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The Full Questlove Interview With ‘Democracy Now’ – An Hour Of Politics, Hip-Hop and More (Video)

Remember the clip we posted of Questlove (of The Roots) speaking with Democracy Now? That was just a piece of a hour-long conversation covering his book, The Roots’ beef with Notorious B.I.G., Hip-Hop history and MUCH more. We have that for you to view above.


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Questlove Tells Story Of How He Found J. Cole’s iPhone (Video)

In The Roots co-founder’s own words, this is the “long-winded version of the ‘how did Questlove find J. Cole’s iPhone.” Random. What are the chances???

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Questlove Speaks On Hip Hop’s 40th Birthday, ‘Stop & Frisk’, the Zimmerman Verdict, and His Experience With Racial Profiling (Video)

Amir “Questlove” Thompson is on video talking about all kinds of stuff for a hour… that ought to be enough, knowing that The Roots co-founder is an insightful societal and music industry commentator.

Questlove talks with about his musical upbringing, stop and frisk, Hip-Hop’s 40th, his book “Mo’ Meta Blues” … and there’s more. Got a clip above. More video footage after the jump below….

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Questlove Speaks On The Trayvon Martin Verdict (Video)

In an interview with host Alex Wagner of MSNBC’s Now, Hip-Hop icon and co-founder of The Roots, Ahmir “Questlove” Thompson declared that he was so taken aback when he found out that George Zimmerman got off (e.g. was acquitted of the murder of Florida teen Trayvon Martin) that he walked off of a DJ gig in Amsterdam. He noted that “it felt like I was watching my own trial,” adding later in an Internet post that “this whole Trayvon case has taught me: you ain’t sh!t. That’s the lesson I take from this case.”

Watch the interview MSNBC interview clip above.

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10 Questions for Questlove (Video)

Time Magazine’s Belinda Luscombe talks with ?uestlove (of The Roots) about his upbringing, records that influenced his career, his take on the direction of Hip-Hop, his new book (Mo Meta Blues), his group’s ‘retirement gig’ on ‘Late Night With Jimmy Fallon’ and more.

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AZ and Questlove Bless ‘Sway in the Morning’ With An Impromptu Freestyle Collaboration (Video)

‘Sway in the Morning’ with an INSTANT CLASSIC collaboration: AZ and ?uestlove. Look ma, no drums… ?uestlove backs up Tha Visualiza’s freestyle rhyming with some beat boxing! Keep watching after the jump, as Sway and AZ keep chit-chatting after the jump – giving some reflections, some advice, and some memories… of Jay-Z in the high school days.

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Questlove vs. Nardwuar 2013 (Video)

For Pharrell Williams’ iamOTHER channel, Nardwuar interviews Questlove (of The Roots) in Vancouver, BC, Canada. Been a minute since we posted a Nardwuar interview. Watch the goodness above. Questlove obviously had a great time in this one!

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Questlove Cheesesteak Roll (Video)

Questlove, leader of the legendary Roots crew, partners up with Chef Zama back home in Philly to create the official “Questlove Cheesesteak Roll”. Shout out to my homegirl Daisha back in Japan for making me hungry looking at this…..

Questlove Says Jay Z Loves The New Jay Electronica Album, But Cannot Find The Right Single (Audio)

We’ve all been waiting for Jay Electronica’s album on Roc Nation to drop for so long that many people were beginning to believe it was a myth that it was even completed. In an recent interview Questlove, de facto leader of the legendary Roots crew, says Jay-Z told him that Jay Elect’s new album is his favorite album this year, but he’s having difficulty finding a single. Questlove also delves into some other details including Jay-Z needing to have his lyrics printed out for him before shows. Check the clip & links to the full interview with Questlove below….

Questlove – Black Fist Friday Mix: Tribute To J Dilla On Hot 97 NYC

Questlove was up at HOT 97 in NY during lunchtime on Friday for their Black Fist Friday mix that’s been going down all Black History Month. The Roots crew band leader took an hour to pay tribute to J Dilla. He couldn’t have chosen a more appropriate time & place to do that…..


Classic Clips: The Roots and A Tribe Called Quest Freestyle

Illadeph meets QB in this freestyle featuring Rahzel on the beat, with Black Thought, Consequence and Phife Dawg on the mics.  As usual, Rahzel kills the beatbox while Ali Shaheed Muhammed and Questlove chill and groove to the beat.  Would’ve been nice to hear what Q-Tip had to say, though.  Guess time was up on Lorna’s Corner.


Black Thought Speaks on his past Selling Drugs & Being Kicked Out Of School (Video)

Black Thought spoke on some of the rough times in his life from a brief period selling drugs in Philly & being kicked out of school. Knowing Tariq Trotter he’s never been one of those types of cats to glorify that part of his past & even admits he wasn’t the most successful in that business. Black Thought also explains why some people assumed he was also from Detroit at one time. More video below from the interview with Questlove & Black Thought under the hood as they promote the new album ‘unDun’ which is available now…..
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The Roots Speaks on ‘unDun’ album on Power 105 New York (Video)

The Roots of The Roots: Questlove & Black Thought Use DNA to Trace Their African Heritage (Video)

My brother & I were just speaking about tracing our family history as we’re two of the eldest able bodied & living members of our family that are still around. Looking at this video of Questlove & Black Thought getting their DNA traced back to the actual tribes they are from in Africa is all too inspiring. I guess we can stop procrastinating & check via

The Roots – “Life, Love, & Loot”

Inspired by the Captain Morgan commercial campaign of “Life, Love, & Loot”, Philly’s finest The Roots flipped the musical theme of the liquor brand’s primary song into a dope ass joint with a great classic rock feel. Black Thought aka Tariq Trotter kills this joint on the vocals so well it sounds like he may have outdid Lenny Kravitz himself at his own signature vocal style. The song won’t appear on the The Roots upcoming album “undun” due December 6th, but damn this joint is dope even if for a commercial campaign. Check out the Spin Magazine article with Questlove regarding the project & listen to the track below. Some Behind The Scenes video after the jump…. Glasses Up!


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Questlove Speaks On Their ‘Roots’ in London, the Jimmy Fallon Show, & being inspired by J Dilla (Video)

While on tour in the UK, Questlove stopped by BBC 1xtra radio to speak on living in the UK for 3 years, their current gig on the Jimmy Fallon show, working with Jay-Z, & inspirations like the late great J Dilla.

Roy Ayers Project (Teaser)

Our homie Tall Black Guy provides the soundtrack for this teaser from the Roy Ayers Project which will be a documentary to inform people about one of the greatest musicians ever. Appearances from Rich Medina, Questlove, DJ Premier, Stalley, Curren$y, Ski Beatz, and Houseshoes.

Who to Check For: J-Rell

J-Rell is a producer/DJ I have been listening to for maybe 3 or 4 years. I was put on to his J Dilla tribute which he dropped back in 2007 and it is in permanent rotation. Read the rest of this entry »

D’Angelo Working on New Album is reporting that D’Angelo is back working on new material with ?estlove of The Roots. Apparently ?est tweeted during the a session the two had last night.

“Most people use midnight as a time to sleep. others are working on their 11 year followup. this of course being hour number one,” ?estlove said via his twitter.

Details on the project are sketchy with names like Prince, Raphael Saadiq, John Mayer, and Cee Lo Green rumored to have worked on the project through is long development. The project is going to be released on J Records late 2011 or early 2012.

D’Angelo has been on through a lot since his last release in 2000 entitled Voodoo, with a serious car wreck, an arrest, an reported substance abuse issues. It’ll be great to see him back doing his thing.

The Roots and Weird Al Yankovic Cover Madvillain “Accordion”

Released from Questlove’s SwiftFM account this joint covers one of my favorite joints from Madvillainy. Thought it was going to be another Weird Al funny cover song but they really did it justice. Dope!