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Nardwuar Interviews The Roots (Video)

Been too long a minute to not have posted on Nard… let’s correct that… with an interview with The Roots no less!

Nardwuar interviews Questlove and Black Thought of The Roots at the Vancouver International Jazz Festival in Vancouver, BC Canada! Doot doo!


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Behind The Scenes Insights On “Long Liveth” (Relentless) [Video]

Quick clip. Dope insights. And if you already grabbed that EP, you know about “Long Liveth” already

“Streams of Thought Vol 2” BTS with Joshua Woods
The Roots



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Black Thought – “Conception” feat. Salaam Remi (Live Performance) [Video]

Home field advantage for Black Thought to do a live performance of his “Conception” joint on ‘The Tonight Show’… with The Roots being the house band for Jimmy Fallon and all. That said, it is still a hella banging set!

(And Thought broke out into the Marvin Gaye riff at the end. DOPE!)



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Black Thought – “Streets” feat. Tish Hyman (Video)

I told you that… the boss is back!

Hmm… Yep, I will approve that. Black Thought is a lyrical boss! Got a sponsored short embedded here for you (but we ain’t here for the biz; here for the BARZ, son). “Streets” is off the latest EP.


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Touré And Tariq “Black Thought” Trotter Talk About Inspiration, Imagination, And Responsibility (Video)

Lookit. If you don’t think Black Thought is not an all-time great emcee (as in a G.O.A.T., if not the G.O.A.T.), then we don’t have much to talk about. You may not get anything from this post.

But you still ought to watch his sit down with Touré. And learn… some RESPECT! Hmphf… acting like Tariq didn’t set Funk Flex’s mic on fire just over a month ago (watch again here).

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Talib Kweli – “Heads Up Eyes Open” feat. Rick Ross x Yummy Bingham (Live Performance)

Above: Coming up next to Jimmy Fallon’s set… Talib Kweli and Rick Ross and Yummy Bingham doing “Heads Up Eyes Open.”

(Note to artists: Don’t front. You WANT The Roots to get your back on stage! So dope!)

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Watch The Roots, Getting LIVE At The Tiny Desk (Video)

The Legendary Roots Crew. The get LIVE every night with Jimmy Fallon. But for the tiny crowd gathered for The Tiny Desk… Well, let’s see if they take things up another tick!

(C’mon son, it’s The Roots, Sun!)

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A Choir Comes From Texas To Sing “Lean On Me” And Jimmy Fallon Puts A Million Dollars In The Collection Plate For Hurricane Harvey Relief (Video)

Now THAT’S how you use your platform! Salute to JJ Watt of the Houston Texans and to Jimmy Fallon. That fund Watt has going to aid victims of Hurricane Harvey keeps growing a million bucks at a time, and The Tonight Show just added another million!

On top of that, Jimmy invited a Houston area Gospel choir to come take his audience to church in less than 5 minutes flat. If you’ve never been ‘full’ from some good church singing… get ready for that and press play above.


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Questlove Speaks On How F*cked Up It Would Be To Cut The EPA’s Budget (Video)

Questlove and the National Resources Defense Council (NRDC) put together this light-hearted PSA on what is ultimately a life or death situation. C’mon, current Administration… What? You don’t think it’s important to ensure that we have drinkable water, breathable air, and uncontaminated produce?? That really is f*cked up.

(All jokes and subtleties aside, don’t mess with the Environmental Protection Agency in ANY way. The EPA’s work is too important for scoring political points.)

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Comedy: Dave Chappelle On Meeting Kanye West, Getting Played By Prince, And Being The ‘Lost Root’ (Video)

Okay. The Yeezy story is awesome, but the ones about meeting The Roots and the Prince judo move… YES! Enjoy this recent throwback interview. Stories told as only Dave Chappelle can tell ’em.


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J. Period – “Rise Up!” feat. Black Thought (Of The Roots) x Posdnuos (Of De La Soul) x Pharoahe Monch x Joss Stone

YOOOOO! This jawn BANGS!! Beatz & Lyrics on display (nice working in that ‘Phoenix’ sample from Tariq in the breaks). Every lyricist bringing drive; racing down the J. Period track like we gotta get there. Where? To the revolution!

What does it mean to “RISE UP?” What does it mean to RESIST?

Produced by J.PERIOD, this epic single brings together an historic lineup of artists — Black Thought of The Roots, Posdnuos of De La Soul, Pharoahe Monch & Joss Stone — to explore the meaning of “resistance” and the state of our Union. Additional production and instrumentation from Stro Elliot (Playlist Retreat), Larrance Dobson (1500 Or Nothin, Kendrick Lamar, Timbaland) and Jesse Blum (Misterwives). RISE UP EP available May 2.


The Roots, Jimmy Fallon, Paul McCartney & The ‘Sing’ Cast Have “Wonderful Christmas Time” (Video)

If you’re gonna do the holidays… do ’em right! Right includes dope music. A capella, with beatboxing, no less. Nice!

Jimmy and The Roots join Paul McCartney, Matthew McConaughey, Reese Witherspoon, Scarlett Johansson, Seth MacFarlane and Tori Kelly for an a cappella rendition of “Wonderful Christmastime.”
– The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon

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The Roots x Joell Ortiz x Busta Rhymes – “My Shot” (Live Performance)

The Roots, Joell Ortiz, and Busta Rhymes perform “My Shot” from “The Hamilton Mixtape” for The Tonight Show audience. Song ought to get a good push, too. The “Hamilton” show is still a popular event; having even been attended by U.S. Vice-President Elect Mike Pence (read: almost ANYbody might be in the audience…that massive). And this high-energy performance on Jimmy Fallon’s show can’t hurt either!

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Stop Me If You’ve Heard This One: Magician David Blane Shows Up With A Deck Of Cards And A Frog… (Video)

You know you are a real magician when you can bring onlookers up for a really close look, then send them scurrying away like gleefully startled children. Hilarious, engaging and intriguing, watch master illusionist David Blane amaze Jimmy Fallon and The Roots in the clip above.


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The Roots – “Bittersweet”

You cannot just turn a concept for a commercial jingle over to The World’s Greatest Late Night Band… the standard bearers for Hip-Hop with instrumentation… and think you will just get a 30-second clip. No. And Stella Artois had to know that. A promotional song so strong it can stand as a single alone. Check out The Roots with their “Bittersweet” jawn.

What does a sound taste like? Experience “Bittersweet” by The Roots, the first ever song you can taste. Based upon scientific research that explores the relationship between our senses, one side has been written to bring out the sweeter flavors in a Stella Artois, while the other enhances the bitter notes. Can you taste the difference?

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Black & Nickel (Black Thought x Royce Da 5’9) – “Rap On Steroids”

Ever heard that Hip-Hop so dope it made you cuss out loud on the first listen? That’s this Black & Nickel (as in Black Thought of The Roots and Royce da Nickel Nine) jawn “Rap On Steroids” son! Stamped approved and put out on the Twitterverse by Questlove. It’s official!


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Tonight Show ‘Password’ With Contestants Jennifer Lopez & Khloé Kardashian (Video)

Of course, if Jenny from the Block gives “Big” as a clue, a dude will say ‘booty!’ Obviously. Hahahaaaa! Truth be told, this is a lot of lovely mocha shake on the set. Kudos to Questlove and Jimmy for maintaining like the big pimpin’ gamers that they are.

Jimmy and Jennifer Lopez team up against Khloé Kardashian and The Roots’ Questlove in the game ‘Password.’

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Questlove Reflects On His Career, Music, and Life (Video)

It’s kind of like asking “What’s your favorite breath you ever took?”

In this episode of ‘The Reflection’ featuring Questlove, he speaks on how he fell in love with music, the beginning of The Roots, meeting musical heroes, what it takes to truly succeed and more.

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The 2015 BET Cyphers: Def Squad Reunited (Video)(Video)


The headline says it all; like its own byline. Did you see the Cyphers this year? Always the best part of the BET Hip-Hop Awards. We expect a ‘wow’ moment or two from the Awards’ broadcast; and a Cypher is a good bet for a source. Well, there was [at least] a BIG one in this year’s – Erick Sermon, Keith Murray and Redman spitting with DJ Scratch taking the Preemo spot (see what we did there?) for the set. Def Squad comes back to life for the night! Good to see.

Click the pic above to start with the Squad. Got the rest of this year’s Cyphers linked after the jump.

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The Roots Picnic 2015: Erykah Badu with The Roots In Philly (Video)

“Love Of My Life” will be a classic forever! For this show clip… just the beginning. The Roots x Erykah Badu collabo on stage live at The Roots Picnic 2015 – SMASH! That’s in the books. Captured on video forever. Historical! Watch a great performance above. Enjoy!

(Guest pop-ins from Philly Freezer, YG and The LOX, too? Boom!)

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