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What Victoria’s Secret Swimsuits Look Like On Non-Models (Video)

Ah, now here’s a different look at Eye Candy: Victoria’s Secret swimsuits are usually rocked by professional models, or by women that fit that mold. Sure, I’m all for traditional; but how about we go for something non-traditional for a change. I’m sure someone might’ve stumbled across Honeyz posted on here and mumbled some jibber-jabber… saying the way we ogle women objectifies women, even indirectly puts down some that don’t meet the standard. I’m sorry. Put that on me.

I’m sorry that I have not made clear that I OGLE ALL KINDS OF WOMEN! Oh yeah, varying hues and cultures. Of course, on the shapes and sizes… I LIKE ‘EM THICK! Should not be a problem there, though, since Vicky Secret usually models using ‘skinny Pennies’ and so-called ‘perfect’ women. Fact is, you’ll RARELY, if ever, catch a model of that type on here. We are, therefore, non-traditional in that sense.

Turn the page to this chapter in the book of sexy. Look at the video I came across recently. Non-professionals wearing the hell out of some sexy pieces. They did it as an esteem project; documenting their perspectives on what the pros have to go through to deliver ‘perfect’ pics and their reactions to seeing their shoot photos next to the pros. That is insightful and uplifting, sure.

But I’m posting it to OGLE. Just as I do for any other Eye Candy (equal opportunity *wink*). I post Honeyz to share what makes me ‘tingle’… and I am betting you will agree every time… including this time. Enjoy!

(Now, what this clip also needs someone at key points in there saying “You look FINE!” Betcha somebody was trying to get at every one of these women later that evening. Yep. Bet that!)


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Lifestyles Of ‘New Hugh Hefner’: Off The Felt With ‘Dan Bilzerian’ (Video)

Wowwww. This is dude’s LIFE… the life! This two-parter is all about the Dan Bilzerian win-it-all-try-and-spend-it-all lifestyle. Can’t imagine. Don’t have to, because we got part 1 above and part 2 after the jump. Poker, yachts, copters, hot cars … chilling with rap stars, porn stars… no big thing. Watch.

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Next Stop… Honeyz In Lingerie: Models Shoot On The Chicago Subway (Video)

Talk about freedom of expression. Yowza! Well, this is an underground railroad of sorts. Ah hahahaaaa! Okay, ’nuff of the word play, check out the lingerie. Now the photographer says this CTA photo shoot series is about art; ultimately empowering woman and enriching our lives.

Ummmm… well, yeah, dude. We won’t fight you. Looks like everyone here is an adult. Some very adult (mm mm mm)! Here’s your Eye Candy ‘o The Day. And you are welcome!


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DJ Blakmagic – “The K.A.K.E.” MIX

One of the hardest working DJ’s in Atlanta, DJ Blakmagic drops a brand new specialty mix featuring blends of popular & classic joints to keep the party moving. Known for his diverse ear & the ability to rock variety of different crowds regardless of the demographic, DJ Blakmagic always represents the Kulture, Art, Kool, & brings the Energy to his mixes. It’s only right to call this joint the K.A.K.E. mix.  Check out the trailer above featuring model Valore St. Charles then download or listen to project below. Now go get you some!

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Eye Candy: Tamara Amador

Some Eye Candy for the fellas (and some of you ladies) to get you going the Monday morning courtesy of IMFMAG. The model’s name is Tamara Amador & the video was directed by Jahrue

Eye Candy: Diana Levy (Video)

It’s Monday so instead of sipping copious amounts of coffee, 5 Hour energy, or any other caffeinated products to get you through the rest of your day how about some hot salsa. Check out this short tastefully done video montage of Miami based Dominican model Diana Levy courtesy of IMFMAG. Check out some of the final pictures from the photoshoot under the hood. Video directed by Jahrue & the photographer on the flicks was Joel Alvarez of VENGEMEDIA.
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