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Performance: KRS-ONE Live In Concert (3/12/2020) [Video]


It’s The Teacha himself coming to bless the mic and stage. But lets start with some turntable masters – Teacha’s assistants, let’s say – the legendary DJ Scratch and the Legendary Kiiiiid Capri! Enjoy this hour-strong liveness!

KRS-ONE shows this New York crowd why he is Number ONE, two, three, four AND five!


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DJ Scratch Declares Nas’ “Illmatic” The Best Hip-Hop Album Ever (Video)

DJ Scratch says “Illmatic” was the best complete Hip-Hop album ever! It is not a unique stance, but watching the video above will give you the sense that he’d take a strong stance against anyone who’d say otherwise.

#DJScratch selects #Nas’ #Illmatic for his #BestAlbums selection. The #Brooklyn #DJ-#producer explains how Nas’ first album changed rap & why the production from #DJPremier #LargeProfessor #QTip #PeteRock was so groundbreaking. Hit us up in the comments section and let us know what you think.

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The 2015 BET Cyphers: Def Squad Reunited (Video)(Video)


The headline says it all; like its own byline. Did you see the Cyphers this year? Always the best part of the BET Hip-Hop Awards. We expect a ‘wow’ moment or two from the Awards’ broadcast; and a Cypher is a good bet for a source. Well, there was [at least] a BIG one in this year’s – Erick Sermon, Keith Murray and Redman spitting with DJ Scratch taking the Preemo spot (see what we did there?) for the set. Def Squad comes back to life for the night! Good to see.

Click the pic above to start with the Squad. Got the rest of this year’s Cyphers linked after the jump.

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DJ Scratch: “We Have Accepted Biting, And Biting Was Not Allowed In Hip-Hop” (Video)

The truth hurts. So get ready for some pain, as DJ Scratch (turntable controller for EPMD back in the day) delivers truth and insight into the ‘why’ behind Hip-Hop’s homogeneity nowadays. The beats sound the same. Truth. The rhymes? No need to even say it. But considering DJ Scratch’s Golden Era pedigree, it is amazing that he is able to break it down for us in the video above without losing his cool or shedding a tear about our music’s loss of authenticity.

(Feel it when Scratch says he did not even want to copy any of DJ Jazzy Jeff’s techniques and standards back in the day… They were HIS… and the rule for all things Hip-Hop was: No biting allowed!)

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TJ Mizell x DJ Scratch – “Jam Master Jay Tribute” (Video)

We posted a li’l something a li’l while ago featuring TJ Mizell doing his thing on here. Now, he’s teaming with DJ Scratch for a “Jam Master Jay Tribute.” Who better qualified to speak on it with their hands, especially with TJ being the son of JMJ (who would now be 49 years old, RIP).

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DJ Scratch Speaks On Early Days Touring With Run DMC & Friendship With Jam Master Jay (Video)

Yesterday, October 30th, marked the 13 year anniversary of the passing of the legendary Jam Master Jay of Run DMC. The people at FUSE TV caught up with iconic turntablist DJ Scratch speak upon the early days of touring with Public Enemy & Run DMC while developing a friendship with Jam Master Jay.

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Unsung: EPMD (Documentary) [Video]

TVOne documentary series UnSung is the truth! The latest episode spotlighting EPMD (Erick and Parrish Making Dollars, Golden Era greats; respect to DJ Scratch) is must see TV for real.

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DJ Premier x DJ Scratch x DJ Cash Money Tribute To The Legendary Grandmaster Flash (Video)

DJ Premier and DJ Scratch and DJ Cash Money perform on the 1s and 2s at the Global Spin Awards in tribute to legendary DJ Grandmaster Flash. Dope! Look closely, and you can see a bit of a video montage of Flash moments on the big screen behind the performing DJs during the scratch dedication. This was an INCREDIBLE happening – three greats doing it in honor of the forefather! Nice.
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Erick Sermon Suffers Heart Attack

Erick Sermon, producer, emcee & 1/2 of the legendary rap group EPMD suffered an heart attack earlier today & is reportedly recovering at the moment. News broke of the 42 year old rapper & emcee earlier today as he was reportedly near death although his condition has been upgraded now to stable. Information regarding Erick Sermon suffering a heart attack was made known through his longtime EPMD DJ & producer DJ Scratch via his twitter page.

More details to come….

DJ Scratch x Tony Touch Put On Scratch Clinic @ Sutra in NYC (Video)

My homie Mazzi sent this video over to me the other day of DJ Scratch & DJ Tony Touch getting busy on the wheels at Sutra nightclub in NYC where Tony Toca holds down every Tuesday night. Nice little precursor to the Puerto Rican Day parade that’s poppin’ off this weekend up there!

Rasheed Chappell – ‘What I’m Here 4’ feat. DJ Scratch (Video)

Can’t say I’m familiar with Rasheed Chappell , but this joint right here is ill. Some real hip hop sh*t! The legendary DJ Scratch is on the cuts while legendary hip hop producer Kenny Dope is on the boards. The video is pretty dope too because it matches what I would have envisioned the video to look like upon hearing the song. Rasheed Chappell’s debut album ‘Future Before Nostalgia’ is to be entirely produced by Kenny Dope & if it is chock full of bangers like this joint right here then I’m looking forward to copping it when it drops later this year.


EPMD Performing Live In London (Video)

Looks like EPMD are back like they never left. Erick Sermon, Parrish Smith, & DJ Scratch rocked the UK crowd a few days ago. Maybe they should change their name to ‘EPME’…… ‘Erick & Parish Making Euros’ or ‘Erick & Parish Making Pounds’

DJ Scratch Gives His List Of The ‘Top 5 DJs Of All-Time’ (Video) caught up with DJ Scratch to find out his Top 5 DJs Of All-Time. Supposedly during Black History Month they will be asking notable DJs about their Top 5 DJs Dead Or Alive. What’s glaringly apparent is DJ Scratch’s omission of the legendary DJ Kid Capri. DJ Scratch must have some sort of unsaid beef with Kid Capri because the ‘Black italian’ doesn’t appear on DJ Scratch’s Top 5 or his Top 10. Aye!