Bayless and Shannon Sharpe to talk about the Patriots visiting President Donald Trump at the White House.

When you are right, you’re right. Nelly’s right. Period! Tom Brady, great QB, captain of the team and a leader on field; but every Pats teammate need not follow him to the White House. No need to take a damn vote either. Brady was a grown man who decided not to go see the President a while back; and Martellus Bennett and Devin McCourty are grown men who get to NOT go, too.

Shannon had some good commentary in there, too.

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Snoop Loves The Kids… Enough To Keep Them Safe From Concussions While Playing Youth Football (Video)

Hey, the NFL has all kinds of media focus on the concussion problem in its sport. But by the time they get them in the pros, those athletes have been bouncing their brains around inside their helmets (inside their skulls) for around 20 years; since youth football days. Who’s attacking the problem at that end? Who’ll get some spotlight shone at that stage. No stranger to the stage, Snoop Dogg has picked up the flag.

There is, of course, a secondary problem that should quickly move to the top of the chart; caused by parents’ fear of injury to their kids. Fewer and fewer children are participating in organized leagues that have positive impact on the lives of youth, like the Snoop Youth Football League (SYFL). Snoop wants the word out that his league is working the problem, and getting somewhere. If only he could get some NFL “oomph” behind the push.

“In my league, we’ve had less injuries over the last two years because of what we’re teaching. “I feel like if we go down to the levels and the NFL comes to the hoods and teaches us what they want us to do, by the time they get to the NFL, they’ve been practicing this their whole life.”

Snoop Dogg

Hopefully, what has been a hood-doing-good success story will not fade away. Just peep the video above highlighting good gridiron stuff from Flo-Rida’s and Snoop’s youth leagues. Shout to HipHopDx for this.

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