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Pee Wee Kirkland Left The Court To Become A Kingpin In The Drug Game (Video)

Surely you know something about the dual life lived by hood icon Pee Wee Kirkland. At least you’ve heard that rap line “Legend in two games [like] Pee Wee Kirkland.” Basketball was one game. VICE will give us the real deep scoop on Pee Wee’s second.

Richard “Pee Wee” Kirkland began playing basketball in the streets of Harlem when he was 9-years-old. By age 13, he split his time between playing ball and committing robberies to help finance a growing drug empire.

In college, Kirkland was the 1968 MVP for Norfolk State, turning down an offer from UCLA to play alongside Kareem Abdul Jabaar. Kirkland was then drafted by the Chicago Bulls but turned down their offer when he realized he could make more money in the drug game than the basketball game. With law enforcement on his tail, Kirkland found himself behind bars twice between 1971 and 1988. From there, he made a change, becoming a motivational speaker and inspiring young, inner-city athletes to take a different path out than he did.

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– VICE Sports


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Azie Faison Speaks On Getting ‘Paid In Full’ As A Coke Kingpin Back Then, Life Events Up To Now And Why There Is No Future In The Drug Game (Video)

Azie Faison. Bronx-born, Harlem-raised. Sugar Hill, baby. Former mover of weight in the ’80s…in love with the ‘co co’ (selling cocaine). Dude was making $100K a day when the “War on Drugs” was being fought heavy. Roc-A-Fella Films’ “Paid In Full” was modeled after his life!

Above Faison speaks on realizing Alpo murdered Rich Porter and why, why today’s drug game is stupid and much, much more!

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