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Comedy: Kanye West – ‘Theraflu’ Commentary (Video)

Jay Smooth Provides A History Lesson For Chris Brown (Video)

Jay Smooth always on point with the commentary…….I’ve always said that you have to study history in order figure out the problems of today. Jay Smooth reminds Chris Brown & hopefully he’ll study his lessons….

Jay Smooth Provides Excellent Insight On The Legacy Of Nate Dogg (Video)

Jay Smooth is one of my favorite commentators on the web but he hasn’t been doing his video blogs in quite some time. In fact, he hasn’t been on twitter as much & I kinda miss his commentaries on a variety of issues. Jay Smooth is usually on the money when it comes to music, politics, & just about anything other topic that is being debated throughout our days. His strength is in his ability to adequately break down complex thoughts into cohesive video blogs that end up saying exactly what you were thinking in a very intelligent manner. Jay Smooth does it again in this most recent video blog in expressing what exactly made Nate Dogg a significant figure in music. Any & everything that I wanted to say about my feelings about Nate Dogg is broken down expertly in a little over 2 minutes by Jay Smooth in the video above…..

REWIND: Dead Prez – “Be Healthy / Malcolm, Garvey, Huey” (Video)

With the recent passing of Guru, and the death of J Dilla, Kool Herc is counting on the blessing of Hip Hop followers to donate to help his fight for life. We need to take better care of our selves and our love ones. A healthy diet and exercise should be the staple in our lives but, instead there is sickness. Let’s find a way to change for the better. Also, it is still Black History Month so… Dead Prez said it best……”Malcolm, Garvey, Huey” – Frank Yerby


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Comedy: Fred G. Sanford Reminds Us That Things Haven’t Changed (Video)

I was talking with a friend of mine who says he was in court recently for a traffic violation & he said after sitting down & scanning the room he began to question if most of the people there were just victims of racial profiling or not.  Immediately I thought of this 70s clip of Red Foxx as Fred G. Sanford that reminds us to take a look around the next time you are in traffic court. If you haven’t already, you may come to the realization that things may not have changed in 2011.  Check out the full episode below…..

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