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What If Your Best Friend Might Be The Cause Of You Going Back To Prison? (Trailer)

Wow! Two things about this “Blindspotting” trailer stand out.

One, while most would expect that you are ‘innocent until proven guilty’ the default position felons on parole are put in is one where they must continually prove that they are innocent. Imagine that (some don’t even have to ‘imagine’): Having to self-check EVERY move to ensure that it ‘looks’ pure & innocent.

And two, remembering when Dave Chappelle said “that White guy hanging with the Black crew” is the most dangerous dude because there is no telling what he’s done to ‘earn respect’… That’s the dude Miles in this flick. Bet big money on that. He is big trouble.

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The 2015 BET Cyphers: Def Squad Reunited (Video)(Video)


The headline says it all; like its own byline. Did you see the Cyphers this year? Always the best part of the BET Hip-Hop Awards. We expect a ‘wow’ moment or two from the Awards’ broadcast; and a Cypher is a good bet for a source. Well, there was [at least] a BIG one in this year’s – Erick Sermon, Keith Murray and Redman spitting with DJ Scratch taking the Preemo spot (see what we did there?) for the set. Def Squad comes back to life for the night! Good to see.

Click the pic above to start with the Squad. Got the rest of this year’s Cyphers linked after the jump.

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