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Birdman x Juvenile – “Ride Dat” feat. Lil Wayne (Video)

Well I’ll be a…

See? This is EXACTLY the song you do NOT want bumping in that young dude’s car stereo when he pulls up to your house to take your daughter out!! Talking about “Ride Dat”

Little girl, you turn right back around and go right back to your room… Meanwhile, I’m going to go out to the driveway and tell these ne’er-do-wells what they can damn well do with their ‘ride’ and ‘dat’…

(Waits until baby girl stomps away mad, marches out to youngster’s car, and finds out how I can get a copy of this jawn… Because I’m gone play this tonight, after I exile the daughter to her Granny’s house for the evening… And I’mma tell my baby’s Momma to “Ride Dat” all night tonight *wink*)



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Fat Joe – “Pullin” feat. Dre x Lil Wayne (Video)

They snapped! Fat Joe with Dre and Lil Wayne… they ALL snapped on this “Pullin” jawn. And Don Joe is smart. Don’t just leave it to the barz. Get the sexiest broads and show the Eye Candy throughout the visuals. Catch more clicks with Honeyz, right? Isn’t that how the saying goes?



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Big K.R.I.T. – “Addiction” feat. Lil Wayne x Saweetie

Okay, so the song itself is a tease AND a teaser for what’s coming in July… K.R.I.T. got Weezy and Saweetie to let y’all know that before we know it, we will be saying, “K.R.I.T. Iz Here.”



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Nicki Minaj – “Good Form” feat. Lil Wayne (Video)

Is it wrong that Nicki goes to the front of the line on the blog-o-sphere because of her unmatched sexiness? Well, if so, I don’t wanna be right! At the very least her visuals are gonna be HOTTTTT!! So, we win there. Plus, she can go. Plus, maybe there’s a Weezy fan out there.

(Whatever you need to get comfortable with this latest ‘Nooner’ post… ’cause you gone get this Nicki WORK off her “Queen” album!!)



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Comedy: Rap Stars Read ‘Mean Tweets’ From Fans (Video)

Hilarious! Yeah, all of the trolls who flex that ‘keyboard courage’ on social media, see Remy Ma with your Twitter fingers and you could catch them hands… My vote for best part is definitely Remy’s response. But the whole video is awesome. Kudos to all featured for being good sports.


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Christina Milian – “Do It” feat. Lil Wayne

Of course Christina Milian blesses her “Do It” with the extra sexy syrupy saucy singing. Featuring Lil Wayne, her next victim. Any takers on the next next victim? Settle down, settle down. Hahaaaa!

See I got these shoes on. This dress on. You can take ’em off.
Christina Milian


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Swizz Beatz & Friends Show 100,000+ Fans And The World ‘I Love Haiti’ (Video)

“Putting together this concert was important to me because I wanted to provide the Haitian people a platform of hope and unity through music.”
Olivier Martelly, Big O Productions CEO

A little footage (above) and a few pictures (after the jump) to show Hip-Hop having big heart! Shout to the people of Haiti. Earthquakes & the thievery related to relief efforts, ethnic cleansing & racism in the Dominican Republic, persistent poverty and despair… and still the people of Haiti push through. That’s real.

That said, it’s only right to shine a light on artists who try to bring a little light into dark times for a people. Haiti’s Big O Productions brought multi-platinum artists Swizz Beatz (who partnered with Martelly to make this happen), Chris Brown, and Lil Wayne to join Haitian Artists T-Micky and Barikad Crew in Port-au-Prince to present a FREE six-hour concert event for the over 100,000 people that attended. Actress/Model Kate Upton, Haitian-American boxer Andre Berto and Def Jam records exec Bu Thiam were also in attendance.

“This was a very humbling experience,” said Swizz Beatz following the concert. “To see the number of Haitians come out during a time like this was amazing…. The energy was perfect.”
Swizz Beatz

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Behind The Scenes: Busta Rhymes – “Thank You” feat. Q-Tip (Video)

Lil Wayne, Kanye West, and Q-Tip behind the scenes with Busta Rhymes on the set of his video shoot for Busta’s single “Thank You.” We posted the single here recently.


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ESPN: Miami Heat’s Relationship With Miami’s Music Scene (Video)

Some do indeed fly south, to join others already in South Beach, for the winter… for basketball Miami Heat season! ESPN put together a piece on music notables like Birdman and Weezy, Jimmy Buffett and others who come on down court side to catch the games. Lil Wayne is not necessarily a Miami Heat fan though to say the least.

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‘Sway In The Morning’ Interviews Comedian Jay Pharoah and ‘Friends’ (Video)

President Obama, Denzel, Jay-Z, Lil Wayne, and Chris Rock all rolled into the studio for Sway in the Morning’ for an interview. Yep, all of them… in the person of Jay Pharoah (comedian, cast member on NBC’s Saturday Night Live). The man has a knack for mimicry and tomfoolery. Fun clip.

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LMS – No Jeggings (Lil Wayne Diss)

No Jeggings artworkMiami-Dade’s LMS (Lyrical ManSlaughter, Last Man Standin, Light-Minded Souldier) kills on stage… and in rap battles. Good for us listeners; but bad (very bad) for his the next target. Next target: Lil Weezy. Lyrical shots fired – “No Jeggings!” The Lil Wayne vs. Miami [Heat] saga continues… Check out the blazer below.


Randy Moss Gets Interviewed By Lil Wayne For ESPN NFL Countdown (Video)

So ESPN needs the real scoop on pro football great Randy Moss. How can NFL Countdown ‘make’ the segment on the all-pro receiver? Easy… get Lil Wayne to interview Randy! Hey, it might work. Click play and see for yourself.
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Mannie Fresh Speaks On Working With Kanye West, Lil Wayne, & Diversity In Hip Hop (Video)

‘Whilst in New Orleans for Essence Festival 2012, SoulCulture TV sat down with DJ and prolific former-Cash Money producer Mannie Fresh at the House of Blues to discuss his hometown, commercial Hip-Hop’s need to diversify, his thoughts on the Southern scene, what it’s been like working with Kanye West and the crew on “Cruel Summer,” and Lil Wayne’s work ethic. He had a lot to say.’

SoulCulture Media

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R&B: Keyshia Cole – “Enough Of No Love” (Video)

New video directed by Philly’s favorite son Benny Boom for ‘Enough Of No Love’ featuring Lil Wayne. After a short absence from the music scene Keyshia Cole is prepping to release her next album ‘Woman 2 Woman’ later this year. Definitely a visually dope looking video…
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Bobby V – “Mirror” feat. Lil Wayne

New single from Atlanta based R&B artist Bobby V featuring Lil Wayne. No doubt the record sounds good, but I could have done without the Lil Wayne verse to this joint. If Bobby V is smart he’ll release a no rap version to this joint when he finally drops his album ‘Dusk To Dawn’ tentatively scheduled for October 2nd…..

MTV Names Their Hottest Rappers In The Game For 2012 (Video)

I labeled this as “MTV’s Hottest Emcees Rappers In The Game” because not everyone on this list is an “emcee”….some are just rappers or singers. Either way it is what it is…Rap lists these days don’t hold much weight, but if you’re a real hip hop head like myself then you’ll chuckle out loud at some of things said by people on this panel. Ah well…What’d you expect from MTV & the current state of radio & rap music these days…Overall it’s just a reflection of how bad “mainstream” rap music is. There’s plenty of great music out there, but most of it ISN’T on the radio unfortunately. One thing I was surprised about was seeing the homie @BosNaud was on this panel. I haven’t looked at all the vids as of yet so I hope he represented well. Check out links to the discussion on the other candidates on “MTV’s 2012 Hottest Rappers On The Radio Payola” “MTV’s 2012 Hottest Rappers In The Game” list below….

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Kanye West & Lil Wayne Mark Their Debut as DJs on NYE 2012 (Video)

Kanye West was the featured DJ at a party in Las Vegas for New Years Eve 2012. Many of the reviews from people we’ve peeped on twitter have been mixed for the new DJ now known as “Yeezy World Peace.” Meanwhile in Miami, Lil Wayne kicked off his part-time career as a DJ on New Years Eve as well. I know plenty of professional DJs out there are pissed that more & more celebrities are stepping into their lane, but I feel like more DJs should just market & promote themselves more. Technology changes the whole DJ game but marketing & promoting yourself never will. Check out more video below…
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Behind The Scenes: Game – “Martians Vs. Goblins” Shoot (Video)

Glad to see a video coming for one of my favorite songs from Game’s “R.E.D.” album. Definitely one of the best albums to have dropped this year & the videos keep coming…

B.O.B. – “Strange Clouds” feat. Lil Wayne (Video)

Dug this song the first time I heard it….the video thou? Hmmmmmm…let me dwell on it for a few replays.

Jay Z responds to Lil Wayne??? (Video)

Jay vs Wayne in the “read between the lines” match of the century. I feel like if you have to beef subliminally then you should let the tension go. If you can’t formally address people by name then I can’t believe that its real but then again WTF do I know?