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Too Old To Die Young: Russell Simmons (Video)

Too Old To Die Young is a new docu-series featuring urban culture’s most legendary figures. For the series debut ep, we get pioneer music mogul and modern vegan & meditation maestre Russell Simmons. Mass Appeal got legendary publicist Bill Adler to follow Russell ’round, to get the scoop on him and his perspective on the world around him. Yep, a journalistic journey of discovery becomes much more; just like it did when People Magazine sent young reporter Bill to cover Russell on the hustle back in 1983… and he hired Bill as his director of publicity for Def Jam Records and Rush Artist Management.

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Indiana Rome – “Master P” (Video)

St. Louis based Indiana bred emcee Indiana Rome has dropped a video to his latest track Master P.  In this track he pays homage to the legendary southern rapper with clever references to track names and artists from the No Limit roster.  Don’t get it twisted Indiana Rome is definitely making a name for himself fresh off his album DOPE DEALER he has now signed with Delmar Records out of St. Louis. This video showcased in conjunction with All Def Digital Russell Simmons new imprint!  This young man stays busy not only writing rhymes but doing all of his own production so check out the video and get ready for DOPEDLRS 2 dropping soon.

Until then check out his current release DOPEDLRS and see past video ” I Need A Fan” posted previously.

ArtByOdell Twitter/SoundCloud

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The ‘Back And Forth’ Continues: Rick Rubin And Russell Simmons Talk About Public Enemy And More (Video)

Public Enemy changed everything about Black America…
Russell Simmons

The Hip-Hop version of The Clash?? Yep. And Rick Rubin would be the one to tell us about it in Back And Forth (Part 3). Get some gems and jewels about earrrly Chuck D, the founding and shaping of Public Enemy as an act (that would go on to enter the Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame… and rock on ‘The Tonight Show’ the other night) from Rubin and Russell Simmons. Great stuff!

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Russell Simmons And Rick Rubin Continue The ‘Back And Forth’ Speaking On Beastie Boys And More (Video)

“It’s what the f##k geniuses do!”
Russell Simmons (on Rick Rubin)

You heard him: Rick Rubin wrote lyrics with the Beastie Boys… too! Pretty much a Mister Everything in the Hip-Hop landscape, Rubin and his founding partner [of the legendary Def Jam Recordings label] (Russell Simmons) continue their back-and-forth convo with Noisey. We posted Part 1 on here earlier. Enjoy Part 2 above now.


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Russell Simmons and Rick Rubin, Founders Of Def Jam Recordings, Speak On The Early Days, The Clubs, ‘Radio’ And More (Video)

Two music pioneers, on Noisey’s Back & Forth series, speaking on the 30th Anniversary of the legendary Def Jam Recordings. Founders Russell Simmons and Rick Rubin talk about the early days of the label, their first twelve-inch release, LL Cool J’s hit “Radio,” and LL Cool J’s involvement with Run-D.M.C. and so much more above.

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Russell Simmons On Snoop Dogg’s GGN Network (Video)

Russell Simmons joins Snoop Dogg on GGN. The Godfather and The DoggFather. Talking about the early days of Hip-Hop culture, about that green (*cough* you know Uncle Rush got down back in the day)… and Snoop tries some “green” eating: a vegan pastrami sandwich.

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Yamin Semali – “Uncle Ruckus Simmons” (Russell Simmons Diss)

YaminSemali -Jayforce.comWhile most rappers are making response records to Kendrick Lamar’s ‘Control’ verse, Atlanta’s own Yamin Semali went in another direction by clearly placing Russell Simmons in his crosshairs for that ill advised, ill-timed, & unfunny ‘Harriet Tubman Sex Tape’ comedy skit that he initially endorsed. The former Def Jam head has subsequently apologized for the video, but Yamin Semali isn’t letting it slide. As timing would have it all the chatter in Hip Hop last few days has been about stepping up has been in regard to Kendrick Lamar’s verse on Big Sean’s “Control,” but very few are going to go in on Uncle Rush’s bad move & those in hip hop misrepresenting it. Wonder how much will said about THIS ‘Control’ verse because it’s probably the most powerful.

Listen (FREE download and lyrics available at link below) and form your own opinions. Yamin made his plain on the track.


Inmates and Prison Officials Agree: “The House I Live In” Documentary Exposes The Failures of The U.S. War On Drugs Policy (Video)

HEADLINE: Inmates and Prison Guards AGREE on Failures of the Drug War!

Above is a behind-the-scenes teaser for a screening for Eugene Jarecki’s documentary “The House I Live In.” The venue: Joseph Harp Correctional Center (Lexington, Oklahoma, USA). Making a documentary at a jail… sure. But viewing it there, that’s different. But you know drug enforcement policy is more than a bit *messed* up if the C.O.’s and the prisoners can agree that it is!

See clips from the film (executive producers: Brad Pitt, John Legend, Russell Simmons and Danny Glover) after the jump. VERY interesting…




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Kanye West & Russell Simmons Occupy Wallstreet (Video)

Kanye West & Russell Simmons made a trip down to support the protesters at Occupy Wall Street. The movement is growing & getting larger everyday all over the country. #OccupyWallstreet

Russell Simmons Says He’s Paid Less Taxes Than His Employees (Video)

Warren Buffet was the first & one of the few billionaires to speak out about what’s going on in America with billionaires, millionaires, & corporations getting ridiculous tax breaks while the average American citizen is paying more in taxes year after year. Russell Simmons spoke out recently about these disparities that are serious affecting the country and later added in that he’s paid less taxes than all of his employees combined. He also lent his support to the protestors Occupying Wall Street.