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Started As Some Colonies, Now We’re Here… As A Corporation (Video)

If you hang out with folks in the States who claim Moor as nationality, they might have hipped you to something like this. Or at least tried. Perhaps you really did not take in the knowledge because it was not echoed elsewhere. Well, not trying to proselytize anyone, but here’s a ‘truth echo’ right here. Study, look into things, and THINK for yourSELF!

Plain and simple America is a Corporation since 1871 with the Act of 1871. Finalized in 1938. Rockefellers in the United States. The Rothschilds in England. They own and run the Federal Reserve the Central bank of England and the United Nations is run by them. They both finance WAR for both sides to keep the lies going and but the Corporations are broke. Everything with Syria, Russia, USA and soon to be China falls under this to enslave us with Agenda2030 that was Agenda21 GO now!!
– TruthnotWar2115

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Iranian-American Hoda Katebi May Not Be ‘American Enough’ For Some (Video)

Wowwww. You know how when you were a kid, your parents taught you what to say aloud and what NOT to say? Even if it is what you are thinking?

An Iranian-American woman was told she didn’t “sound like an American” on live TV.
– AJ+

NO! We cannot continue to allow people call our people’s, Americans’, citizenship… loyalty… whatever… into question because they do not think it lines up with what they think Americans should think, look like, sound like, etc.

She is Iranian-American. Ethnic heritage of Iran; citizen of the United States. End of debate. Unless you want to be ignorant about it and believe that only some American citizens are ‘real Americans.’

That is ‘Murica, folks. That is NOT America. America is FREE. America is TOUGH. America, if we are to believe it actually is the ‘beacon on the hill’ we proclaim it to be… MUST be better than ‘Murica.


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Accidental Courtesy: Daryl Davis, Race & America (Festival Trailer)

I never set out to convert anybody. In my quest, some of them ended up converting themselves.
Daryl Davis

So, go on and plan on watching the trailer above TWICE, because the first run will likely leave you breathless. This is the award-winning documentary about a Black musician, Daryl Davis, who befriends and engages members of the Ku Klux Klan and other white supremacists in an extended dialog about race, hate, and how we can get past it. Turns out this all started as a bold an simple measure to get the KKK’s answer to this question: “How can you hate me if you don’t even know me?”

(Davis’ dialogs with Klan members have been so powerful that several members ultimately left the organization. You MUST watch!)

“Accidental Courtesy: Daryl Davis, Race & America” comes to PBS on February 13, 2017.

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Roland Martin Chastises Bill O’Reilly For Not Respecting Colin Kaepernick’s Protest (Video)

Uh oh. Colin, you can drop back for a second and let brother Roland put the blitz on Billy [Bob] O’Reilly. Sacked him!! When Roland goes, “So, Bill, DAMN your book,” you KNOW the ‘turn up’ turned the corner!

Bill, what books are you reading?”

Roland Martin gave Bill O’Reilly a history lesson on patriotism and African Americans.

O’Reilly wants Colin Kaepernick to read his book about patriotism, but Martin, host of NewsOne Now says O’Reilly has it all wrong and offered a series of tiles that O’Reilly should read instead.

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Gentrified “Ethnic Cleansing American Style” (Official Theater Trailer)

You cant ignore the racial divide across this country and you cant disregard the financial divide as well. Whether it is large metropolitan cities like New York, LA as well as mid level cities like Nashville & Birmingham the divide can be seen.  Mainstream media has ignored how the best school systems end up on one side of the city along with better places to shop at.  Or how areas that were predominantly black and low income get taken over by non black Americans along with new industry and better security following as well.

Black Channel Films decided to stop waiting for the mainstream to tell the story of Gentrification “Ethnic Cleansing American Style”.  This is a powerful film that will be released later this year.  We will keep you updated here at on the release and theaters it will play in across the country.  We will definitely be at the Atlanta screening. The film has already been shot but you can get involved with helping to market and advertise the film with contributing to their indiegogo campaign.  Make sure you witness the story that the national media has ignored!



-ArtByOdell Twitter/SoundCloud/Instagram

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Historical Brief: America Vs. Cuba (Documentary Short)

Bay of Pigs. Proxy warring between the U.S. and the Soviet Union. Cold shoulders to Fidel Castro. An average American might know a little something about each or all of these pieces of U.S. vs. Cuba historic tension. However, the beef goes deeper and further back. Watch and learn what’s up and why Barack Obama’s Presidential visit to Cuba was so unprecedented.

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How America Is Killing the Middle Class (Video)

The American Dream is threatened by a rapidly shrinking middle class. Millions of Americans are strapped with debt, higher costs of living and lower paychecks. How did it get so bad?

This AJ+ is a must watch. Cuts through high brow talk and all the political discourse about the direction of the U.S. economy. The so-called middle class that most of us want to get into or climb through… it’s damn near gone. Adjusted median household income is less now than it was in 1989… nineteen-eighty-f##cking-NINE!! And as a people we are getting deeper into debt, facing higher costs of living and barriers to access to healthcare and advanced education…

Enough. Dammit enough!!!

We are in deep trouble. We knew that, but this video clears the waters so we can see how deep. Watch. And this campaign season, while you are deciding who (or whether) to vote for as the Presidential candidate of your choice next year, THINK… Who is talking real talk about FIXING THIS SH!T?


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Janelle Monáe – “Dance Apocalyptic” (Video)

You already know the very capable dance floor flow of one Janelle Monáe. Incredible! But this video Emotion Picture stars the chocolate R&B knockout turning it loose. Doing her “Dance Apocalyptic” like she’s doing it for TV (per the vision of director Wendy Morgan). You can get “Dance Apocalyptic” and pre-order “The Electric Lady” album on iTunes.

(Oh… by the way… Breaking News: There are zombies in Atlanta! And now, back to our off the chain show!)


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Mac Miller – “America” (featuring Casey Veggies x Joey Bada$$) [Video]

Well, well. Pittsburgh’s own Mac Miller decided to set off his own fireworks for July 4th! This is a video (released on Independence Day) for “America,” a single off his “Macadelic” mixtape (out now). For this banger, it seems he loaded extra firepower – Casey Veggies and Joey Bada$$ (who was just featured in a post here). So, celebrate your Independents’ Day (get it?) today by clicking and watching now!

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