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How America Is Killing the Middle Class (Video)

The American Dream is threatened by a rapidly shrinking middle class. Millions of Americans are strapped with debt, higher costs of living and lower paychecks. How did it get so bad?

This AJ+ is a must watch. Cuts through high brow talk and all the political discourse about the direction of the U.S. economy. The so-called middle class that most of us want to get into or climb through… it’s damn near gone. Adjusted median household income is less now than it was in 1989… nineteen-eighty-f##cking-NINE!! And as a people we are getting deeper into debt, facing higher costs of living and barriers to access to healthcare and advanced education…

Enough. Dammit enough!!!

We are in deep trouble. We knew that, but this video clears the waters so we can see how deep. Watch. And this campaign season, while you are deciding who (or whether) to vote for as the Presidential candidate of your choice next year, THINK… Who is talking real talk about FIXING THIS SH!T?


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President Barack Obama: 2012 State Of The Union Address (Video)

If you were out like me last night, you missed the President’s State Of The Union address. Judging from reading many people’s tweets on twitter the President did a good job & many of his talking points checked out. Here is last nights State Of The Union address in its entirety.

Russell Simmons Says He’s Paid Less Taxes Than His Employees (Video)

Warren Buffet was the first & one of the few billionaires to speak out about what’s going on in America with billionaires, millionaires, & corporations getting ridiculous tax breaks while the average American citizen is paying more in taxes year after year. Russell Simmons spoke out recently about these disparities that are serious affecting the country and later added in that he’s paid less taxes than all of his employees combined. He also lent his support to the protestors Occupying Wall Street.