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Cantrell – “Fo Five” (Prod. By MiSCHIEF BOY x Rahki) [Video]

Sh!t get scary like Freddy, no Fab 5.

Riding out to a nice beat, we get more of Cantrell to help bring in 2019 the right way with this one.

Following the release of his debut EP Stardust 2 Angels, Cantrell returns with a brand new video for “Fo Five” to kick off the year.

Directed by OPN SZN, “Fo Five” begins with a young man that is ostracized by his peers on the basketball court due to his ragged appearance. After a chance encounter, the Albany-native finds himself providing a helping hand and some much-needed guidance. The video is reflective of a culture dominated by material possessions rather than the person who sports them.
– Mass Appeal



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Eric B. & Rakim Give Their Top 5 Songs, And Shout Out Some Top-Tier Emcees, As They Salute Hip-Hop’s 45th Birthday (Video)

The legends, Eric B. & Rakim, give the rundown on their Top 5 Hip-Hop songs ever.

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Rick Ross Talks To Prodigy About The Illuminati, Investing In WingStop, “Idols Become Rivals” And More (Video)

Rozay would have said ‘sign me up’ to The Illuminati back in the day. Haaaaa! Interesting interview, Illuminati to investing in WingStop… all kinds of topics covered in less than five minutes. Content from the full Mass Appeal writeup on this premiere episode of “Paranoid Activity” (hosted by Prodigy of Mobb Deep) after the jump.

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DJ Shadow and Nas Talks About Motivations And Meaning Behind “Systematic” (Video)

Nice! Respect given to DJ Shadow and to Run The Jewels (El-P, Killer Mike) in this short clip. Get some details on what drove Nas to give birth to “Systematic” and why it HAD to have a DJ Shadow track treatment.


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Mac Miller: The Hero Who Would Be ‘What?’ (Video)

Did Mac Miller put in a lot of thought, or barely a little, into his answer? Who knows… but it is actually a pretty interesting character he’s talking about here.

Mac aka What? dons a light-sensitive onesie, sets up shop in a bare bones but very beneficial headquarters, and levitates but doesn’t fly. Watch What? and his sidekick Why? fight their enemy Who? above.

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He Got Game: Oh No Plays ‘Rhythm Roulette’ With Video Game Sounds (Video)

You know how Rhythm Roulette goes… goes to local record store, searches endless stacks of wax blindfolded, picks three and makes a beat from them. But in this episode, Mass Appeal Media has producer Oh No throwing in a curve ball… rather than find samples out of old vinyls, he samples sounds from three Nintendo 64 video games. Wowwww!

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Here’s ‘The Thing’… Marco Polo Might Have REALLY Messed Up His Picks Playing ‘Rhythm Roulette’ (Video)

Uh ohhhh. Polo picked three 12″ records. Just three SONGS, not ALBUMS, to sample. Will our hero be able to win Rhythm Roulette after blind-picking such slim pickings at Brooklyn’s The Thing record store? Well, back to Marco Polo’s personal studio to find out!

“When you have no melodic samples, a bass line can save a beat.”
Marco Polo

We’ll see, Marco. We’ll see. We’re rooting for you. Watch this, y’all.

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Cardiak Attacks The Stacks To Pick 3 And Play ‘Rhythm Roulette’ (Video)

Cardiak somehow found his way to the Def Jam Recordings section of Amoeba Records in Los Angeles to make his blindfolded picks for the records he would be attempting to flip for this ep of ‘Rhythm Roulette.’ Gripe, gripe, gripe he did about his picks! Hey, man, that’s how the game goes…

So what do you think? Can Cardiak make hot sh!t out of bullsh!t (his words, not ours)? Click play above and see.

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Apollo Brown Plays ‘Rhythm Roulette’ With Mass Appeal (Video)

On this episode of Rhythm Roulette, Mass Appeal meets up with Apollo Brown in his town (Detroit, MI, USA) to make some music. Challenge: Get blindfolded, get in The Record Graveyard, get 3 records out of the stacks, get to work making a beat out of those random blind picks.

Is Brown down for the game? Click play above and see.

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Behind The Scenes: Nas – “Represent” (Video)

There’s a YouTube studios? Hmm. Well, what’s really cool is the dopeness that’s about to come out of there. Apparently, they reviewed more than eighty finalists’ video treatments to pick one worthy director’s entry…to do a video for the single off Nas’ “Illmatic” entitled “Represent.” It’s been 20 years, but rather than dwell on what took so long, join us in anticipating how this is so right for Hip-Hop. Check out the behind-the-scenes vid above. And you can pick up Nas’ “Illmatic XX” via the link below.


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Ski Beatz Plays ‘Rhythm Roulette’ With Mass Appeal Media (Video)

Rhythm Roulette features an accomplished producer (like Ski Beatz, whose legendary work includes Jay-Z’s “Dead Presidents” and Curren$y’s “Pilot Talk”) blindfolded… fumbling through stacks of strange wax… to pick three source tracks. The challenge: Make a banger. Can he do it? Cliffhanger…


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Black Milk Picks 3 And Makes Music On “Rhythm Roulette” (Video)

For this episode of Rhythm Roulette (you know, the show where a producer blindly picks three joints and makes a new one), Mass Appeal Media selects Black Milk to select records from its massive stacks in the blindfolded challenge.

“I done heard, at least, five beats on this one album here.” – Black Milk

Hmmm… Sounds like Milk’s got this. Ha! Watch the vid and see.

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Pusha T Speaks On His Native Virginia, His Path To Success, And More While In Jamaica (Video)

Mr. Numbers on the Boards chit-chats with Noah Callahan-Bever (of Complex Magazine) on the Mass Appeal Media channel. Pusha T was in Jamaica to do the video shoot for his single “Blocka.” Talking about keeping roots in Virginia but going beyond Virginia (like to Jamaica) in his music… about how he might crossover if he was ever to crossover… his relationship with producer, fellow Virginian and friend Pharrell Williams… and more. UPDATE: Part 2 of this video below…


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