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President Obama Speaks On The Trayvon Martin Case (Video)

Young Jeezy Speaks Passionately On The Trayvon Martin Tragedy; Says He Has A Son The Same Age (Audio)

In a recent interview with Sway of MTV, Young Jeezy discussed the recent tragedy & subsequent protests involving the death of Trayvon Martin. It’s great to see artists like Young Jeezy willing to be a leader not afraid to get politically active & speak out about something that really matters regarding our community & beyond. We need more artists & celebrities to immediately focus their attention on the issue at hand…..

Davey D Speaks with Dick Gregory & Paul Mooney (Video)

Davey D caught up with comedians & political/social activists Dick Gregory & Paul Mooney earlier today on this new TradioV [Radio In TV] program I believe that just kicked off today. There’s many jewels dropped in this video if you pay attention. Check out this very interesting interview that just concluded just minutes ago via livestream. The livestream starts with several seconds of music before the show starts with video…

Bill Maher: CrazyStupidPolitics (Video)

President Barack Obama: 2012 State Of The Union Address (Video)

If you were out like me last night, you missed the President’s State Of The Union address. Judging from reading many people’s tweets on twitter the President did a good job & many of his talking points checked out. Here is last nights State Of The Union address in its entirety.

President Obama Sings Al Green’s ‘Let’s Stay Together’ Kicking Off His 2012 Re-Election Campaign (Video)

While at the famed Apollo Theater last night in Harlem, the Commander-In-Chief President Barack Obama took a brief moment out of speech to his supporters to sing the Al Green classic “Let’s Stay Together” to kick off his 2012 presidential campaign. Funny…

Rewind: Boondocks – “The Return of The King” Episode (Video)

Aaron McGruder’s social & political messages in the successful & animated The Boondocks series needs to return to television like asap….. Reupping this special episode of the Boondocks in honor of Martin Luther King, Jr. How ironic is it that some of the dumb stuff in this episode is actually happening. Check out an actual MLK weekend party flyer under the hood……SMDH
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Kanye West & Russell Simmons Occupy Wallstreet (Video)

Kanye West & Russell Simmons made a trip down to support the protesters at Occupy Wall Street. The movement is growing & getting larger everyday all over the country. #OccupyWallstreet

Mos Def Demands BET Awards Show Tribute For Troy Davis (Video)

Mos Def & Talib Kweli were scheduled to perform here in Atlanta last Thursday night, but the show was cancelled following the recent execution of Troy Davis by the state of Georgia. As Black Star, Mos & Kweli opted to cancel their show in protest. I’m not mad & I applaud them for doing so. Troy Davis will officially be buried this Saturday & almost simultaneously the 2011 BET Hip Hop Awards will be taking place in Atlanta. While at their Miami show Mos Def took the opportunity to send a message to the powers at BET to make sure they dedicated a segment to a man who was executed with no evidence of guilt. Should be interesting to see how many other artists will speak out if given the platform.

Jasiri X – “I Am Troy Davis” (Video)

Please visit TROYANTHONYDAVIS.ORG to learn more about how you can help or Call 404-913-3767 & say “this is (your name) from (your location in the world) and “I Am Troy Davis!”

Lupe Fiasco Appears On Fox News To Debate With Bill O’Reilly (Video)

Props to Yardie for this video…..everyone I know has been waiting for Lupe to speak out on his comments regarding President Obama & the wars talking place. I can see where Lupe may have been going with some of his comments, but it’s clearly evident that Fox News may have edited out some of Lupe’s comments to their own advantage. It would have been a better discussion had it been on-air live.

Public Enemy: The Art Of Chuck D (Video)

I respect Chuck D for many reasons from the music, as an emcee, to sports, to politics, but I never knew he was heavily into art. Check out this brief documentary from Chuck D’s website about his venture into fine art influenced by the immigration policies taking place in Arizona.

John Stewart Debates Bill O’Reilly On Common Performing At The White House (Video)

John Stewart debated Bill O’Reilly about the issue of Common being allowed to perform poetry at the White House. He delivered a perfect knock out blow to Bill O’Reilly in this particular clip with his comparisons. The remaining parts under the hood…..
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Uncle Luke Appears On CNN Campaigning For Mayor Of Miami (Video)

Uncle Luke is trying to make it official on May 24th when Miami goes to the polls to vote for their new mayor. With the wild & crazy past that Luther Campbell has led & small amounts of fundraising dollars he’s seriously facing an uphill battle in winning. Rap Radar captured the complete interview with CNN under the hood….

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President Obama Discusses Osama Bin Laden On ’60 Minutes’ (Video)

Sean Price Speaks On Osama Bin Laden (Video)

Sean P!!!!!!!!!!!!

Comedy: President Obama On Death Of Osama Bin Laden Spoof (Video)

Jimmy Fallon Spoofs Donald Trump Taking Credit For Getting Osama Bin Laden (Video)

BREAKING NEWS: Osama Bin Laden Reportedly Killed By U.S. Forces In Pakistan (Video)

Seth Meyers Speech During The White House Correspondents’ Dinner (Full Video)

SNL comedian/writer Seth Meyers got in some funny jokes at many people like Arianna Huffington, FoxNews, Anderson Cooper, & even President Barack Obama himself who at least laughed at himself. The jokes aimed at Donald Trump were not only funny, but well deserved low blows that ‘The Donald’ just asked for with this ‘Birther’ sh*t….