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Sean Price’s Wife Bernadette & Dru Ha Talk About Sean P. And “Imperius Rex” (Video)

Who doesn’t love how Boot Camp and Bernadette are keeping Sean P. alive through the music and shows nowadays? We see the on stage and hear the audio releases, but now we get a chance to hear from the Clik’s honcho Dru Ha and Mrs. Price. On point, off stage, and outside the booth.

Get the whole enchilada: How Sean and Bernadette met, how the contributions to “Imperius Rex” fell into place so wonderfully and more. Too much to even preview. Plus why ruin the watch. I will tell you that you want to know how Jay-Z, Eminem and others are tied into all this.

(Remembering the Prices’ daughter’s name… Shaun Price… Plus Bernadette said Sean ‘guided her’ from above on this project. Dammit. There go the tears again!)




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Comedy: Better ‘Duck Down’ When Sean Price Is Playing Tennis (Video)

Brownsville Brooklyn emcee Sean Price is about to drop his long-awaited “Mic Tyson” album & the stress of it all has just gotten to unbearable lately so Duck Down CEO Dru Ha takes the burly emcee to the John McEnroe Tennis Academy in Randall’s Island NYC to relieve some stress. In no time Sean P could be ready for the U.S Open Finals that’s going down this weekend. Click on the image above to check out the clip! Hahaaaa!
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Comedy: Buckshot Prank Calls ‘Duck Down’ Records Fans (Video)

“I Waant Yuuu To Gimme Dey Kreyddit” Hahaaa!

Dru Ha & Buckshot Speak On Their Relationship with Tupac Shakur (Video)

Duck Down records Dru Ha & Buckshot talk about how their relationship with Tupac developed & added a few funny stories in the process. Dru Ha mentions a Duck Down movie could possibly be in the works with all the stories that they have from over the years as well….

Dru Ha Training For Marathon w/ Sean Price (Video)

Dru Ha of Duck Down Records is training for a marathon and got Sean P and Dallas Penn to help with the training. This is too funny. Dru is running in the marathon to raise money for Alzheimer research in memory of his father which is really admirable.

Black Moon Brings Out Dru Ha On Stage To Rock The Mic (Video)

People forget that Duck Down CEO Dru Ha used to rhyme back in the day. During a recent performance in New York, Dru Ha came on stage & rocked the Black Moon cut ‘U Da Man’ with his Black Moon brothas 5FT, Evil Dee, & Buckshot. “Well I’m the ill caucasian………….I always get the (girls) cause I tell them that I’m spanish” Hahaaa!