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Hate Traffic? Then You’re Going To Love Pop.Up, A New Flying Car Concept (Video)

They went in on the music. Cool!

Check out this new vehicle concept in the direction of flying cars; and no, not like the flying DeLorean model drone we posted earlier. This flying car is real!

Italdesign and the aerospace industry leader Airbus unveiled Pop.Up, a trailblazing modular ground and air passenger concept vehicle system to relieve the traffic congestion in megacities of the future.

And really cool, huh?

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See What It Takes To Make Acura’s NSX Hybrid Supercar (Video)

Acura’s NSX hybrid supercar is capable of a blistering 191 mph but to make a car this fast, you have to build it slowly and precisely.

You understand (or you will): Precision. But before we see the process behind the phenomenon… can we slow down and see that speed run again? DAAAAMN! So that’s what 191 MPH on the straight, screeching into the turn looks/sounds like?! DOPE! Okay.

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Too Far To Walk? Nowhere To Park? WalkCar Lets You Ride In And Take Your ‘Ride’ With You (Video)

Wow! Are you seeing this? It’s like they’ve almost figured out a futuristic George Jetson car; one that you can ride to work and carry into the office. Now, if they could only make it fly (like this one here). WalkCar is the world’s smallest electric car, as small as a laptop. Super cool transportation tech! You steer it with your body movements; so it’s not a big effort to learn to operate. This could be the biggest thing is small vehicles EVER!

Soon to start fundraising via Kickstarter. Pre-orders for WalkCar will be taken starting October 2015.

Hmm… Did I say “could” be the biggest…? Nah, this WILL be huge! For more on this compact, powerful mini-vehicle innovation from Tokyo’s Cocoa Motors, visit the company website

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2 Chainz Scopes Out West Coast Customs’ Most “Expensivest” Cars (Video)

You know we love custom cars & fly vehicles around here at JAYFORCE.COM so it’s only right we’d be geeked about the latest episode of 2 Chainz’ web series with GQ called ‘The Most Expensivest Sh!t.’ In this episode ‘Tity Boi’ stops over to see the owner of West Coast Customs who were largely responsible for the huge success behind MTV’s ultra popular program “Pimp My Ride.” One of the standout vehicles in showcased in this clip is a $500,000 customized DeLorean tricked out for 2015 but made famous from the old ‘Back To The Future’ movies.

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VICE: The Devil Tried To Divide Us (Documentary)

There are REASONS we have rules for wars… that nations declare war, seek coalitions before they do, and convene war crimes courts after. The ongoing tragedy in the Central African Republic though… Damn. There have been no rules, no understandings, and countless crimes against humanity… for DECADES… and it has just gotten worse! VICE News is taking us there. They have to, so we can try to understand. Watch above.

The Central African Republic’s capital of Bangui has seen its Muslim population drop from 130,000 to under 1,000 during the past few months. Over the past year, thousands across CAR have been killed, and nearly a million have been displaced. The United Nations recently stated that the entire Western half of the country has now been cleansed of Muslims…


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Car Culture: T.I. shows off the Vehicles in his Car Collection (Video)

To coincide & promote the upcoming film ‘Need For Speed’, VEVO ‘let it ride’ with Atlanta emcee & thespian T.I. and convinced him to show off his current car collection for the cameras.

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Blind Man Goes For A Spin In Google’s New Driverless Car (Video)

I saw this a few days ago via twitter & thought it was pretty cool how this blind man by the name of Steve Mahan is able to get around in Google’s new driverless car. We posted something similar to this a few months back, but imagine how the blind gentleman in the video must feel about the possibility to have more freedom in his life than what he’s currently able to enjoy at the moment. Check out more video below….
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