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Haitians, Dominican Sugar, And A Story That Is Far From Sweet… All Captured In The “Price Of Sugar” (Documentary)

Look around and you will see cane that has been fertilized by the blood of Haitian men.
Father Christopher Hartley

Damn! Backbreaking labor for ‘vouchers’ for use at the ‘company store’… workers on a plantation… not being allowed to leave (plus not having the resources or wherewithall to go anywhere if they could)… people being shipped in for field work under sub-human conditions for what amounts to no [net] pay. THIS IS SLAVERY! In the 21st Century this is SLAVERY! While the plantation owners, Europeans and richer people enjoy themselves but a few miles away…

You must watch this “Price Of Sugar” story. The price is too high (looking at you, America, a leading consumer of Vicini familty plantation sugar)! Prepare to be enraged and saddened. But the world needs to know. Respect to Shadow And Act for spotlighting this doc and giving us some Cliff’s Notes on it.


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Haiti & ‘The Forgotten Occupation’ (Trailer)

Damn. Just damn. When we look at ‘poor Haiti’ from America, we should hold more rage in our hearts than pity. The U.S. have just done wrong by that Black nation. WRONG!

In 1915, more than a century after having eradicated slavery from their country, the people of Haiti suddenly find themselves the victims of a brutal American occupation, reigniting an all too familiar past for the proud, independent nation.

Watch the trailer for “The Forgotten Occupation” above. Shout to Radio Rebel Tayla Andrè for sharing. For more info, check out

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Dutch Rebelle “Mix It Up” (Prod. By Leo S.I.N.S) [Video]

The topic of great visuals comes up all the time here at Jayforcedotcom.  The emphasis should always be on making great music first and foremost followed by great visuals though.  Dutch Rebelle is a lady who makes good on both fronts first in the studio laying quality tracks then bringing them to life on film.  Her latest video for the track “Mix It Up” has her relocating from the cold of Boston and takes place in sunny Miami.  Dutch who is proud of her Haitian heritage has family in Miami and like all of her projects she includes her team enjoying the moments with her.  So do yourself a favor check out the video then go and purchase the Kiss Kiss EP a great way to Mix Up things in your life!

I’m cooking Salmon for Savages, Mixing Sips for my Sisters.

Just out here styling like Iverson, Crossing cats for my Sixers

Video Directed by Seba Films Track Produced by Leo S.I.N.S


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Swizz Beatz & Friends Show 100,000+ Fans And The World ‘I Love Haiti’ (Video)

“Putting together this concert was important to me because I wanted to provide the Haitian people a platform of hope and unity through music.”
Olivier Martelly, Big O Productions CEO

A little footage (above) and a few pictures (after the jump) to show Hip-Hop having big heart! Shout to the people of Haiti. Earthquakes & the thievery related to relief efforts, ethnic cleansing & racism in the Dominican Republic, persistent poverty and despair… and still the people of Haiti push through. That’s real.

That said, it’s only right to shine a light on artists who try to bring a little light into dark times for a people. Haiti’s Big O Productions brought multi-platinum artists Swizz Beatz (who partnered with Martelly to make this happen), Chris Brown, and Lil Wayne to join Haitian Artists T-Micky and Barikad Crew in Port-au-Prince to present a FREE six-hour concert event for the over 100,000 people that attended. Actress/Model Kate Upton, Haitian-American boxer Andre Berto and Def Jam records exec Bu Thiam were also in attendance.

“This was a very humbling experience,” said Swizz Beatz following the concert. “To see the number of Haitians come out during a time like this was amazing…. The energy was perfect.”
Swizz Beatz

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The Red Cross Raised $500 Million Dollars For Haiti Earthquake Relief But Only Built 6 Homes (Video)

We are all aware of the tragedy of the 2010 Earthquake that hit Haiti and ravaged the country.  The relief funds started to pop up everywhere  and one of the main organizations waiving the flag was the Red Cross.  The organization raised around $500 Million dollars to help rebuild Haiti.  A recent NPR report though has shown that the Red Cross has only built 6 new permanent homes with all of that money.  So this has people asking where did the money go?  Yvette Carnell of along with Ben Dixon speak about what happened and the controversy surrounding this.  Here is a link to the full NPR Report that details more on this headline.

ArtByOdell Twitter/SoundCloud

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Fat Joe – “Ride For My Haitians” (Video)

Fat Joe shot this video from his Darkside II mixtape while down in Haiti showing support for the people….Spotted at FreeOnsmash

Common Shoots His New Video ‘Sweet’ While Visiting Haiti (Video)

Common took a trip to Haiti & while down in the french speaking country he shot the video to his next single off his upcoming album “The Dreamer, The Believer”…..