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Jay Smooth Breaks Down Ferguson, The Riots, & People Being Pushed To Their Absolute Boiling Point (Video)

Jay Smooth always comes correct with the insightful social commentary on a variety of topics & events. The recent riots & protests taking place around the country in relation to what’s happening in Ferguson, Missouri is no different. I couldn’t relay my thoughts as perfectly as Jay Smooth did here in his latest opinion piece. I agree with him 100%

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Opinion: Yeah… About That Donald Sterling Tape (Video)

So, now y’all mad? Donald Sterling (owner of the NBA’s Los Angeles Clippers) has been racist! The question continues to be what are we going to do about it? The deeper question, asked by Jay Smooth in his rant above, is, when are we going to get mad enough to do something about the racist practices that generate injustice without generating TMZ clips? Hmm…great point. Thanks for the tweet, Jay.

‘The Tupac of Unreleased Racism Tapes’ presents “Here’s What They Think About You?” Now, THAT’S funny! Sterling… well, he’s just ridiculous. Watch the clip.

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ILL Doctrine: Jay Smooth Speaks On Why People Like Actress Gwyneth Paltrow Should Leave The ‘Nuh’ Word Alone (Video)

One of my favorite commentators on what’s going on in the world is definitely fellow hip hop radio show host Jay Smooth over at WBAI in New York City. He does a great job on political & social commentary on his blog but in the last year or two he had taken a break from his video blogs for quite a while . I was pleasantly surprised to see someone on twitter retweet his latest commentary on the Gwyneth Paltrow “N*ggas In Paris” twitter controversy. As always I agree with Jay Smooth 100% percent with what he says in the above video. R&B singer The-Dream, who was with the actress at the Kanye & Jay-Z’s show in Paris, claims he was responsible for the “N*ggas” tweet from actress Gwyneth Paltrow’s cellphone. Who knows really, but it does provide a lesson for everyone that Jay Smooth puts into words perfectly. Hopefully Jay Smooth doesn’t disappear on us too much with the video commentaries now that he’s back to doing them regularly.


Jay Smooth Provides A History Lesson For Chris Brown (Video)

Jay Smooth always on point with the commentary…….I’ve always said that you have to study history in order figure out the problems of today. Jay Smooth reminds Chris Brown & hopefully he’ll study his lessons….

Jay Smooth Provides Excellent Insight On The Legacy Of Nate Dogg (Video)

Jay Smooth is one of my favorite commentators on the web but he hasn’t been doing his video blogs in quite some time. In fact, he hasn’t been on twitter as much & I kinda miss his commentaries on a variety of issues. Jay Smooth is usually on the money when it comes to music, politics, & just about anything other topic that is being debated throughout our days. His strength is in his ability to adequately break down complex thoughts into cohesive video blogs that end up saying exactly what you were thinking in a very intelligent manner. Jay Smooth does it again in this most recent video blog in expressing what exactly made Nate Dogg a significant figure in music. Any & everything that I wanted to say about my feelings about Nate Dogg is broken down expertly in a little over 2 minutes by Jay Smooth in the video above…..