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DJ Premier x A$AP Ferg – “Our Streets” (Live Performance) [Video]

Yessir, and please believe. Streets is watching this “Our Streets” move as two heavyweights in the game – DJ Premier and A$AP Ferg – keep elbowing out breathing space in the room by showing and proving their Hip-Hop excellence. Dope performance!


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SkyBlew – “Running In Place” feat. Sarah Kaboom x Dasan Ahanu (Prod. By U’Nique Music) [Video]

Yoooooo! The homie SkyBlew’s jawn “Running In Place” (with Sarah Kaboom & Dasan Ahanu; produced by U’Nique Music)…remember? I hipped y’all to it on here (follow the link). Well, dude worked it onto Got that linked, too. But hey, you can just hit play and watch that above. Salute dude. “You’re my boy, Blew! You’re my boy!”

(You gotta know that movie “Old School” to really get that last part. Long story short: I’m really happy for my Carolina Comrade’s recent win!)



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‘White Squad’ Helps People Of Color Enjoy White Privilege (Video)

Mm hmmmm! This is going to enlighten some, sting others, and make most of us laugh. Good! Saw MTV coming with something truly bold and provocative (no, not a ’16 & Pregnant’ spin-off) – a biting satire called “White Squad.” Part of the network’s Look Different campaign against prejudice, it features a ‘consultancy’ that offers advice and provides stand-ins to help clients of color get fair treatment in situations where being lighter (read: White) is an advantage.

As the “White Squad” site says, “White privilege is real. White Squad is fiction.” So, in a way that respects our intelligence (and sometimes may have us forgetting that it’s just TV), “White Squad” brings up and faces down uncomfortable societal issues. While being tongue-in-cheek funny, it makes us ALL think about how people of color are treated. Now, if MTV’s broaching topics they should ‘leave alone’… that is, if “White Squad” content threatens to make folks uncomfortable… then those folks should should watch. “White Squad” and the Look Different campaign was meant to reach them; not just so-called ‘offenders’ but those who have accepted being ‘offended’ as part of being part of society, too.

Fair is fair for everyone; not just the fairer-skinned. That’s what this site says. Watching you MTV. VERY interesting…

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MTV Quizzes The Wu-Tang Clan On Wu Trivia (Video)

Protect Ya Neck? Nah… protect your REP! Please excuse, Wu crew… do your know your work? Hmm… we’ll see. MTV had ’em on for the chaaaaallenge! Pop quizzing the members game show style; on Wu Tang Clan trivia of all things. Interesting.

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Behind The Scenes: Girl Talk x Freeway – “Tolerated” (Video)

Interesting behind the scenes view of a dope video we posted from the collabo of producer Girl Talk and Freeway aka Philly Freezer. Get the story behind the story of the “Tolerated” video.

“She was real excited. Like…’Freeway shoving a cake in my face’…”

Yeah, watch the MTV Frame by Frame breakdown above. Get the FREE collabo EP “Broken Ankles” below.


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MTV Cribs Retro Rewind: Back To Redman’s Newly Renovated House (Video)

One of the greatest MTV Cribs segments EVER was when the cameras visited Redman at his Staten Island home. It was one of the most memorable & hilarious episodes on television. As we now are in 2014, MTV Cribs went back to Redman’s house to see how he has now upgraded & ‘Beyonce’d out’ his home since 2001. Some people may have laughed AT Redman back in 2001 when his hilarious MTV Cribs segment aired, but when you think of the hundreds of recording artists who went broke or filed for bankruptcy trying to impress fans on the show it’s clear that Redman was the true winner even if his home is rather modest. Redman’s humble home maybe entirely paid for at this point. In case you never saw the original episode I posted the link below….


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Mobb Deep Speak On ‘Fighting Like Brothers’ & Reuniting Again For Their Upcoming 20th Anniversary (Video)

In this recent interview with MTV, Prodigy & Havoc speak on their very public feud & beef which eventually led to the rumored breakup of Mobb Deep. We all know things appear to have been patched up since then, but this is most likely the first time these two have sat down on camera to discuss what happened from the beef to reuniting again as they prepare for their 20th anniversary tour that’s on the horizon.
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Game Sits Down With ‘Beats TV’ To Speak His ‘Jesus Piece’ (Video)

Gearing up to release his upcoming album with the controversial cover entitled “Jesus Piece”, Game speaks with Dr. Dre’s Beats TV film crew about everything from the new album, the guest appearances on the project like J. Cole, rising West Coast stars like Kendrick Lamar, & NBA basketball. Check out the artwork & a brief MTV interview below….
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Chi-Ali Speaks About His Time On The Run & In Prison For 14 Years On MTV’s RapFix Live (Video)

MTV caught up with rap artist Chi-Ali who was released from prison after a year on the run from authorities & subsequently serving 12 years in prison for manslaughter. It got so deep for Chi-Ali why he was on the run that he was eventually featured on primetime television’s “America’s Most Wanted”.  Many of you younger hip hop heads may not know that Chi-Ali was a teenage rap star & the youngest member of the Native Tongues crew with a few notable joints like “Age Ain’t Nothing But A Number”, “Funky RoadRunner”, & “Funky Lemonade”. MTV’s RapFix Live caught with him in Miami for his first interview since being released.
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Rick Ross Surprised by Hip-Hop Idol Eric B. on MTV ‘RapFix Live’ (Video)

Imagine meeting your childhood idol. Now, imagine getting a chance to sit down, talk with, and give praise to your idol. NOW, imagine your idol giving you praise right back! Maaaannnn, look at Rick Ross in this video. You could’ve knocked him over with a feather. That’s alright. That’s how it is supposed to be in the True School. Shared respect between the old and new schoolers. Feel the love as you watch Eric B. and Rick Ross interact on Sway’s show ‘RapFix Live’. Incredible! Lots of wisdom dropped in this piece, too.
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Nas Intended To ‘Hang’ Jay-Z At The 2002 Summer Jam Concert (Video)

During the height of the battle between Nas & Jay-Z, there were rumors that Nas had planned to hang a likeness of Jay-Z during his performance of the 2002 Summer Jam performance at Giants stadium. It was said that the executives at NY’s Hot 97 stopped it from happening & an upset Nasir Jones bowed out of the show. It’s interesting that all this video is coming out now in 2012, but when pressed about it by reporters Nas refused to comment. Check out the video above & Nas’s response when questioned by MTV below……
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MTV Shines Light On Pittsburgh’s Growing Hip Hop Scene (Video)

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With the recent success of Wiz Khalifa & Mac Miller, Pittsburgh’s hip hop scene is continuing to flourish after years of being considered the younger brother to Philadelphia in terms of all things hip hop. But while both cities have never had any significant or competitive rivalries in the state of ‘Pistolvania’, they’ve often have had a distinct difference traditionally in terms of sound & influences. Pittsburgh’s sound can vary from a midwest vibe to a super lyrical east coast vibe in which it’s eastern neighbor Philly is typically known for. With the recent signing of rap artist Boaz to Rostrum records, MTV does a feature on Pittsburgh’s next generation of rising stars & the scene they grew up out of.

Scarface Speaks On Jay Z, Kanye West, & Doing The ‘Brad & Mack’ Album With Beanie Sigel (Video)

Scarface stopped by MTV’s RapFix told about how years ago he was open to doing an album with Jay-Z & Beanie Sigel. Face later spoke on how he can’t get a call back from Jay Z & Kanye West these days & got Beans on the phone to speak on their  upcoming ‘Brad & Mack’ project they have in the works for 2013.
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Nas Speaks On ‘Life Is Good’, Personal Life & Finances, & The Trayvon Martin Tragedy (Video)

Nas stopped by RapFix Live on MTV & spoke with Sway on a variety of topics from his upcoming album “Life Is Good”, His personal life, dealing with finances, & the Trayvon Martin murder. More video under the hood below….
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Behind The Scenes: Slaughterhouse On The Set Of ‘Hammer Dance’ (Video)

Crooked I, Joell Ortiz, Royce Da 5’9, & Joe Budden shot their video to ‘Hammer Dance’ while down in Texas during the SXSW festival. Here MTV catches up with the Slaughterhouse gang for some exclusive behind the scenes action

Nas Says Recent Events In His Life Are The Topics Of His New Album (Video)

In this interview with MTV that was broken up into a number of parts, Nas speaks on his upcoming album which is believed to be titled “Life Is Good”. Nas speaks on how events that have taken place in his life in the last 5 years are the topics he will cover in the new album…..


BREAKING NEWS: Cory Gunz Jailed

Bronx rapper Cory Gunz was jailed yesterday around 2pm for possesion of a loaded weapon. According to MTV, the police recieved a call to be on the “lookout” and saw Gunz with a group of people around him. When the police found him, Gunz had a loaded gun in his knapsack. MTV interviewed Cory’s dad, veteran rapper Peter Gunz who had very little details.


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MTV’s When I Was 17: Common

Chi-town emcee & actor Common was featured on MTV’s ‘When I Was 17’ show & spoke on how his basketball injuries lead to a ‘life of rhyme’. T-Pain is also featured in this particular episode of the show as well & their stories are hilarious as hell. Both artists have albums dropping in December…..

Immortal Technique Speaks with MTV on his new album ‘The Martyr’ (Video)

It feels good to see an artist like Immortal Technique get some love on MTV if even for a brief interview segment to promote his new album ‘The Martyr’. In this interview Immortal Technique speaks on how music influences people to support a lifestyle that have no relation to their life & pushes ideals that aren’t necessarily in their favor. He also explains his methods as an emcee that he uses designed to get people to THINK for themselves. Perfect timing for it all as he’s currently on a 26 city tour around the country with a stop in Atlanta on November 6th at the Masquerade


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Rick Ross & Stalley Compare Their Beards (Video)