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Redman – “Ya!” (Prod. By Mike And Keys) [Video]

New banger from Redman. Loaded with high-energy lyrics, beat, and beauties – “Ya!”


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Wu-Tang – “Lesson Learn’d” feat. Redman x Inspectah Deck (Prod. By Mathematics) [Video]

So damn dope! Get you some of this East Coast overdose of Redman and Deck doing the Mathematics [on the track]. “Lesson Learn’d” is that knowledge, son! This audiovisual will have all y’all going Wu! Tang! Wu! Tang! Wu! Tang! And… Def Squad!

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Investment Learnings & Advice From Redman (Video)

People that show money don’t have money.

Facts, Red. FACTS! No truer words have been spoken. Check out Mr. Noble on the humble with some real talk about money moves (and mistakes) he’s made.

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Redman – “N!gga Whut” (Video)

Red is needing that SOUR! Maybe ‘sour’ is another way to talk about that beat… so BANGING it’ll make you scrunch up your face like you were sucking on SOUR lemons!

Simple visual concept – black and white with ’round the way shots. Simple song concept – straightforward banging beatwork and barz. Go on and click play to rock this ish right NOW!


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Watch Redman “Rate The Bars” Of Some Of The Hottest Emcees (Video)

Okay, I will ‘disclaim’ it before B-E-T or even R-E-D can… all these spitters were not the hotness. But once again, there will be some moments where fave rappers’ rhymes get downgraded while otherwise mid-level wordsmiths’ rhymes get some shine.

Of course, he gave his own bars 5 out of 5 #JustSaying #NotMadTho


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Method Man x Redman – I Get High feat. Styles P (2017 Remix) [Video]

Ohhhhh, dayummm! The concept of this team-up alone is dope. Remember back last year when SP did that “Ghost High” joint over the Meth & Red “How High” beat (listen here for the freshest refresher)? Well, in true three-man tag team championship fashion, the trio do a redux of the Ghost’s hit “I Get High” to defend their title. NICE!


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Redman Speaks On The Inspirations, Origins, And Possible Future Directions Of His “Sooperman Lover” Series (Video)

The Johnny ‘Guitar’ Watson joint! That AND EPMD’s “Jane” series sparked that “Sooperman Lover” series from Noble?? Dope.

The celebrate the 25th Anniversary of Redman’s debut “Whut? Thee Album” we had him tell the stories behind each of the songs in his classic “Sooperman Lover” series.

Redman’s talking about his series like he ain’t even in control of the narrative. Ha! Red be OUT there. Great watch. Hit play.

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Wu-Tang Clan – “People Say” feat. Redman (Prod. By Mathematics)

BANGER! More proof that Wu-Tang Clan ain’t nothing to f*ck wit’… Unless you got the skills, like Redman, to stand shoulder-to-shoulder and hold your own on a track. Reggie Noble did that, “People Say.” Check it out for yourself though.


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Redman – “Who Shot Ya” (Freestyle)

Reggie Noble with seemingly limitless spit for that “Who Shot Ya” beat! Oh yes, let’s take it back to ’95!

Redman goin in with a legendary freestyle over Notorious B.I.G’s Who Shot Ya back in 1995 in New York on the Rap Xchange with Westwood & Funkmaster Flex.
Tim Westwood TV

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Snoop Dogg – “Mount Kushmore” feat. Redman x B-Real x Method Man (Video)

Animated Eye Candy? Can they do that? Apparently so. Aaaaaand the weed video is dope wacky and dope, at the same damn time (as expected). Wasn’t 100% sure that there would be one when we posted “Mount Kushmore” (featuring Redman, B-Real & Method Man) on here, but feeling way past 90% certain that there should be. So give us A… puff of that Snoop smoke!

(The twerking ninja THOT in this is everything though! Bahahaaaaa!)


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Snoop Dogg – “Mount Kushmore” feat. Redman x B-Real x Method Man

Off top, the roster on this jawn… Snoop, Red, B-Real, and Meth… OF COURSE these are the heads that should be on a “Mount Kushmore!” Plus, bonus: monumental music carved out of a landscape of dope beats and lyrics!

You can pre-order “Neva Left” (LP) from iTunes via the link below.


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Nardwuar Interviews Redman (Video)

Seems like this connection would have happened before now (maybe it did). Above is Nardwuar interviewing Redman while he is up in Canada. Getting the crazy facts and reacts from Red like Nardwuar do.

(How could Red NOT know about the doot-doodle-loot-doo by now though?? Hahahaaaa!)

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DV Alias Khryst x Redman – “Lights Out​” (J57 x G Koop Remix​)


Pretty mellow overall. Dope. Something feels ‘west coasty’ about this… maybe it’s the beat. Check out the J57 x G Koop Remix​ of DV Alia Khryst’s “Lights Out​” (yeasted up by a feature from Redman).


Juelz Santana – “Ol’ Thing Back” feat. Jadakiss x Method Man x Redman (Prod. By Jahlil Beats)

Soooo f*cking DOOOOPE! Juelz reached to some of the mic masters that came before him – Jadakiss, Method Man & Redman – to bring that “Ol’ Thing Back” maaaan! Something about what Meth said in his rhyme: being the ‘bastard child of Clarence Thomas and Reaganomics.’ Hmmmm… If you think back to when times were bad, and Republicans were in seats of power trying to make ’em badder… that’s when some of the bangingest Hip-Hop was dropped. Facts. All these dudes BEASTED the Jahlil Beat!


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Redman – “Wus Really Hood” (Video)

Grabbed that “Mudface” from Red yet? Got the link to it in an earlier post on here below if’n you need that in your life. Not a bad move at all. And this visual. Gritty!! But still partytime vibe out here (bet that cookie got more that ‘carbs’ in it. All good, so “Wus Really Hood” though? Hahaaaa).


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Redman Speaks On Beef Being More Aggressive Back In The 90s, MC Hammer Confronting Him And More (Video)

Social media has changed music in general, including how rappers beef nowadays. Back in the 1990s, if beef was real, rap dudes came to SEE you and get it on strong! Redman comments on how social media gives artists a chance to start, then settle, beef before it gets physical. He quickly follows up that overall, it is a good thing that artists don’t have to get violent nowadays. BUT… he does recall how real beefing can get. MC Hammer let Red know back in the day.

Speaking [about] rap beef, Redman shared a story about the time MC Hammer confronted him at the taping of the last Yo! MTV Raps episode over his diss on his debut album. Redman pointed out that MC Hammer is very serious about beef, adding that he knew the “2 Legit 2 Quit” rapper wasn’t messing around when he stepped to him at the show.
DJ Vlad

Haha! Red is hilarious, but speaking realness. Great clip!

(Yes, sir! The 3-5-7, too. Baaahahaaa!)

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Redman Speaks On Coming Up, Getting Started With EPMD, And More (Video)

Brick City All Day!! It fam, it was fighting… and to Redman, it was and is home. Red speaks on that upbringing background in depth with Vlad. Having to go through it (the travails of hood life), Red talks about his early Jersey life (esp. selling drugs but not pulling time like his brothers, robbing), eventually leaving all the bullsh!t (Red’s words) and getting into the music full grind. Of course, he and EPMD got down and the rest is history.

Start above and keep watching with the video after the jump. Great content!

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Redman On The Hotseat, Eating Super Hot Wings (Video)

Redman starts out talking a lot, answering great interview questions and reminiscing (the Rock-N-Jock photos though). Then he gets hold of some spicy wings… like ‘Hot Ones’… and the ‘heat’ gets hold of him!

Over more than two and a half decades in the game, the rap veteran and How High star has toured the world with Method Man, put out some of Hip-Hop’s most memorable albums, and repped his Jersey roots to the fullest. Now, watch him risk it all while taking on some of the most brutal hot sauces on the planet.

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Redman – “Funkorama” (Cookin’ Soul Remix)

Usually, if we think we smeeelllll what The Red… is cookin’… it’s gonna be them smoked greens (ha)! But this Cookin’ Soul remix of Reggie Noble’s jawn from the Golden Era – “Funkorama” – is pretty damn tasty. Head banger boogie smoothed on out.


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Redman x Lord Finesse – “Toca Tuesdays Freestyle” (Video)

Red Man and Lord Finesse drop in on DJ Tony Touch’s “Toca Tuesdays” to drop a freestyle. That all. And if you know these two mic rippers… that’s all you need!

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