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Rhythm Roulette With Supah Mario (Video)

Just saying. Rhythm Roulette is a blindfolded record pick type of thing. Seems a bit much to claim cred for the selection. But what Supah Mario did with them joints though… give him ALL respect for that. Dope!

“I think I really did my thing picking these records dawg,” says Columbia, South Carolina producer DeMario Priester, aka Supah Mario, who recently pulled up to NYC’s Good Records and took the Rhythm Roulette challenge. Digging through the crates blindfolded, the producer behind hits like Young Thug’s “Wyclef Jean” and “Ice Melts” a standout track off Drake’s ‘More Life’ stumbled onto some heat from James Taylor, GangStarr, and some old-school dancehall courtesy of the Dillinger vs. Trinity ‘Clash’ LP. “I told y’all this was gonna be some Jamaican vibes!” he exclaimed after the needle drop. But he ended up skipping the reggae together and finding some ill breaks on the James Taylor and the Original Flying Machine disc, adding some of his own keyboards to complete the beat. Check out the latest episode of Rhythm Roulette right now.
– Mass Appeal

– @ojones1

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Cantrell – “Mo Time” (Prod. By OPN SZN) [Video]

This video & song is cool. Song is available on Cantrell’s EP entitled “Stardust 2 Angels” (out now, linked below). Check it out!

The latest addition to Mass Appeal Records’ roster, Cantrell was raised in Albany, Georgia and traces his roots to the rich Hip-Hop culture of Atlanta. He discovered jam-skating as a creative outlet and by his teenage years, he was able to turn pro as a jam skater—joining the historical breaking crew TBB.
– Mass Appeal


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Eric B. & Rakim Give Their Top 5 Songs, And Shout Out Some Top-Tier Emcees, As They Salute Hip-Hop’s 45th Birthday (Video)

The legends, Eric B. & Rakim, give the rundown on their Top 5 Hip-Hop songs ever.

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Nas Gives Lists His Top 5 Hip-Hop Songs (Video)

When a Top 5 emcee picks his Top 5 songs of all time you gotta wanna know the list, right? Well, here’s Nas’.

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Rhythm Roulette With Tom Misch (Video)

Ah! A J Dilla disciple is on deck to play ‘Rhythm Roulette’ huh? This should be more than interesting!

Tom Misch is a devotee of Dilla who’s been putting in work for years as a lo-fi SoundCloud producer. The South London singer and beatmaker self-produced most of his recent debut album ‘Geography,’ which features a rare lyrical cosign from Native Tongue OGs De La Soul. The last time he was in NYC, Misch accepted Mass Appeal’s Rhythm Roulette challenge, pulling up to Norman’s Sound & Vision in Williamsburg, Brooklyn to tie a T-shirt over his eyes and go groping for vinyl. His random selections included ‘El Sabor De Gene’ by Gene Hernandez, as well as albums by the Panamanian vocalist Basilio and Hells Kitchen’s own Lisa Lisa. Wasting no time, Misch pulled the vinyl out, dropping the needle until he struck gold. Before you knew it, he’d isolated and chopped a funky break and started laying down keys and electric guitar over top. Check out the latest episode of Rhythm Roulette right now.


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Royce Da 5’9 Is In A More ‘Woke Place’ In This Episode Of “Open Space” (Video)

In the sit-down clip above, hear Royce Da 5’9 talk about being more ‘woke’ and aware – more about himself, his family, sobriety and really living day-to-day than about anything political.

I’m more aware than I’ve ever been. All my other albums were just moments, just moments of clarity. This is album is just me dialed in, all the way through. And that’s my life, I’m dialed in 24 hours a day.
Royce Da 5’9

It all builds into his new album “Book of Ryan.”



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Whipsers – “Trash Appeal”


Okay, not content to just wait at the spot for Styles P to be the plug… Whispers still out there on the hustle to get it up on his own, too. Good!

Whispers brings heavy bars attacking what the mass public considers appealing in today’s Hip-Hop. Killing it over Gangstarr’s “Mass Appeal” instrumental Whispers rendition “Trash Appeal” let you know exactly how the young Bronx rapper feels. Enjoy!

Freestyle banger! Plus dude did some dope work on that “Nickel Bag” we just posted though. Facts!)



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Large Professor Talks About The Making Of Nas’ Classic “It Ain’t Hard To Tell” (Video)

Wow. It’s 24 years since “It Ain’t Hard To Tell” dropped. Large Professor did the beat with a ‘New York State Of Mind’ – a mind firmly focused on Queens.

We were heavy New York, so we weren’t thinking about the globe… We do what we do, and we put it down. And we’re just thankful that the world received it and loved it.
– Large Professor

That NY-minded track that the G.O.D.M.C. Nassir would lyrically bless would eventually bubble worldwide.

Watch above, as LargePro speaks on it.

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DJ Premier Speaks On His And Jay-Z’s Musical Partnership (Video)

Jigga knows what he wants in a beat, and Preemo always knew how to deliver it. That’s what’s up. And that’s why the two always made beautiful music together!

There have been a million and one producer and MC combinations over the years, but none are quite like JAY-Z and DJ Premier. The Marcy legend and Gang Starr icon have produced nothing but fire over their brief stint of collaboration, first exploring their chemistry in 1996 for ‘Reasonable Doubt’ (“D’Evils,” “Friend or Foe,” “Bring it On”) and again for Hov’s sophomore LP, ‘In My Lifetime,’ Vol. 1. That album’s multi-part opening, “Intro/A Million and One Questions/Rhyme No More,” is a favorite—a song that Premier broke down in the latest installment of MASS APPEAL’s new series, “Off The Record.”
– Mass Appeal

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N.O.R.E. – “Uno Más” feat. Pharrell Williams (Video)

Of course, N.O.R.E. gotta offer her “Uno Más” bebida alcoholica (e.g. one more alcoholic drink). He’s a Drink Champ! Hahaa! Plus, Pharrell Williams is probably a solid wing man at the bar.

The dynamic duo of Queens Hip Hop legend and podcast heavyweight, N.O.R.E., and multi-platinum, Grammy-Award winner, Academy Award-nominated producer, Pharrell Williams, reunite for the release of their latest collaboration, “Uno Más” via Mass Appeal Records.
– Mass Appeal

Good team up. Animated visuals above. iTunes link to cop below.


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Fat Joe Speaks On Prodigy As A Hip-Hop Icon, The Last Time He Saw Him And More (Video)

Just hours after news of Prodigy’s passing got out, Fat Joe was already over at Mass Appeal HQ, so staffers pulled The Don in front of the camera to discuss P’s legacy.

When you talk about the New York sound, you know, nothing is more authentic and true to the New York sound than Mobb Deep… I place [Prodigy] in the Mount Rushmore of Hip-Hop… He’s a real treasure.
– Mass Appeal

Look at Joe. It’s like he cannot believe Prodigy is gone. Neither can we.



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Flashback: Prodigy Cooks Up In A Bodega (Video)

Man. RIP Prodigy. Seeing this… Still hard to believe that he is just not somewhere cooking up another hit or something. Well, here’s something though. Remember how he did that salmon dish he perfected in lock-up? If you liked that (or were, at least, intrigued by it), The P has another dish for you. Watch him do a li’l macaroni som’n som’n. All ingredients straight out the local Bodega.

Really thinking about copping the cookbook; maybe just because.


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Nas – “Systematic” (Prod. By DJ Shadow) [Video]

Making the HBO soundtrack for the “Silicon Valley” series kind of puts Nas and DJ Shadow on the path to must-drop-music-video for their jawn “Systematic,” doesn’t it? Well, if you peeped above you already know that question was rhetorical.

Enjoy the lyrical visuals for the dope auditorial. You’re welcome.

You can pre-order the “Silicon Valley” soundtrack from Mass Appeal Records (due out this June).


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Rick Ross Talks To Prodigy About The Illuminati, Investing In WingStop, “Idols Become Rivals” And More (Video)

Rozay would have said ‘sign me up’ to The Illuminati back in the day. Haaaaa! Interesting interview, Illuminati to investing in WingStop… all kinds of topics covered in less than five minutes. Content from the full Mass Appeal writeup on this premiere episode of “Paranoid Activity” (hosted by Prodigy of Mobb Deep) after the jump.

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DJ Shadow and Nas Talks About Motivations And Meaning Behind “Systematic” (Video)

Nice! Respect given to DJ Shadow and to Run The Jewels (El-P, Killer Mike) in this short clip. Get some details on what drove Nas to give birth to “Systematic” and why it HAD to have a DJ Shadow track treatment.


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Too Old To Die Young: Russell Simmons (Video)

Too Old To Die Young is a new docu-series featuring urban culture’s most legendary figures. For the series debut ep, we get pioneer music mogul and modern vegan & meditation maestre Russell Simmons. Mass Appeal got legendary publicist Bill Adler to follow Russell ’round, to get the scoop on him and his perspective on the world around him. Yep, a journalistic journey of discovery becomes much more; just like it did when People Magazine sent young reporter Bill to cover Russell on the hustle back in 1983… and he hired Bill as his director of publicity for Def Jam Records and Rush Artist Management.

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Thirty Years Later: DJ Red Alert Gives Us The Real Story Behind “The Bridge is Over” (Video)

Nowadays we get beef in the form of Remy Ma getting at Nicki Minaj. But heads know… The Bronx and Queens has ben going at it over the decades. Let’s listen and watch at DJ Red Alert, who was there for it all, tell us about some foundational Hip-Hop battle history: The Bridge Wars of the late 1980s, KRS-ONE and Boogie Down Productions vs. on Marley Marl and the Juice Crew.

(As an important aside, pay attention to what Red says about a DJ’s duty to our music and culture. Great stuff! “The Bridge Is Over”… but Hip-Hop don’t stop… can’t stop!)

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Nas Speaks On His ‘Hip Hop Is Dead’ Album Released 10 Years Ago (Video)

Nas shares some insights, including some regarding his “Hip-Hop Is Dead” album on the 10th anniversary of its release, above. Footage from the sit-down continues after the jump, including discussion about the album’s title track.

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Mac Miller: The Hero Who Would Be ‘What?’ (Video)

Did Mac Miller put in a lot of thought, or barely a little, into his answer? Who knows… but it is actually a pretty interesting character he’s talking about here.

Mac aka What? dons a light-sensitive onesie, sets up shop in a bare bones but very beneficial headquarters, and levitates but doesn’t fly. Watch What? and his sidekick Why? fight their enemy Who? above.

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The Making of Gang Starr’s “Mass Appeal” (Video)

Billed as a making of Gang Starr’s “Mass Appeal” banger…but this is so much more! DJ Premier, Big Shug, Jadakiss and others weigh in on Preemo’s and Guru’s place and impact on Hip-Hop and urban music history. Spend your twenty minutes getting enriched by this!

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