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Eric B. & Rakim Give Their Top 5 Songs, And Shout Out Some Top-Tier Emcees, As They Salute Hip-Hop’s 45th Birthday (Video)

The legends, Eric B. & Rakim, give the rundown on their Top 5 Hip-Hop songs ever.

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Marley Marl Recreates The ‘Classic Recipe’ For “Eric B. Is President” by Eric B. & Rakim (Video)

Damn! Has it been 25 years already?? Guess so. But what was dope then will be dope again… especially the way Marley Marl put it down on “Eric B. Is President!” Check out the super producer putting together another ‘Classic Recipe’ in the video above!

‘In the second installment of Marley Marl “Classic Recipes,” he shows you how he produced “Eric B. Is President” in 1986, the debut single for legendary hip hop duo Eric B. & Rakim. Marl talks about meeting Rakim for the first time and discusses the collaborative process with Eric B. that would yield one of the most influential Hip-Hop tracks ever. “Eric B. Is President” combines a bassline from Fonda Rae’s bonafide 1982 club hit “Over Like a Fat Rat” and a beat from James Brown’s 1974 hit “Funky President.”

– DubSpot

‘Limitations made us who we are.’ (Marl spoke truth with that…speaking on making a CLASSIC with only 4 tracks. No high tech; just superior SKILLS!)
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Rick Ross Surprised by Hip-Hop Idol Eric B. on MTV ‘RapFix Live’ (Video)

Imagine meeting your childhood idol. Now, imagine getting a chance to sit down, talk with, and give praise to your idol. NOW, imagine your idol giving you praise right back! Maaaannnn, look at Rick Ross in this video. You could’ve knocked him over with a feather. That’s alright. That’s how it is supposed to be in the True School. Shared respect between the old and new schoolers. Feel the love as you watch Eric B. and Rick Ross interact on Sway’s show ‘RapFix Live’. Incredible! Lots of wisdom dropped in this piece, too.
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