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Rick Ross Surprised by Hip-Hop Idol Eric B. on MTV ‘RapFix Live’ (Video)

Imagine meeting your childhood idol. Now, imagine getting a chance to sit down, talk with, and give praise to your idol. NOW, imagine your idol giving you praise right back! Maaaannnn, look at Rick Ross in this video. You could’ve knocked him over with a feather. That’s alright. That’s how it is supposed to be in the True School. Shared respect between the old and new schoolers. Feel the love as you watch Eric B. and Rick Ross interact on Sway’s show ‘RapFix Live’. Incredible! Lots of wisdom dropped in this piece, too.
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Nas Speaks On ‘Life Is Good’, Personal Life & Finances, & The Trayvon Martin Tragedy (Video)

Nas stopped by RapFix Live on MTV & spoke with Sway on a variety of topics from his upcoming album “Life Is Good”, His personal life, dealing with finances, & the Trayvon Martin murder. More video under the hood below….
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Freeway Rapfix Freestyle (Video)

Free drops some bars and big ups Troy Davis (R.I.P.)

Consequence Speaks On His Issues With Q-Tip, ATCQ, & Writing For Kanye West (Video)

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LiL Kim Interview With Sway On MTV’s ‘RapFix Live’ (Video)

Parts 2-5 are under the hood……
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