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‘Mission Impossible’ aka Jordan Kilganon in ‘White Men Can Jump’ (Video)

He’s not exactly ‘White Chocolate’ by looking at his hairstyle or swagger, but 6’1 basketball player Jordan Kilganon got busy up in New York City’s Rucker Park last week with a series of ill dunks. I believe the host of the event gave him the nickname ‘Mission Impossible’ loosely based on Jordan’s Tom Cruise inspired hair cut. Hahaaaaa! No matter what it’s easy to see ‘Mr. Mission Impossible’ has some hydraulics in his legs. Skill is skill son & Woody Harrelson’s character in the 1992 film ‘White Men Can’t Jump’ would be proud. Maybe he’ll come down & make an appearance in Atlanta this weekend with NBA stars like Dwight Howard for the ABEL (Atlanta Entertainment Basketball League)‘s upcoming 3-point & Slam Dunk contest this Sunday 8/8/14. The ABEL is Atlanta’s version of what goes down at the Rucker in New York City with games taking place Saturday at 6pm  & contests on Sunday.  Shouts to HoodMixtape & @AEBLHOOPS

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ESPN First Take: Nelly Accurately Explains Why Dwight Howard Left The Los Angeles Lakers (Video)

St. Louis rapper Nelly appeared on ESPN’s First Take with Stephen A Smith & Skip Bayless hours ago & he was on point with his analysis of a few topics discussed on the show. I watched the show live & found Nelly to be spot on about his analysis of why Major League Baseball is falling off as well as why more African-Americans are not gravitating to the game. The most explosive debate occurred when the topic of discussion turned to the reason Dwight Howard left the Los Angeles Lakers. If you follow me on twitter then you will know that I’ve addressed the elephant in the room involving Kobe Bryant for a while now. Although I don’t have a national platform like ESPN to express my opinion, it was a pleasant surprise to see someone like Nelly not play the political correctness game that most of these journalists do by just being very direct about what’s REALLY going on. The bottom-line is that although most of these NBA players respect Kobe’s talent, a larger number of them do not want to play with Kobe. I’ve spoken with a number of NBA players who’ve said similar things off the record. Nelly was spot on with his analysis regarding Dwight Howard but with him actually being friends of the Houston Rockets’ new center I’m sure to a lesser degree he may have indirectly spoken for him.

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Dwight Howard Speaks On ‘miCoach’ Fitness By Adidas (Video)

It’s show-and-tell time! When he’s not being indecisive about which NBA team he eventually would like to play for NBA superstar Dwight Howard is promoting for Adidas & helping kids improve their game. The Atlanta native shows us some of his workout moves, and he tells us how Adidas’ miCoach (available Playstation and Xbox 360 Kinect) can help kids (and kids at heart) improve their basketball/athletic skills.
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Dwight Howard x Big Sean’s Adidas Commercial (Video)

Dwight Howard’s new commercial for his adiZero Crazy Light features Detroit’s Big Sean in the clip & also utilizes his hit strip club anthem “Ass”(Dance) as the background music. Hopefully that choice of song isn’t any indication of how quality these 9.8oz Adidas ultra light kicks really are. I truly don’t believe they’ll be an NBA season this year, but there’s always work at Footlocker selling kicks. Right Superman?

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 Trailer with Jonah Hill & Dwight Howard (Video)

This is official Call of Duty®: Modern Warfare® 3 live action trailer featuring Sam Worthington, Jonah Hill and Dwight Howard. Whether you’re a veteran of Call of Duty or a n00b just starting out, there’s a soldier in all of us so they say. I know many people went out & copped the game today, but when I first saw this commercial I sorta chuckled out loud once Dwight Howard made his appearance in the clip.

Dwight Howard Walks Out Of Interview When Asked If He’ll Stay With The Orlando Magic (Video)

Fans & the media criticized Lebron James & others for leaving their former teams due to not having enough assistance or talent around them to win championships. Why shouldn’t Dwight Howard go somewhere with a chance to win an NBA title? I believe he’s already made his decision…..