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Black Moon – “Creep Wit Me” (Video)

Hells YEAH!

Black Moon still gets the PROPS! The trio took this track all the way back to the 90s… and I am here for the whole trip. Absolute dopeness!


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The SuperKing – “Fire” (Prod. By DJ Evil Dee) [Video]

Say WHAAAAT?? When did the homie SuperKing get up with DJ Evil Dee (Black Moon, Da Beatminerz)?? Birmingham stand up for this F-F-FIRE azz visual!!

A raw hardcore Hip-Hop produced banger by Brooklyn’s own DJ Evil Dee from the underground legends Da Beatminerz camp . The SuperKing delivers grimy rap lyrics over a neck-snapping track.


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Rhythm Roulette With Da Beatminerz (Video)

Da Beatminerz (Mr. Walt and Evil Dee) looked like they had fun the whole way through. Even when they felt they were Shanghai’d by their own record picks. Haha! But watch how the dynamic beatmaking duo saves the day in this ep of Rhythm Roulette.

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Mtume Gives The ‘Juicy’ Details To DJ Evil Dee (Video)

The Mtume classic tune “Juicy Fruit” has been sampled by way more artists than B.I.G. over the years.  It’s a Hip Hop music go-to-source, so it’s only right for beat:repeat NYC to get insights from Mtume. In this episode of the series, Mtume talks a bit about boxing (relating the sweet science to music making), about the making of the “Juicy Fruit” tune and then some. Then, Da Beatminerz’s DJ Evil Dee does his own thing with a “Juicy Fruit” sample on the old school SP-1200.

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Crate Diggers: Da Beatminerz (Video)

DJ Evil Dee and Mr. Walt of Brooklyn Hip-Hop production crew Da Beatminerz take us through their three floors full of vinyl records. Crate Diggers profiles people with extraordinary vinyl record collections, with owners displaying and telling the stories behind their collections. In this episode, Da Beatminerz show off the first record they ever bought, their most valuable record and talk about their days DJing at Hot 97.” – Fuse TV

Black Moon Brings Out Dru Ha On Stage To Rock The Mic (Video)

People forget that Duck Down CEO Dru Ha used to rhyme back in the day. During a recent performance in New York, Dru Ha came on stage & rocked the Black Moon cut ‘U Da Man’ with his Black Moon brothas 5FT, Evil Dee, & Buckshot. “Well I’m the ill caucasian………….I always get the (girls) cause I tell them that I’m spanish” Hahaaa!

Sadat X’s ‘True Wine Connoisseurs’ Show Brings On The Beatminerz (Video)

I remember Sadat X speaking on Sirius XM Satellite radio about his new internet show called ‘True Wine Connoisseurs’. Apparently this is the 12th episode so I must be late on who their previous guests were. Check out this particular episode as the fellas talk ish with the Beatminerz…… Mr. Walt & Evil Dee.