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Changing The Game: Lacrosse Comes To Harlem (Video)

Up top, it’s all about the blacktop. The lyric, “Basketball is my favorite sport,” not lacrosse… right? Well, these kids are into it AND it’s helping them level up to a better shot in life.

Basketball courts may still dominate north of 125th Street in New York City, but more kids than ever are taking up lacrosse as their sport of choice. We followed Javon to hear what his friends think about lacrosse and how he plans to make his mark on the game.

Watch. Might have to change that lyric.

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Sports: Kevin Durant Recalls Dropping 66 Points During A Street Ball Game He Played At Legendary Rucker Park (Video)

Hahaa! Know how Fat Joe said he said to Kay Slay, “I don’t wanna speak about the Rucker,” in that “Lean Back” joint? Naaah, son. KD is going to speak on his Rucker Park memories!

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Cam’ron x A-Trak – “Dipsh*ts” (Video)

If you’re like me then you’ve been kinda miss that Dipset sound & movement as of late, but this new video & single from Killa Cam & A-Trak’s upcoming collabo project, The Federal Reserve EP,  makes it feel like the Dips’ triumphant return. Even Dame Dash reintroduces himself as ‘Champagne Dame’ on the track & video letting everyone know the squad is back. This clip directed by Ricky Saiz has all the elements that define what a dope Dipset song & video should be all about. All the of the principal Dipset members appear united, the Harlem people in the neighborhoods, the Just Blaze co-production, the fashion-conscious yet gritty connection to the streets, & even the big booty chicks like Cam’s girl JuJu who makes a cameo. It’s not too Complex, but it’s a start. Hopefully we’ll get another Dipset Anthem for 2014. Check out the trailer for Cam’ron & A-Trak’s upcoming film ‘2 The Hard Way (Pause)’ after the jump….

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Black Woman Disrespects A Black Man & White Girlfriend in Harlem Barbershop. What Would YOU Do? (Video)

I enjoy these ‘candid camera-type’ of social experiments that ABC News reporter John Quinones does in his “What Would You Do?” series that usually airs on Friday nights.   This episode is particularly interesting as they head to a Harlem barbershop with a large black clientele.  Things get interesting when a black female disrespects a black man & his white girlfriend.  Personally I’ve dated every race there is & wouldn’t tolerate anyone disrespecting my girlfriend or wife no matter what her race is. In fact, many of my family members are also involved in interracial relationships which reflects how much America as a whole is changing.  Many great points were made in this video by the people who stood up including the brother in the video who made a excellent point that interracial relationships are not destroying the black community. It’s drugs & poverty, but we can’t combat that with our own ignorance, hatred, & bigotry. African-Americans should know better than anyone else not to discriminate on anyone as much as we have been for many years. There’s so many great quotes in this segment it’s amazing. Ultimately, the most important thing about ANY relationship is “LOVE”.

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